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Sunday, December 26, 2010

Shouldn't I at least get my $200 from passing GO!?

I Know it's a stretch, but I'm pretty sure the MTA here in NYC has a monopoly over public transportation.  They cover the buses and the subways.  Sure there are taxis or good ole fashioned walkin', but who does that.  Most NYer's main form of transportation is on the rail.  And for the love of god the MTA sucks!

It is a monopoly, right? almost?

So Monday night I'm on my way home from seeing the ever talented Sarah Jacobs and Regina Gibson performing at the Kraine Theater.  It's cold, I'm a little tired, but happy to have seen some amazing theater.  So I have a little high.  That being said, I decide to brave the 8th street subway stop.  I know full well that SINGLE turnstile is temper-mental, but I go for it anyway.  Of course I miss the R train that's headed uptown, but I'm ok.  I'll catch an N.  I swipe right through and I'm on the platform.

Now, at this stop, dear readers, the Q, which I could take, is express.  So it skips this stop.  No worries.  The N is a local and will stop here.  I can take this train as well.  The R...useless to me, but stops here too.  So I just missed an R.  No worries.

Also bear in mind its 10:14...not late.  No construction going on till late that night.  And no alerts about this stop.  It's a normal Monday night.

I wait a few minutes, here comes an N...on the express track?!!  Oh eff me.  What is going on.  No announcements, nothing.  Just zooms by on the express.

More minutes tick by

I see a light at the end of the tunnel..literally, cause the headlights are on.  Here comes.....a Q.  what?  On the local track?  Well...ok, it'll stop.  clearly.  Cause it's on the local.  No it doesn't stop it just zooms right by blaring it's horn.  WHAT THE HELL!?!??!  Again, no announcement.  So now i've missed 2 trains with no explanation at all.

Another R comes, remember..useless..

And Another R.  I take it to the next stop where both the express and local trains stop.  Hopefully one will come by now.  More waiting.  Finally an N, on the right track comes.

So I'm pretty annoyed.  We don't have road rage here we have MTA rage here.  They know that the general public thinks they're a bunch of morons, but nothing get fixed.  Stations close, rates go up, entire train lines are taken away.  Nothing gets better.  Every year we pay more and more to travel in this city and the quality of service goes down.  Why does no one fix this?

Well..i guess we kinda can at least share our thoughts.   That night i found this amazing site:

Lodge a complaint with the MTA.

And did just that.  I lodged a complaint.  I told them exactly what happened.  And here is the response b.s....

Response (Pamela Elsey) - 12/22/2010 11:41 AM
We sincerely regret any inconvenience you experienced while using our subway system.

Please be aware that we generally schedule construction and track repair projects during off-hours and weekends so that they will not pose a problem for the majority of our passengers.  While we understand that some people are inconvenienced, rehabilitation work is necessary to ensure the safety of all our customers and to improve service in our system for all of our passengers. In addition , despite our best efforts to maintain scheduled service, delays in service can sometimes occur for a variety of reasons, including track rehabilitation work, mechanical malfunctions, equipment failure, and police or emergency service activity, among other causes.

Therefore, in response to your concerns, please be assured that we will take corrective measures to ensure that adequate and timely service on the N, Q and R lines, along with all our lines, is provided and that customers are properly informed in the event of a service delay.

In addition, please note that planned service advisories are available on or website at -

As you know, we do have a Subway Service Advisory E-mail Notification Program that gives information about planned service disruptions. In addition, up-to-date Service Alerts are posted on an emergency/as-needed basis.  You may sign up for the Subway Service Advisory E-mail Notification Program by visiting:

Otherwise, please note that bus and subway service information along with travel itineraries within New York City may also be obtained by calling us at (718) 330-1234, from 6:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., 7 days a week, where customer service representatives are available.  Please have a pen and paper ready, provide each starting point, destination and the approximate time you will be traveling.

We take the concerns of our customers very seriously and thank you for taking the time to contact us.

