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Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Photo A Day 55

The Shuttle train from times square to Grand Central is sportin' a Union Jack paint job.  No idea how long it's been like this.  Clearly encouraging tourism to England.  But for real, how long has it painted this way without me noticing till now?

Photo A Day 54

For real, these are NEVER on. These are the "traffic" lights for the subway.  Most have just been painted over throughout the years.  But at the 57th Street station....they work!  All of them.

It's the little things in life, no?

Photo A Day 53

Every once in a while you need that one Times Square shot.  Even though I loathe the area...I'm rehearsing here.

It's a light day...people wise

Photo A Day 52

I pass a lot of random scenery.  This was WAY too early for me. The sun was rising and making everything glow goldish.  Just to me, needed to be shown.

Photo A Day 51

They're just always there.  So I tend to snap pics of them.  But they're impressive right?  Traveling home from rehearsal late one night...

The real NY Giants..

Monday, February 20, 2012

Photo A Day 50

And for day 50 something that NEVER happens....An Empty Subway car.  Completely empty and all mine.  Yeah. I sang.

Photo A Day 49

The set of Pericles from American Bard Theater at American Globe.  It's not our set, but something to play on for sure.

Photo A Day 48

Sad empty marquee outside of American Globe.  With the standard construction in the way.

Photo A Day 47

The Solitude House in Jersey.  Ghost Hunters is headed here soon.  Apparently it's very haunted.  Sadly...nothing happened while filming there.  And nothing caught on any of the various cameras that were snapping and filming away.

Photo A Day 46

Just a little shot as lights are being set up and we're literally sitting around waiting to film the next seen.  Say Hi Emma.

Photo A Day 45

The two city's sentinels by night.

Photo A Day 44

This is my tribute to the 7 train and all the people who live on it.  This pic accidentally captured it's fleetingness. The 7 train which feeds a whole section of the city and ties into the LIRR never runs.  It's one of the worst trains.  And I feel bad for people who work and live on that line.
Bad. Bad 7 train and MTA.

Photo A Day 43

I'm a bit slack in posting pics.  So here we go...catch up!
This is the HUGE post office on 34th soon to be the new Penn Station.  Or eventually to be the new Penn Station.  Or you know, it might just stay a Post Office.

Monday, February 13, 2012

A little recap of January

This is another fo' real blog post.  It's a summary of the last few weeks which flew by yet still not fast enough.

Starting right off with a bang.I went to a friend's agent's holiday party. Yes. Holiday party in February. Who cares. Post holiday party then. Whatever.  It was at a restaurant called Elmo's. I thought, really, how bad could it be? It's named after a little red monster? Jacket...stolen.  Yup gone. Spent 30 minutes trying to find it among all the other coats.  Someone clearly took mine thinking it was theirs. How stupid are you? Reach in the pockets? Is that your stuff? So I walk home, cold.  Left my name and a description in case someone brought it back.  I got a call that night that someone found it. So I go early Tuesday morning to pick it up and...wrong one.  A) it's black not grey. B) it's 2 sizes too big. Which makes me wonder about the person who took mine. Surely they noticed it didn't fit?

I also just finished working with quite possibly the most unprofessional company ever.  Despite disagreements, despite not getting along, despite childishly pointing fingers and blame at other people, and despite harassing the cast via emails, the good of the show should ALWAYS be put first.  We're here to tell a story and share something with complete strangers.  The magic of theater.  But sadly sometimes people lose site of that and allow personal feelings to cloud their already hazy judgement.

But it's over and done with.  This post has been a long time coming because I keep going back and forth about how to describe the horrible way  in which we were all treated.  It'll sound like me ranting.  Which, hey, it's my blog. I can do that right?  And especially when people from both productions that were running sought me out to complain and look for some sort of help in dealing with the shenanigans.

What company doesn't do a photo call?  An iPhone pic doesn't count because, well...the camera sucks for theater and low light. But yay. We took a picture.

