Patrick will be starring in the Last Cyclist at the West End Theater this May - June. Click here for info

Saturday, December 5, 2009

25 Cents for Love Shoot

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to shoot a piece written by me. Yes, written by me. I wrote a silent piece to help work on some clowning skills. As well this will be submitted to festivals.
The goal of this is to also foster a working relationship among my friends. It's more important than ever to create your own art now and I hope this will be step one towards that goal. I'm hoping this will become a group of artists who can pool eachother's talents for projects.

So 25 cents tells the story of a boy and girl who meet. Fall in love and of course the girl is taken away. Of course she realizes she doesn't have to put up with not having love in her life. Rejects this direction and goes back to the boy. All set to the beautiful fall background of Central Park.

I could not be happier with the day's events and the friends who came out to support and contribute their talent and time.
The cast includes:
Patrick Pizzolorusso
Sarah Jacobs
Madeline Burns
Matt Gray
Bryan Enk
Leah Dietrich

crew includes:
Pamela Ralat
Dan Brosnan
Samantha Mason
Gina Ferrante

I can't express how thankful I am to everyone. I also cannot wait for the final product which should be done within the next few weeks. Fingers crossed.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Beware. Explore Talet is scammy

So I know we're all signed up with all these different casting websites in order to get out there and book those auditions. Backstage still dominates in my book, but there are quite a few that I check. One that I've been a part of for a while is called Explore Talent.

It cost $30 something dollars every other month I think. Which isn't bad, but it's still money. I rarely use it. The site itself is a mess. It's poorly laid out and I have never gotten anything from it. This is one of those sites thats supposed to email you with possible roles that you match as well as automatically submit you for ones. it has never done that.

I should have cancelled my subscription a long time ago, but it fell through the cracks and I forgot about it. Out of the blue I get an email concerning my CC info. My card was declined because since the time of joining I've moved. So my billing address no longer matches. I'm not going to renew beacause honestly, it's a crap site.

But here is the kicker.

I get a call from a casting rep about a project with great money. Modelling for all these top name clothing companies. I'm pretty sure they already have their models. But I call anyway. Bear in mind this came to me the day after the email about my account lapsing. Hmmm

SO I give it a day, google the number. Lo and behold its for EXPLORE TALENT. Not a casting agent, EXPLORE TALENT. Hello scam to get people's money.

So I call. Cammie..(i think thats how it's spelled) went on and on about how great this project is and could pay up to $8,000. Woohoo. "Oh wait. it looks like your account needs to be updated. i'd love to submit you for this, but you'll have to pay the membership fees again. Would you like to? It'll be $49.95."

So quite the racket. All those people who don't renew must get this same call promising this amazing gig.
Hooked ya.
They call, pay whatever fees, supposedly submit and...nothing.

My advice to you all...don't use Explore Talent. It's just not good.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

A slice of Life Filming

So filming has begun. Actually began on Tuesday, but I'm too tired when I get home to talk about it and somehow it's suddenly Thursday night. It's a great crew with some fun characters, but everyone seems to know what they're doing. My fellow actors also are right on the ball. Should look great when it's all done. Also...Red Camera. Yeah. Cool.
So here are some pictures. This is the outside of the Pizza place where my character works. Located down in the west village on Bank and 11th.

My beautiful co-actor Michele McNally's character, Lisa, lives here in this amazing Soho loft. Oh how I want to be rich and trendy sometimes. Lisa is the character that mine, Alex, is infatuated with. But the poor guy can only bring himself to smile when he sees her.

Here are some members of the crew shootin' the shit, waiting. So much light. And an odd amount of fedoras hanging randomly around the apartment.

So 3 days down 4 more to go. And then some fillers. I think we made some great headway today, so hopefully the next few days will fly by.

In other news, I'm part of a new Shakespeare company called BoAr. But something tells me it is not going to last long. I've already missed the first rehearsal and will be missing the second (this sunday). This was also the company that during my audition the guy in charge told me "Never look us in the eye. It's distracting." Excuse me? Never? Thats a bit rash, don't you think? Never? I am proud to say i flat out said, "well, its all preference really, and besides, you're my audience. Of course I'm going to look at you." They cast me anyway. Be even though I have yet to attend a rehearsal, I'm still on the fence. I'll let you know.