Pamela Elsey
N Line, R Line General Manager

I'm not an idiot.  This doesn't address my concern.  There were no alerts.  There was no construction.  I want to call her and yell at her.  But that will get me no where.  All I can do is continue to complain and send in suggestions.  And I urge you all to do exactly the same thing!!

Merry freakin Christmas MTA

Thursday, December 23, 2010

Joined a Union, ready to strike.

So this past October I was cast in an honest-to-goodness-olde-timey-radio show.  There are guns and explosions, nerdy scientists, Nazi evildoers, and plenty of sound effects to blow your ears off your head.  It was a lot of fun to do and made me want to do more voice over work.  My charactery voice should get me some work, right?

Well this project went AFTRA do to the producers deciding it should be.  (Some cast members are AFTRA and I guess it was easier..blah blah blah, technical paperwork stuff)  Needless to say, I went right along with it and am now a proud card carrying member of the union.

So AFTRA is the union you can just buy into. You can wake up one morning and say...I want to blow $1600 in one shot.  How can I do that?  I know, I'll join AFTRA.  Bam.

I had a choice.  Don't join, but after the next AFTRA project I do, I am a must join.  Or just join now.  So I joined.  And I'm instantly eligible to join AEA and SAG (after I wait my year) because this radio show counts as my 1 project I have to do in order to join a sister union.  Good deal I think.

So I'm part of a union.  It's something.  Onward and upward right?

I'm a little put off though.  There is a very impersonal touch with AFTRA.  with Equity, they've been in contact.  send me little notes here and there.  They are very personable when it comes to members, prospective members, and EMC (of which I am one).  AFTRA was literally all online.  I suppose that comes with a union that takes anyone.  You don't have to earn anything to join.  You just throw down some money.

Happy New year, bring on 2011 and debt!

Necessary evil, right?

I do have a nifty card to show people when they ask, so that's something right?

Monday, December 6, 2010

SAG, Waivers, Vouchers and Union joys..

I in no way claim to be an expert on any of this.  Afterall, survival job/creative income/web design..all that stuff.

There, that was my disclaimer.  So this post is inspired by numerous conversations with friends, colleagues, anyone and everyone about joining a union.   If something is wrong, please let me know and I'll adjust the info.

There are so many questions surrounding this union.  And all unions.  I'm hoping to use this as a way to clarify.

How do I join sag?

There are a few ways to join the union.  Its not like AFTRA where you can just buy in. Nor is it like other workers unions where you have to be nominated by a member.  No no no. SAG makes you earn your member ship.  The first way, and way most people join is buy earning vouchers.
What's a voucher? we go.

There are Vouchers and Waivers.  
This is a VOUCHER:

For every SAG production, there must be a certain number of union background members before they can use non-union.  Lets say the number is 20 for "imaginary Epic Film Project."  Now, if only 19 of those union members show up, the production crew HAVE to make a non union person union for the day.  How is this accomplished?  They give you a voucher.  This DOES NOT MEAN YOU'RE SAG.  It means for that day you were given SAG status.  Just for that day.  Yes it includes SAG wages as well.

You may see on notices that are seeing SAG and NON SAG that it will say..SAG RATE/WAGES for non-union.  This does not mean you'll be getting paid the SAG rate as a NON SAG member.  This means you'll be getting paid SAG's NON UNION rate.  Which is about $70 something a day.  79?  Something like that.  This came up on the last project I worked.  If you're hired as NON UNION, they're not going to throw money at you.  So be aware of that.

Now, this has to happen 3 times in order to make you eligible.  THREE!!  Again, you need three WAIVERS, and they're cumulative.  It could take a few months, weeks, or years.  It's completely random.  The ones I have I was called in specifically because of a certain look I have.  So I knew going in I was getting a voucher.  Makes it easy.  But that's not how it always works, obviously.

