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Wednesday, December 14, 2005


Truly one of the best acting/performing experiences of my stay so far up here in New York. The performances were eye-opening for we actors involved. I haven't learned this much from a performance since my University days.

For those of you who missed this amazing performace, fear not. The show must and will go on. Choreographer Maria Colaco of Maria Colaco Dance has her sights set on Off-Broadway. And what better place to stage this exploration of dating, courtship, relationships and the stupid dance we do than the side streets of Broadway. Thank you to all of you who came out to show support. Don't worry. There will be more chances. Posted by Picasa

Good Day to you all

This will be quick and painless. I figured why not, honestly. But unlike all those people out there who feel they are self-important and the world must read their thoughts....I know what i have to say is insignifigant and minldess meanderings of a cluttered mind.

So if you read...wonderful, if not, well I didn't want you in my rabbit hole anyway. Its already too crowded in here.