I much prefer Shakespeare Anywhere.....

Sunday, September 13, 2009

I'm in a MOVIE!

Yes that's right. I'm in a film. I've had a slew of auditions lately. One I thought I was a shoe in for, yes didn't get cast. Which is interesting, I know a lot of the other folks who weren't cast ..(thank you for not BCCing your rejection email Ms. Casting director)..I stalked them all. A lot of people I've worked with before and are really quite good classically. So I feel less like poop than before.

But on the upsaide I'm in a film. I auditioned last Sunday and was told I'd be called back either Monday or Tuesday. I heard nothing so of course i wrote it off. I received a call from the director on Thursday saying he showed my tape to the producer and just like that...I got the part! Gotta love that.

The film is called "A slice of Life." I'll post more info as I get it. For now all I know I got is the part. And It's the lead. He's a Pizza delivery guy who falls for a regular customer. She is an up and coming Hollywood starlet and of course he doesn't know how to talk to her.

Let the fun begin!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Submissions...and stuff

I hate the term "submissions." I feel like it puts me (us all) in a subserviant position. As if we are offering ourselves up to the gods of casting. Going forward I think we should say that we sent our information off in order to grant a casting director permission to call us in. A little wordy, i know. I'll work on it. A colleaegue of mine suggested we just call them 'smiles.'

I kinda like that. For now..smiles.

So i sent some smiles off. I've started making it a weekly chore. I send out at least 2 smiles. I'm looking for an agent, who isn't. And i'm looking to be cast. Again, who isn't. I've actually gotten some great results from mail out. People say all the time, don't do mail outs. They're just wasted headshots. Thats partly true. But if you're submitting for a specific project or agent/casting director that you would really like to work with, then do it! I have this renewed faith in the US postal system.

I sent out a smile to low budget indie film. You kinda write it off but pat yourself on the back for having made it to the post office before 5. Well a few days later I recieved an email inviting me to come in for the audition. It works!

Mailing out smiles work!

Of course now we play the waiting game. But at least I feel like I'm getting somewhere.

Along with that, I also recently shot a music video for an emerging artist named Tinu. They needed sax players, and I figured why not. The video will be up and about sometime in mid October. I'll go ahead and post it when its live. But what an easy bit of cash. Go in, pretend to play, and leave. That simple. The song is ok, but I'm sure you'll all make fun of it when you hear it.

Saturday, August 22, 2009

Charlie Paladino "Best of" Clip

So for those of you that have been following this blog or for that matter even my career you know that I was part of a web series that lasted about 5 episodes. I know you are all avid fans and following my work like fiends. So in honor of you all whom can't get enough of the thrilling antics of an up and coming (?) actor wading through the steamy streets of NY, I've created an exciting little clip reel of my character from the web series. I thank you for all the support. And Charlie thanks you ladies out there for all the love letters.

A World of Her Pwn premiered on the escapist website and ran for a good strong 5 episodes. 3 of which my fun loving character, Charlie Paladino, was featured in various wacky situations for moral support to Samantha Mason's Sam character and for pure comic relief. Looking back on these few episodes, I'm proud of my work and proud of my character. He was a fun energetic gamer who threw himself into everything.

So enjoy the best of Charlie Paladino, poor guy is now retired, but it sure was fun while it lasted.

Oh that darn wakky Charlie.

AWHP was created by Douglas Mackrell and Samantha Mason
Produced by FishPaste Productions
Directed by Douglas Mackrell and Dan Brosnan

Samantha Mason
Brian Morvant
Patrick Pizzolorusso
Jenelle Sosa
Candace Yoshioka
Corey Pierno
Joey Nova
Sebastian Ferrante
Matt Gray

Monday, August 10, 2009

Stage Combat

This is such a long time coming. A few years ago I had the pleasure (?) of working at the NY Renn Faire. I know I know. I only did it for a year then flew the coop. I was hired as a fighter. Thankfully there is some video that survives of those fights. They're not the best choreographed, but when you're playing in the round it's really difficult to make a fight look THAT good to everyone. Some one is going to see a feint, or a knap, or notice that your blade goes nowhere near your opponant. But it's still good fun.