Now whats that WAIVER thing I mentioned before?: 

This is for all you SAG members who are looking to work on student films or indies.  Almost all student films allow SAG members to work for them penalty free.  Not all.  But most.  And some independent films.  Since they're so low budget they can't afford the union's day rate, so you get a waiver that does what it says...waives all the perks of being SAG.  But you're not going against your union.  It's just like an Equity Showcase code for stage actors.

So thats the first way.  And the main way most people join the Union.  It's tedious and takes a long time and a lot of patience, but SAG here you come.

Hey brother can you spare a TAFT HARTLEY?

You've probably heard this term bandied around a bit, it comes from the 1940's when labor unions were up in arms trying to right the many wrongs that were being done to the workers.  No one was safe, not even we actors.  What does it mean for an actor?  It means that if you, as a NON UNION actor are cast as a performer in a main role, supporting, anything with a line, and are paid for that work, you are considered  SAG ELIGIBLE.  Look at that.  Easy peasy.  Sure it doesn't happen that often, but it happens.  There are numerous anecdotes about how this act has been played out.  I know I read an article once where the lead actress came into a room and said good morning to a NON UNION BG actor.  Of course being NON, didn't have any lines.  Well after doing multiple takes all day, the Actress finally said, he needs to say good morning back.  A person would say good morning, they wouldn't ignore you.  At this point it was too late to switch in a union BG actor since they'd been filming all day.  Mr Lucky duck NON UNION?  Tafted.  Bam. Now after 30 day's he would have to either join, or stop working on UNION films.  This way forces your hand a little.  The VOUCHER method gives you the option to get as many as you like and stay NON as long as you like.  Taft Hartley rarely happens, but is another way to become a member of SAG.  There is a fine that the production has to pay for this to happen, which isn't too hefty, but still something to be avoided,  hence why it rarely happens.

I wanna Join too, here's some money!!!

The third way, which is probably the second most common, is the buy in method.  Some Unions, like AFTRA will happily take your money and BAM...union.  Not SAG, but AFTRA.  What does this mean for you, you potential SAG or even EQUITY member?  Well after a year, as long as you're a member in good standing and have filled that particular UNION's criteria, you can just buy in to the other UNIONS.  You're now eligible.  The criteria, i believe is 3 background credits, or one principle credit. My AFTRA credit is principle, so you know where I'll be in a year.  It's pretty simple.  But also takes time.  It's because they all consider themselves sister unions.  Sometime long ago, they were all sitting around drinking, crochetting on the train, something, and decided, they should join forces to help eachother out.  Join 1, in a year you can join em all.  it's a win win for the unions and for you.

I'm going to add to this as more info comes in and is made clearer.  I'm sure I missed some aspects, or potentially got something wrong.  But these are the basic ways people become union.

good luck!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Being nice goes a long way people...

The holidays always throw things into some sort of disarray.  Hence updating now.  I know a lot has gone on, but as I sit here now trying to type it all out I keep thinking, "man! I'm doing nothing."

But here is a quick update first....

Well first off, the scripts for Macbeth are ready to pick up. I'm excited, can you tell I'm excited?  For many reasons, but one of the biggest is that I feel this is a sign that my career is moving towards bigger and better things.  Especially in the area of professionalism.  The past 3 projects I've worked on, Fringe, The Radio show, and well..Macbeth to be..have all been on a level of professionalism that starting out in NY was in short supply.  It's nice to be in actual studios and not meeting at a loud bar for a production meeting.  I love bars, don't get me wrong.  But time and place, you know?  So the wonderful people at American Globe contacted me last night saying the scripts are in.  I cannot wait to read their cuts and begin memorizing and working.  It's also an ideal situation for prep work.  We don't start rehearsals in earnest until February.  So who'll be off-book?  This guy.  It's a good way to enter the holiday season, with something on the horizon.

Which leads me to say: The holidays can be rough for actors, dancers, artists!!!!

