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Wednesday, January 22, 2014

I. MIller Shoes Building Restoration

I haven't posted in months. That's bad of me. And I should probably do a full on update for the past 6-7 months.  In brief, I went from a concentration camp inmate, to a pirate, to another concentration camp inmate, to Jesus.  All in all, typical.

But for now, here is this little but of happiness on a cold snowy NY day. 

As actors this building is a pretty typical part of our daily/weekly lives. It's right on the corner of Broadway and 46th. I've always affectionately called it the "Equity Building" because until recently the entrance to Actors Equity was right next to it. Granted it's not the same building, but it's sure close. And it was originally a shoe store supplying shoes for the performing arts and specifically the actors and dancers on Broadway.
The inscription below the Building's actual name is, "the show folks’ shoe shop dedicated to beauty in footwear." Just cluing you in to what they sold there. 

On the 46th street side of the building, half way up you could always see four ladies greeting you as you walk past to audition. They're statues of four of the entertainment industry's greats. Ethel Barrymore (Drama), Marilyn Miller (Musical Comedy), Rosa Ponselle (Opera), and Mary Pickford  (Film).  They're all dressed as their iconic characters that helped cement their stardom.  Sadly through the years the building has deteriorated and those statues have started to erode or have been covered with billboards, etc. In fact, poor Miss Barrymore has had half her face hidden behind a HUGE billboard for T.G.I. Fridays.

Well, welcome to 2014. The Fridays is out. Gone. And in it's place an Express.  But an Express that decided to restore some of the building's former glory. In a HUGE restoration effort, the facade of both the Broadway and the 46th street sides of the building have been restored and repaired. The Statues are back and completely fixed, the store front is clean and looks almost out of place now in a modern Times square.  

But I love it! These are my ladies greeting me on my way to auditions, and this is such a great way to show respect to the business that built Times Square and one I have devoted my life to. 

I managed to snap a picture while rushing to another audition recently. It's not great, but if you've seen the building in the past you know it's MUCH better now. The gentleman selling pretzels and hot dogs across the street from me said it cost about 6 million. But I have no idea where he got those numbers from. He probably thought I was a tourist and was trying to impress me into buying a cold unsalted pretzel...(I didn't)

So here is the best shot I could take at the time. If there is interest, perhaps I'll take more.  But for now, here you are.