I started trying to compile all the video I have of me in order to piece together a reel. This will not make the cut...see what I did there with the sword fighting pun? But I stumbled on it. It simultaneously made me cringe from memories of bad pay, over acting, and mead; as well as smile because of a very small group of friends I did make while I was there. You five know who I'm talking about. So without further ado.....

Fight Fight Action World Go!

** Updated and made the video NOT private. I'm smart I am. Thanks for pointing this out Mr. Schwabe

Friday, August 7, 2009

Samantha Mason in Backstage

So my dear dear friends ha, Samantha Mason, has been featured in an article on Backstage. Yes, you read that right, FEATURED! A general congrats is in oder, I think. We can all use press and exposure and I'm just insanely proud of all the work she has done. Not to mention that one of the main points of her piece is the webseries that I was fortunate to be a part of.

So here is Sam's part of the article:

Game On!

Samantha Mason turned to the Internet for her five-episode series, "A World of Her Pwn," which premiered on the gaming site The Escapist ( last November. ("Pwn" is gamespeak for a humiliating defeat.) Mason played the semiautobiographical role of a game-site transcriber who is drawn into the worlds of various games.

The Escapist had sponsored a contest seeking original content, so Mason and director Douglas MacKrell conceived the idea and storyboarded the pilot one day in a New York diner. Their idea won, and the show soon went into production.

The site paid for the series on a per-episode basis, which was unnerving for Mason, who put her career as a classical actor largely on the back burner to work on the show. The production values fluctuated from episode to episode, Mason says, depending on "how my bank account was looking that month and how much time we had."

Each episode was supposed to be five- to eight-minutes long, though at times Mason and MacKrell went as long as 10. "Advertisers on the site don't want series to be too long," Mason says, "because they think people will turn it off and won't see their ads come on afterwards."

Whether the series will continue beyond the first five episodes is unsettled. But Mason has been approached to create a new series for another company. "It's really opened a new realm that I hadn't experimented in a lot before," she says.

Simultaneously wearing actor and producer hats proved challenging. Though she knew the scripts intimately, having participated in the development process, she would sometimes turn up at shoots realizing she hadn't fully memorized her lines.

Filming in New York certainly provided an embarrassment of talent and other riches. For one episode, Mason posted a call for background performers on "Ghostbusters" fan sites, seeking aficionados who owned their own costumes. Nine people showed up. In full regalia. "I thought, 'Only in New York City could you put out such a specific call and get such an overwhelming response,' " she says. "I had to turn people down—I had too many Ghostbusters!"

Many of the city's best filmmaking resources, it turns out, come without gigantic dollar signs attached. Perhaps the discouraged Woody Allen could learn something from New York's shoestring auteurs.

Monday, August 3, 2009

Shakespeare Anywhere

Well boys and girls, I've got another gig in the works. And the turn around for this is REAL quick. I'm working with a company called Shakespeare Anywhere. The name of the piece is Shakespeare Pizza.
I know! What more could you ask for? Pizza? Bard? Sign me up.

Opens this Sunday August 9th! Sooo Sooon.

The concept of Shakespeare Anywhere is to "to bring Shakespeare to unexpected and underserved places. Our productions are "bare bones style," which allows us to perform with little or no set, sound, or lighting."

Shakespeare Pizza includes a cast of 4 performing selections from His plays and poetry as well as musical pieces interspersed.

"Shakespeare Pizza"
Ignazio's Pizza
4 Water Street
Brooklyn, NY
Ticket price? FREE!!
When? Sunday august 9, 16, 23.
Time? 1 pm and 2:45 all three Sundays.

Patrick Pizzolorusso
Regina Gibson
Robbie Baum
Traci Thomas

Get directions from their website:

The idea:
Have some of the best pizza in New York, a good beer, and a great time! Let us entertain you with performances of Shakespeare monologues and sonnets, and hot music played by our very own talented actor-musicians!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My stint on 'The Unusuals'

A friend of mine emailed me telling me that she was engrossed in an episode of the new series, "The Unusuals," and about halfway through she finds my mug staring back at her from the t.v. Back in March I had talked about going down to Steiner Studios for some work on this show and it looks like I have made the cut. The name of the episode I wound up working on is called "E.I.D."