For those of you I've met that are just starting out and looking for advice, and even for people who've been toiling away for years, remember that this time of year is SLOW.  So don't panic.  As the song says, "It's the holiday season, well whoop-de-doo."  Just take it easy.  Use this time to research agents, CD's, take a class. See shows!  (The Elf is on Broadway right now and I just can't help myself.)  Especially all you stage actors...student films are scrambling to finish before the end of the semester.  Or they're casting for Jan. projects.  There is work, even in slow times, but you have to look.

And now the real meat of this post.......  

I've also been meaning to post about being nice.  I love NY.  It's fast paced.  You can feel the buzz of the city.  People think we're mean.  Let me just say that New Yorkers are some of the nicest people in the world.  And I mean it.  It's not they we're mean, we're just always in a hurry.  Or thinking about the next few days worth of things to accomplish.  That being said, you don't always see the niceness. It's there, just hidden under coats and scarves....

So the same day I had my fight callback for American Globe, I was to audition for a student film at SVA.  The gentleman calling me in was actually a contact from twitter.  Hello social networking you crazy fad you.  It was nice to meet an actually tweep?  Is that the right term?  Anyway, to say I blew it is an understatement.  I felt horrible for doing so poorly in front of someone who was kind enough to invite me in.  I don't know if it was the adrenaline of the callback still flowing through my post sword holding muscles or the fact that I nailed it and was in a cloud of..well...Nailed it! Euphoria.  But, I blew it.  Could not concentrate.  You've all been there.  Lines just fell out of my mouth.  And a sci-fi horror film was not something I could sink my teeth into after feeling so giddy.

Well, I received a Thank You email!  You get them once in a while.  Most people don't bother to say thanks but no thanks.  But this guy took the time to say we're sorry we didn't cast you but thanks for coming in.  That little extra makes all the difference.  So thank you!  And on top of that, he graciously offered me an under 5.  So it was not all lost.  But still.  Even after walking in and basically letting the words fall out of my mouth onto the floor in a steaming pile of talentlessness, they thanked me and asked me to still be a part of the film, just as a different character.  I'll take it.

So see, people are nice.  And I really wish more people would contact us saying thank you, but no thank you.  It helps too because sometimes you just never know.  You'll be waiting for weeks thinking...I still have a shot...months even.  The thank you but no thank you helps you let go and move on.

Ah, niceness.  Be nice people!!

And now I think I should probable shut down as apparently there is a massive rain/wind storm outside.  Time to break out the yellow legal pad and write.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Globe, American style!

Shakespeare has been good to me.  I'm sure, like a lot of other actors out there, there is a debt of gratitude to the bard for all he left us.  My career is quickly being shaped as a Shakespearean actor.  I don't mind.  It worked for Captain Picard.  Might as well ride his coat tails, so-to-speak.  I also seek out auditions for Shakespeare.  Also not a bad thing.  Go with that you know, right?  It's worked so far.

Granted I've messed up my fair share of auditions.  I recently auditioned for the Adirondack's Shakes Fest. Yup, blew that one.  Score for me.  I have no idea why either.  I just got up, started talking and realized, woa, that horrible stench is me.  Yup, stinking up the room alright.  Follow THAT all you other auditioners. Well, I know one place that will not be hiring me this summer.  Oh well.  It happens.  An off day.

I've just been feeling a little restless though.  I have a few tiny projects here and there, but nothing of any real merit on the horizon.  I guess its the nomad or gypsy or mummer that's inside all of us performers.  Its hard to stop and sit still for too long.  And after too long you start to go to this scarey place in your head.  Keep Out damnit!