There are just so many poorly run companies out there that need someone to come in and set them right.  There needs to me Theater Company Nightmares hosted by Gordon Ramsey.  After he straightens it out he can cook them all an amazing meal.

I'm reminded of my mentor's advice to me, "Don't move to NY looking to do something better by starting your own company. Trust me, you'll want to.  Don't.  Go there thinking, how can I make you better by joining you." There are too many poor/bad theater companies because the talent is stretched way too far. And there is no accountability in Indie theater.

Best piece of direction though ever..."do it like a musical."  Oh how I cringed.  But smiled through the pain.  That's akin to saying, do it like Shakespeare.  No no. It should be ..."do it.  Naturally.  As your character would."

I must admit this is a bridge I willingly blew up.  There is a lack of ability to stand back and observe, objectively what is going on. That's dangerous in theater. Or anywhere.  That's the stuff that makes tyrants.  So run from this I did.
We're still being harassed post show and that is not acceptable.

I've never tried to make excuses for my failures or successes.  I've never said this effected me so I couldn't get where I needed to go.  After being hounded by the artistic director, called names, lied to, bullied, I realized that all he did was hurt my performance. I struggled with lines, with emotions, with connecting because I had put this wall of distaste up.

Jeff, my Captain, O, Captain. How do I use that?!  But the end of this week I finally gave in, said fuck it. Didn't care.  And I just played. If I screwed up a line, oh well. I'll fix it.  And I was working with some of the most talented and resilient actors.  They were so supportive and on their game.  I would have quit completely but how could I do that to them?

We did get some champagne on closing.  Which I think it was just poetic justice that I grabbed the broken cup.  But can you say too little too late?

And you know what? It's over. I have Romeo and Juliet to look forward to with American Globe.  Which is a real company. Run by people who care about their actors.

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Photo A Day 42

that is all

Photo A Day 41

I just wish people in this city would look up more.

Photo A Day 40

The yarn people strike again. These folk were there when I proposed to my wife.  And here is one of their very cozy shopping carts keepin' warm in the winter.

Photo A Day 39

Honestly, need I say more?

Photo A Day 38

I've always been fascinated by the lights outside for Police Stations.  You don't so much see this in rural areas, but in the City they're marked by green lights.  I still don't know why. I'm sure I could wiki it...but naa.

Thursday, February 9, 2012

Photo A Day 37

O! For a Muse of fire!  I sacrifice this script to the gods of good companies and good theater.  May they shine down on me.  From the

It's OVER!

Photo A Day 36

I still just love seeing this when I get above ground.

Monday, February 6, 2012

Photo A Day 35

Just in time for Valentine's Day!

Best Bike Ever

Photo A Day 34

Just giving a little progress update to my mini proton pack project. It's what has kept me sane the past month or so battling evilness.

Proton pack and pen for scale.

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Photo A Day 33

So..I didn't take this pic. I tried. And apparently my phone didn't save it.  So thank you google maps.  Can we make this happen? Who's with me. We'll print out a sign and in the middle of the night slap it about this door off of 19th street?

NYC's very own TARDIS

Photo A Day 32

It happens. I know. But sadly we've been rejected from the CIFF.  C'est La Vie.  Good news is that we've been accepted to several more. Info to come...

Sad Sad, we've been rejected. 

Friday, February 3, 2012

Photo A Day 31

I am not a fan of musicals. I feel like most get them wrong. There is the "do it like a musical" mentality as opposed to, you know...act. But Carrie is running down town and I love it. These horrible off kilter musicals can have a life sometimes. Like Silence: the musical (based on Silence of the Lambs) or the Evil Dead musical.


Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Photo A Day 30

This needs no words

Photo A Day 29

Meeting a friend on Broadway...the one in Queens.  We're elevated here.  This was the beginning of the evening when my Coat was stolen. Yay winter.

Broadway Stop