The Official synopsis:
Beaumont and Cole interview a couple regarding a break-in at their home. Although nothing was taken, the couple discovered that an adult film they rented was shot in their apartment. After Delahoy and Banks identify other apartments used in the series of adult films, Cole finds a common thread between all of the dysfunctional tenants. Hoping to set the scene for another movie, Beaumont and Cole go undercover. Meanwhile Scraeger becomes emotionally invested in trying to help a serial accuser who was the victim of a violent attack 10 years ago after disappearing from a big prep school party, on "The Unusuals."

So I'm apparently a potential "perp" for this serial accuser. No I was not in the porn storyline.

Another friend described the clip which features me as perfect for a clip reel for Conan O'Brien someday. I think I'll remember that and make sure I bring this in. (assuming I'm ever on the Tonight Show) It is terribly funny and entertaining.

So please enjoy and laugh and point. And laugh some more. This is my break-out role everyone. The Unusuals. A show I don't even watch.

Monday, June 15, 2009

House Broken Student Film

We all do so many side projects here and there. And I think the bane of all actor's lives is trying to wrestle a copy of the finished product out of the hands of young student film makers. At any one time i'm sure you can ask any struggling actor and they'll tell you they're waiting on at least 5. As am I right now. Give or take. It is very rare to receive these films quickly and without bugging the director for them. We can, if we want, invoke the power of the Professor, or even Dean of their college. Students cannot graduate without giving the actors in their projects their copy. But really, who wants to be that evil.

It is with a smile on my face that I inform you all that a film I worked on in April is in my hands, ripped, and online for your viewing pleasure. Its not that great, but its not that bad either. Its a student film.

The story is about a couple who are robbing the female character's (played by Luara Riley) parents house. Yours truly is the happy-to-go-along friend. While knocking over her parents house the two are forced to flee at the approach of her little brother. Like I said, student film. But it was an easy shoot and fun to do. Very organized.

So have a look for yourself. Enjoy. More to come eventually.

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Accidents...Tempest

So I am currently in rehearsals for Shakespeare's: The Tempest as Sebastian. The show is being produced by Hudson Warehouse. This is part of there summer festival of free outdoor theater. The venue is the Soldier's and Sailor's monument on 89th and Riverside drive. Tempest runs the month of June, weekends @ 6:30. Followed by Hamlet and then Midsummer.

Its looking like a nice little season.

The choreography of this show is being done by our very own Maria Colaco which, come on, can you beat that?
And talent wise, I'm surrounded by excellent classical actors. If rehearsals are this much fun, imagine what the show will be like.
So on to Happy Accidents:

There is a bit. There is always a bit in Shakespeare, right? Well the group traverses the playing area from audience right to audience left. Enter right. Exit left. Shows we're traveling. Pretty basic concept.
Well..not for me apparently. Or maybe its all my years watching Scooby-Doo as a child. 

So at one point Ariel, not the fish, scares this group of shipwrecked men. Enchanted somewhat and completely out of sorts they run off screaming and wielding swords at nothing.

Well I, of course I did it on purpose, ran off in the wrong direction. This caused my character's partner in crime to naturally follow. A second later we ran across the stage again exiting in the proper direction.
and of course..."Keep it. It's in."
Sometimes its so hard being naturally funny.

I love when mistakes on stage bring about moments that might never have been found or would have been difficult to create without that spontaneous panic that over takes you.

So come on out and join the fun..
Thursdays - Sundays for the Month of June @ 6:30
at the monument at 89th and riverside:

View Larger Map

Friday, May 1, 2009

Officially In talks...

So there is OH so much going on. The past few weeks have seen me sleeping little and waking up way too early. No one likes this, but I'm thankful and fortunate for work. Who wouldn't be? And some of this work is good news and potentially big news.