So anyway, I've been tiptoeing near that door.  Fringe left me with such a high and recording the voice for a radio show just added to it that now i feel...AHHHHHH Nothing is going on and I'm bombing auditions!  Enter, American Globe.    I auditioned for them in the spring and then played the waiting game all summer/fall. I knew this of course.  They told me they'd maybe be in touch for callbacks in the fall.  So I wait, patiently.

and wait..
and wait...and Ring!  Called in for a call back.  They're casting their school tour of Macbeth and I was called in to read for the Porter, a witch and Rosse.  I'm all prepared like a good little Shakespearean actor, I get there early, greeted with such warmth..(they're really good people)  So I read and I'm asked to read some more, Macbeth even!  It's a good day.  Call back goes better than can be expected and I'm kinda riding a little high.  I'm invited to the fight call the following weekend.  I feel like as long as they can see that i can swing a sword and pick up choreography, I'm in.  (yeah, I was pretty self confident.  Sometimes you need that) The only issues, we were told we'd be off for a week in April, a week I've already made travel plans for.    And apparently there is 1 performance that week.

Well I get to the fight call, no one said not to come, so I'm thinking they moved that day or something miraculous has happened.  In fact they emailed me more sides to read earlier that day prior to the group call.  Fight call happens.  Great stuff.  I'm very excited, good work out and they all looked pleased at not only my work, but the work of all the combatants.  They keep us all a little after just to give us some info about the tour and guess what?  That one conflict has been rescheduled.  Now of course i'm thinking...they want me.  But I'm sure its been moved so the whole cast, whomever it may be, gets a week off.  but still....Happy dance.

So I go on my merry way for the day. About 2 hours later my phone rings and it's the Globe, I'm in!  I was on the subway laughing to myself.  A happy weekend indeed.  So now I know I have a job coming up in the new year.  And with a company that I've been wanting to work with for far too long. So hooray and thank you Will for yet another role.  Oh, who have I been cast as? One of the murderers, Duncan, and Macduff.  Great fights abound!  I am definitely looking forward to this.

Sunday, November 21, 2010

American Globe!

Just a quick update because it's amazing news.  American Globe called and I'm in!  Full report to come.  But YES!

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

New Post New URL same actor..

Male, mid to late 20's. Devilishly handsome.  Walks into the new blog space, pauses for a moment as he takes in the familiar surroundings yet notices the subtle difference.

So new place, huh? Looks the same.  Welcome everyone to the same old new blog.   After a long battle with myself and friends about making a more suitable url for this here bloggy blog blog, I finally broke down and did it. So here we are.  I hope you enjoy this.  If you even read it.  

Monday, November 15, 2010

To the Universe...

Just slowly catching up on my google reader and reading up on everyone's adventures out there, I realized that there should be a Twelfth Night film made.  And universe, if it's made hello!

Me and Lira over at The Struggling Actress...yes? no?

Random thought today.

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Best Breakdown Ever

Saw this in one of the breakdowns for a project.  Just had to share.  

Character description:

you´re a classical gangster who hides a REAL mermaid in your apt. she only use you for become famous. you know the "real" world and want to save her from the wrong guys outside. at the end you will not reach your goal and die.

And no..I did not submit myself for it.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

15.5 hours barely any sleep

Oh background work.  I hate you!  We all do.  I have railed against it in the past and still do.  It is essentially pointless work.  Aside from the fact that there is always an abundance of food, and good food at that, there is no point to it.  It is a huge waste of time and something that should NEVER go on your resume.  Ever.  We'll talk about that in a few.  Sure it pays, peanuts. And if you've never been on a film shoot it is the best way to get an idea of what goes on.  But its still the worst aspect of film that I can think of.

I have this agreement with myself, and its shared with a dear friend of mine.  No background work except for a few exceptions.  1) I like the show.  And I like 30-Rock, so this past weekend I agreed to do some BG work when they called.  and 2) only if they call me in for SAG credit. (Think I'm going to devote an entire post to this soon so look for that.  There are sooooo many questions about it.  It's a bit to get into)

So thanks to option 1, I found myself at Silver Cup Studios both this past Friday and Monday mornings.  Don't get me wrong, it is fun in a way.  You're on a film/tv set. Even the most cynical actor who is trying to pretend they're not impressed, is impressed.  One of the biggest downsides is the waiting.  That's all you do.  Wait.  Friday got there at 9 and didn't get to set until 4 pm.  Yup.  That was the 14.5 hour day.  Monday I filmed early and then spent from about 2:30-12am doing nothing.  Nature of the beast I suppose.  And sure, I "met" Tina Fey.  Er...she said hello to me as we were getting coffee.  So that was something.  I don't get star struck, but I sure was impressed to be in the presence of comedic talent.

