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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Back to the Grind

So I've been away for a little over a week and completely in la la land. I'm still catching up on sleep and trying to come down from a pretty good time away with friends and loved ones. So obviously I've not done much in the way of acting or updating this poor little blog here.

But I'm back.

And when I say I'm back..boy am I ever. This life never ends. Never stops. Taking time off you forget how truly on the go you always are in this field.

So I land back in NYC last Tuesday and sift through whatever emails i tagged for "important" while I was away. Right away I've been invited to the callbacks for Hudson Warehouse. A company I worked with this past summer on the West side. Out door summer theater under the stars. Gotta love it. I've worked with several companies similar to the Warehouse and they are the most organized not to mention their location is amazing. The Soldiers' and Sailors' monument on 89th and Riverside. Beautiful home for this company.

So I was called back for Mercutio and a part in Cyrano. Both I would give anything to be a part of. The chance to work on my sword play some more is a huge draw. In cyrano you know there is plenty of fighting. And Mercutio would just be a dream. I'd prefer him over Romeo. I think he is more interesting. But thats just my opinion. Both reads went really well. I know I got some good reactions from the gentlemen I was auditioning for. So now we play the waiting game and see what happens.

Along with callbacks, this weekend was also the first weekend of filming for a feature I've been cast in. Both Sat and Sunday were evening/night shoots. But nothing too late in the evening. My scene partner is wonderful. It's always a tricky thing when you meet the person thats supposed to be your girlfriend. It can be very awkward. But thankfully she is funny and talented and able to find the humor in the situation. And the rest of the cast is also very entertaining. Seriously, look out Friends, we're coming for you.

We basically used the script as an outline and improved our way through a dinner scene. I know in our heads it looked great. We'll see how it comes out on the screen. But so far so good.

And now I am back to the waiting game. Waiting on the Warehouse. Waiting for the next shooting schedule. And waiting on the next few auditions to show up.

Gotta love this life, eh?