So here is a quick run down. I managed to snag 2 student films (think they may be for the same class, which will be interesting). One was oh so so-so, but the most recent was filmed in and around Union Sq./NYU property. The actresses who were cast with me were amazingly talented and fun to work with. This comes in handy when having to awkwardly kiss a stranger. I'm eagerly looking forward to the finished products. The one I'm most interested in seeing is a short suspense piece which was written really well. My only gripe is that everything was one take. There were no two takes of any shots. Lots of rehearsals though. So hopefully we got something good. Fingers are crossed for sure.

The film noir piece I'm in is still not done filming. These guys have a great crew and a great idea. Whatever comes of it will surely be attached to my reel, however they just can't seem to get things together to finish up these last few shots. We've rescheduled I don't know how many times. We finally managed to get a good chunk of filming done about 3 weeks ago, but now with my schedule rapidly filling up :), and trying to coordinate a cast of working actors, these poor guys are running out of time.

How available can I keep myself, for how long, you know? They aren't overly organized so its a little annoying to schedule with them. The last shoot I got a call the day before from the director wanting to go over "the details of tomorrow's shoot." Bear in mind I had no idea i had agreed to shoot that day. No one had contacted me...and I found out NO ONE was contacted about it prior to that evening. I know film is stressful for everyone, but its nice to be in the loop, you know? Fortunately I had off from work and could be there.

So that is still floating out there and I'm waiting patiently for an email or two.

And now on to shows:

"Uncle Bruce Says its Cool"
presented by MariaColacoDance

An evening of dance works by MariaColacoDance exploring the concepts of loneliness, acceptance and trying really hard to make a friend.
Combining in-your-face dance with causal on-stage banter and video imagery in an updated Vertovian style, this is a modern dance concert in the tradition of an indie rock show.
You should come!
Uncle Bruce says it's cool.

We're performing as part of the 'boogie down in the Bronx' series at BAAD.
Performances are 5/21 and 5/21 @ 8 p.m.

Lots of energy, lots of movement, and lots of pain. I'm soo very sore from rehearsals and not looking forward to this weekends round of rehearsals. But Its that good type of sore, right? Anyway...come out!

"The Tempest"
presented by Hudsonwarehouse

I've been cast as Sebastian in the Hudson Warehouse's June Production of the Tempest By William Shakespeare. The show runs weekends in June at about 8 pm. The park we're using is 86th and riverside drive I believe. As i get closer to the run I'll post more information. its good to be working on Shakespeare again, and outdoor summer Shakespeare..there really isn't anything better.

A quick little mention of A World of her PWN. Its going well and this weekend is the filming of Ep 5. i am not in 5, BUT it should be fun and a very good episode from what I hear. Updates to follow..

So the BIG news......
I'm currently in talks for something really big, I don't want to say more. I know that's really vague, but I don't want to jinx it. I just more so want positive energy sent my way. I've had an initial meeting which could not have gone better despite my nerves. This past week I had a one on one workshop/audition which could have gone better. But lets face it, they always can.
The project this is for is currently running and I've been invited to see this year's show and meet the artistic director. I think that is a good sign. So many things are up in the air and it is a total crap shoot. And its one of those things that I wasn't expecting, but popped up out of nowhere.

And now...of course...I want it soo bad. Isn't that always the way?

So this is me for now and I'll update as I hear and post projects as I get them.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Yes...Queef in my Pants

I said it, I know.  Queef.
A dear dear friend, Lauren Olipra and her friends out in L.A. have put together a women's response to the SNL digital video 'Jizz in my Pants.'

And yes its called "Queef In My Pants."

From the youtube description:  
"This is the female response to SNL's Jizz In My Pants. Starring Marty, Lee Haven, Lauren. 
Directed by Marty. Co-written by Marty and Lauren. Camera by Neil. Music by Freedom Hill. 
Special thanks to V Lounge in Santa Monica. Lonely Betch Productions. 
Enjoy and spread the queef."

So do like the ladies say, and enjoy...

---with, Jess Busterna as 'the jew'

Friday, April 3, 2009

A World of Her PWN ep 4!

Good evening Ladies and gentlemen.

