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Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Photo A Day 352-366

Here we go, the home stretch to the end of the year!

352. Many a mixtape died that day.

353. Dropping off a thank-you gift to my agent and was pleasantly surprised to find a pianist tickling out holiday tunes. 

354. I pass this a lot walking around the Union Square area. I love this old drinking fountain from the zoo. I wish they would set it up as a real fountain outside this antique store. Let people get some use out of it.

355. One of my last submissions before the new year. Fly my little friend. Fly fast and true and hope I get a call.

356. Andre is always there. Always watching. Always Obey.

357. Take off for the holidays with the family...

358.   Pretty much sums up this day!

359.  Grandpa...Miss you...

360. Sucker for Italian cookies on Christmas. Mine...mine...mine...

361. I'm sure this is somewhere in this photo blog, but Jeff this will always remind me of you. on top of it. a king of the springs.

362. Home again home again. Goodbye sun and hello NY Winter.

363. The ever elusive Lily. Cat-sitting.

364. Early morning snow/rain storm fire truck scare. Still no clue what was going on. But we had fun playing with the pencils...(name that reference)

365. Possibly the greatest socks ever. And I mean...ever.

366.  Starting the evening off with eggnogg and Hennessy, which I do not suggest anyone in their right mind ever does. But Happy New Year. And here's to 2013!

Thus ends this wonderful experiment. My Photo a day in the year of 2012. It's be a long eventful year. And looking back, these are some amazing glimpses into that journey. Hoping 2013 is an even greater adventure! And thank you all for coming along for the ride. See you in the new year.