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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Photo A Day 77

St. Patrick's Day in the city. Possibly the best and worst day of the year.

Just  Sea of Green

Photo A Day 76

25 Cents is in the Buffalo Niagara Film Festival! And an Official Selection!

Photo A Day 75

Just good freakin' Lord, it's a beautiful day in the city.

Photo A Day 74

Ma' Birthday. 'Nuff Said

Photo A Day 73

There was shouting, and clanging of swords, and falling and that wonderful puppy didn't flinch and watched the entire show!

Photo A Day 72

More a test of my camera.  Taken from across the platform.  Zoomed all the way in.  But also, the black suits are back. And while it's pretty brainless,  I enjoy the movies a bit.

Photo A Day 71

Can't love this enough.  This is out back behind the Globe.  Mercutio (Brandon) looking threatening...or escaping a fire.  Either one.

Photo A Day 70

The Waffle and Dinges Truck.  I love this new addition to my corner.  Waffles and Ice cream and Nutella and...yeah...hello reward

Photo A Day 69

Ah, A nice relaxing rehearsal...yeah...right.

R&J Amer. Globe

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Photo A Day 68

Ok, so..I like beer.  Can't help it.  Enjoy.

Photo A Day 67

Not the greatest pic.  It's the view behind the Globe. It's such a peaceful calm area stuck between a church and a few other buildings in Times Square.

Photo A Day 66

I have the best wife...Devoured, but this was waiting for me when I got home with the sad news that I was not cast for the summer in another production of R&J.


Photo A Day 65

Newly soled boots...lookin' sharp.

Photo A Day 64

When I get older...
This is so awesome it deserves 2 pics.  A) my new camera for my phone is amazing compared to the last. And B) ELEPHANT in Columbus Circle. (Elephant statue, that is)

Photo A Day 63

We approve of the SanGrita. Sangria with Frozen Margarita inside.  Yes. +10 Amazingness. In celebration of a good audition and rehearsal for the day.

Photo A Day 62

I really have no words for this.  It was just the most interesting thing I'd seen all day.  It looks like a tiny parade float blew up.

Photo A Day 61

Ah the lovely town of Bridgeport, so we meet again. For a call back..

Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Photo A Day 60

My official secret ballot is in the mail and whisking away my important vote as we speak.  Some of you may not know, the two giants, SAG and AFTRA are once again attempting to merge into one super Union.  The point of having 2 separate unions for tv/film..etc is outdated and pointless.  So all members are now being asked to vote yay or nay.  And mine's on it's way.  We'll see what happens at the end of the month.  Either we're ONE or still 2.


Photo A Day 59

No matter how many times I go here, I'm still turned around whenever I first enter.  It's just too massive.


Photo A Day 58

Today was brought to you by the letter Coffee..

made it ma'self

Photo A Day 57

So this truly looked cooler in person. And the camera snapped a second late.  It was even more impressive right before. But still...Let's here it fr Robbie and Brandon fightin' away.

R&J fight rehearsal

Photo A Day 56

Another little update on my side project.  It's coming a long.  Soon I'll direct you all to that blog and you can all see the progress.