The latest and greatest episode of A World of her PWN is now live and viewable over at the escapist Magazine.

This newest episode "No Rest for the Wii-cked" pits Sam against her Wii after a 2 week bout of pining for Rick.  She is unknowingly sucked into a game of silent hill and tormented until finally being 'snapped out of it' by yours truly.  Please watch below or head over to the escapist.  Watch it there and comment and maybe wander around their site.  Its choc full of video game goodies, like updates about the new ghostbusters game!  
I do hope you enjoy the episode.  While its mainly a take off of Silent there are a few references that had me laughing when I watched the final cut.  And I know the you know its gotta be funny.

Enjoy!  And remember if you like what you see, comment, or join the mailing list  Or join us over on facebook!  Lots of options, I know.

And the episode:

Monday, March 30, 2009

Penny Dreadful Ep 12 (The End)

So this past weekend at the Brick Theater in Brooklyn was the final installment of Penny Dreadful.  The ongoing theatrical serial which I have had the fortune to be a part of.  The project started in the late fall of 2007 by Matt Gray and Bryan Enk in conjunction with the Third Lows.  Quite a run if you ask me.  The project follows the life and adventures of the Magician Viernik and the ex Pinkerton Detective Leslie Caldwell.  The series spans a century of historical events and the stage hosts a parade of historical characters all cleverly intertwined to tell this amazing story.

In this production I had the great pleasure of being cast as Harry Houdini.  A Houdini who becomes quite an ass as the story unfolds.

I want to thank everyone who has come out to support Penny these past months and who have watched it online.  Episode 11 is currently viewable 

And this past and final Episode, 12, will be uploaded shortly.

To anyone who finds there way to this blog and is curious about any project helmed by the thirdlows, Matt Gray,or Bryan all means jump at the chance to work with them.

I am so sad to say goodbye to Houdini and his porkpie hat, but am reveling in the ending to this huge undertaking of a series.

Friday, March 20, 2009

SAG Waiver #2

So good news campers!!

Last week I was called in to do some extra work on the upcoming series, The Unusuals.  Its being filmed at Brooklyn's navy yards turned film studio...
Thats right.  Steiner Studios.

SO i travelled to Brooklyn this past monday for background work.  Work which i was called in specifically for.  I got the call on Friday which was a garaunteed SAG Waiver.  A waiver, or voucher, means that for the day a non-union actor is treated like a union member for a number of reasons.  After doing this 3 times you can become a member of the union.  My hair..i think.  So simple.  I was being called in, not really for extra work, but to have my mug shot taken.  I'm going to be a picture in a book that some female victim is looking through.  

My big break eh?

So I don't know when the episode airs, but it was the quickest shoot i've ever been on.  I was there for 30 minutes.  In and out and got a waiver plus SAG wage.  You really can't ask for anything better than that.

So after I was done..I wandered around for a little bit..

This is a morgue set, i believe.  So very cool to see.  An entire room built inside a huge soundstage.

And here is a shot of the very same morgue, from the outside.

And here is the main hallway that connects all the soundstages, Damages, to Unusuals, etc.  Cool to just wander down.

So the travel time to get to and from the shoot took longer than the shoot itself.  But in the end, I am now the proud owner of 2...count 'em, 2 SAG waivers.  1 more to go and then I can shell out tons of cash to get paid higher wages.  And then?  The moon!

It was very fun to just wander around, not something i think they let most people do, but I got to see the inner workings and goings on of a movie studio.  Lots of random people running around with rolls of tape.  And framed pictures of past films like Maid in Manhattan.  Quality stuff there.

Friday, March 6, 2009

Week so far...and PWN

So today was supposed to be a film day.  There is a film noir piece I auditioned for eons ago and it keeps getting pushed back more and more. Today, Much to my relief, was scheduled to be the shoot day.  Yeah.  No.  This production team just can't quite get it together so we're being rescheduled AGAIN.  It looks like now we're shooting for the 27th.  Lets hope.  That's Penny weekend and Penny has priority, so we shall see.

But in other news, A World of her PWN: Episode 3 has gone live today.  That's right today!  This episode features almost all of the cast members so far and was shot on location at the NY Comic Con which was an exciting adventure.

All those people, all those comics, all those half naked Princess Leia's!  (And a good kinda 1/2 naked)

So the episode is up and finished and I'm really proud of all the hard work that went into this.  There were a lot of little bumps along the way, especially the day of shooting.  But we've churned out a really good piece of fun that's not just video game fluff.  There is something to this little episode/series.

You can click on the above link, or watch it here:

Whats next for pwn?  Stay tuned to find out.  I will tell you that this Monday and Tuesday we will be filming episode 4.  I can't tell you what it's about because...I don't know yet!  Haha.  But I do know that the story line will continue, but hopefully be a little more uplifting than the end of Ep 3.  
Again Ep 3...Watch it HERE!!!

And please sign up for the Pwn Newsletter.  Email

Also going on tomorrow (Saturday) I'll be filming a piece with my dear friends Pam Ralat and Amye Lewis on the UWS.  Should at least be an entertaining afternoon.  It always is when we all get together.  The script, written by Pam makes me laugh and actually has a nice sweet genuine quality about it. is to a fun filled weekend

Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Acting Madness

It's March 1st and as I sit here typing this it is snowing up a storm outside.  They are estimating anywhere from 6-12 inches.  I highly doubt 12 but secretly wish for it.

Snow Day!

This coming month will see several projects coming to fruition and the end of a long running serial.  

A world of her Pwn is slowly gaining momentum and episode 3 should be up for the world to see tomorrow morning.  Hooray!   After a little bit of a set back editing wise, I think it came out damn good.

Penny dreadful's last episode airs/performs the end of this month and I'm sadly looking forward to it.  Houdini has managed to hang on to a spot on the cast somehow and miraculously has not died yet.  Of course, Ep 12 will be a bear and full of lots of death a blood and magic I'm sure.

This Saturday I will be filming a short for a friend's student project.  Written by her and produced and directed by her class mates.  The script is great and I look forward to working with this whole crew.

And the noir piece i have been waiting to hear about it finally being filmed in the wee hours of 3/7.  Somewhere.  Waiting for more info.  But this was a piece I auditioned for the week i returned from Florida back in Nov.  About time, right?

And lastly.  
My web design side business.  I am in the planning stages of 2 sites right now for friends, both of which i hope will be very different, but very exciting.  A page on my website is now dedicated to web design and as i get more under my belt, I'll update this.  For now, it makes me laugh.

**and just a little side note, all of these projects will be fully detailed in later posts.  for now..this is a "what to look for in March of '09"**

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Video Woes

So I just have to share with this most recent interweb drama.

I have a youtube account, who doesn't really?  I use mine mainly for hosting videos of my work thus far in order to to have them embedded into my website.  Makes sense i think.  Its an easy site to navigate and it lumps similar videos together.

Well the problem I've been having is that a piece that I have posted is a section of a longer piece called Eye Candy.  It was performed at the NY Fringe Festival in 2007.  A big success for us as a company as well as us as artists.  We all had a hand in creating this piece along with our choreographer.  Its my favorite piece so far entitled "At Last."  The music used in this piece is Etta Jame's At last.  

Now you see where the name came from.

Anyway, It's a video of a performance.  And for the performance we had all the legal rights to the songs.  So it makes sense that everything is ok to post a video of a performance.  I'm sure I'm wrong because youtube muted my video.  Sucks Sucks Sucks.  Yes Muted my video because we use Etta James in the piece.  

So this is the video with no sound and it's sad and pathetic.  It's still online but you lose so much without the sound.  I have managed to find a way around this for now and lets hope this works.  I've got it, for now, hosted on photobucket.  So now I have it live on my site again with sound as it was meant to be, but now all my videos don't have a uniform look.

I guess we do whatever we can tog et around things, huh?

All this because of copyright issues.  How are artists supposed to express themselves?  get their ideas across?  If we're being muted.  I am in NO WAY using At Last as a way to make money.  I'm just showing my art.  In a way, isn't this infringing on my right as an artist to bring my thoughts to the world?  Who is the law protecting here.  And where is the leeway?  Shouldn't there be something that allows us to express ourselves more freely?  And lastly for youtube, what about those people that put music on their home family videos.  Can't use it now?  How is that infringing on copyright laws?

Monday, February 16, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Websites, Oh My!

So after much thought and consideration, I've decided that I hate my job. I have a horrible soul sucking day job. Most of us out there trying to make a go at this have a horrible way to pay the bilss. It's a waste of my time, energy, and yes...talent. I'm too good for it. I'll be the first to say so.

I'm an actor, an artist. I like to make things. Some tangible, some...computerized?

After building my own website and learning little things here and there. A lot about photoshop and creating graphics for the site. And a lot about hosting and ease of use. (Yes I think mine is clunky at times. And other times I think its the best....never happy with our own work, eh?) Based on all that, and the ever increasing knowledge I have of web/graphic design, I'm deciding to offer my services to those in need of a virtual place to host their stuff.

I want to help other artists share what they do and what they know. I have already been on auditions where a casting director has mentioned seeing my work online and then deciding to call me in. So, ok, already a benefit to the site there. So I'm putting myself out there. If anyone is in need of a website. Has ideas for one or has no idea where to start. Or if someone just needs help adjusting an existing site, I'm offering my services. How generous, i know.

And keeping with the theme of this blog...and my life, if you are a) actually reading this, and b) would like to talk about a website please contact me here...

And so...I've put myself out there again.
Tell your friends! All the cool kids have a website.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

EMC Card

Well now, its not quite what you think. Yes its a card. Yes that's me. But its not the official equity card. It like a card-in-training. In order to become union you have to do one of two things.
1. Be cast in a union show where they will elevate your eligibility to equity status.

2. Earn points like a boyscout earning badges. Slow and tedious. (Similar to SAG and their vouchers/waivers)

I am on the latter track as of right now. Thanks to my little Floridian stint doing children's theater I am a proud card carrying member of the Equity Membership Candidate program. In this program you need 50 points in order to join equity. 1 point = 1 week. Do the math. Forever.

The majority of this work can be found in regional theater and tours. NY is filled with experimental theatre and theater companies. Its a lot easier and cheaper for smaller companies to put up non-union work. Usually the bigger companies (tours) will aid in achieving that almighty card because they can afford to, and not everyone wants to pick up and go on tour. You gotta give them some sort of carrot to do so.

So I'm on my way. I managed to gain a good chunk of points while i was in Florida. So now the big question. Sure its a card, and pretty, and blue, but what does it mean?

Well, this card means I'm just a tad above non-equity now. When I go to an equity call, I am guaranteed to be seen before the non-union people. (if I'm seen at all. sometimes the equity line is way too long and all the time slots are filled) And the best perk...I get to use the bathroom. That's right. The equity bathroom. Woohoo.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A World of her PWN, a new webseries!

A world of her PWN!

The past few months have been a little busy with the end of the year, being in Florida and all these little projects bubbling up.  Thankfully its all been good.  One of them being an original web series created by a new production company, FishPaste.

The show follows the life and times of Samantha.  She is a gamer, a journalist, and a daydreamer.  We get to follow her around as she deals with the drudgery of this life as she yearns to escape to a more colorful and computerized world.  Thing scrubs but with video games.  

After the pilot aird we were asked to produce a follow up and i am now, proud to preset that episode.  It is Being hosted at and is as of now, part of their escapist show.  We're hoping to break free and have our own featured segment.   So here ya go..we're 8 minutes in.  I hope you enjoy and be on the look out for our next episode coming to you from NY Comic-con 09!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Penny dreadful ep. #10

Ladies and gentlemen. This is my first official mobile blog
post....... Thank you apple.

I'm sitting here in a "small brick theater with uncomfortable seats"
in Brooklyn. I left my warm apartment this morning and faces the 7
degree weather so I could make if to tech rehearsal in time.

I am proud to be reprising my role as Harry Houdini in this on going
theseerical experience produced by

I'm about to get into costume. We have a show tonight and tomorrow
afterNoon. I'll post again soon with details on how to watch it
online on a few weeks.

Ah. Weekends at the Brick in Brooklyn. Coffee is needed.