Some interesting things about doing BG work? You get to see the innards of a studio or film.  We were on a plane.  They had the body of a plane set up in the sound studio.  How often do you see something like that?  No, there are no pics.  HIGHLY unprofessional to take pics on set and of the actors.  Silly bloggers what were you thinking?

The other aspect, aside from the waiting, is the other BG extras.  This might sound mean or horrible or cruel but I usually keep to myself when I do these things.  First of all I have a huge audition coming up for summer Shakespeare Festivals.  So I was able to spend some time re-reading Henry V.  But also, I know this is a generalization, but extras can be very very..odd.  I feel like every shoot I've been on there has been at least one person kicked off for some random reason.  And the others are all about being seen.  Now, the point of BG is to NOT be seen.  You are glorified scenery.  Sure its fun to see yourself on tv if you can, but that's not the point of the work.  So those people who spend all day planning and plotting to get seen on camera...annoy me to no end.

This shoot was actually made up of some fairly fun people who for the most part got it and understood that this is just a job.  Nothing will come of this other than a paycheck and maybe some interesting stories.  There were a few people very new to the world of acting who pumped us all for information.  Its nice to sit at a table and just discuss eachother's adventures so far.  See what works for other people and what you can possibly adopt to help your career.

Of course the question of, "do I put this on my resume?", came up.  The answer to that question is always no. I don't care what the logic behind it is, it's always no.  I've heard people say it shows that they're working on current projects.  I've also heard people say any experience is good experience.  No no no no no.  Do not put BG work on your resume.  Why?  Anyone can do it.  Literally anyone.  Hence why there are always so many crazies.  It is also NOT acting.  Unless you count acting as scenery as acting.  Then sure.  But no, it should never go on your resume.  Not even featured extra.  Ye be warned.  It looks very unprofessional and is not an example of your work.

Now the big question, why even do BG work.  Well I mentioned earlier that we do it to try to get SAG credit. I promise to devote a whole blog post to this.  There is a lot to cover.  But the short of it is that one of the ways to become eligible to join sag is to do BG work and get 3 waivers.  (3 credits) to become SAG.  They don't just hand them out.  They're random. It is a crap shoot.  But you do it anyway in hopes you'll get it.  I have 2 out of the 3 so far. 2 I got from being called in directly for work on 2 films.  Sometimes it works that way, sometimes you get them the day you show up..surprise.  But still a crap shoot.

So that was my weekend.  BG work.  Yeah, i did it.  I'm not proud, but I'm not ashamed.  Its how you get your foot in the door.  It just takes forever and I'm still trying to catch up on sleep.  While Friday was 14.5 hours, Monday was 15.5,  blech!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gotta Get My Head in the Game

Sometime we just have off weeks.  You can't help it.  You plan and plan, and things just simply fall apart.
So here's how it's played out so far.

This weekend I got a call about an audition.  Short little festival of short plays.  I've been submitting like a mad man lately, so it's nice to know people are getting these submissions.

Monday: Sadly, though I had a conflict.  I call the casting director who was very gracious and offered me an alternate time on Wednesday.  Excellent. So 1 confirmed audition and several EPA's all week long.  This could be a good week.

Tuesday: I get a call from the casting people behind 30-Rock.  It's just extra work.  And I loathe extra work.  But my attitude, which is shared by a few people in my inner circle, is that if I like the show....a lot....then I'll do extra work.  Because extra work is just the worst part of film/tv.  That being said, I like 30-Rock, the commute would be nothing since their studio is so accessible, and I really like 30-Rock.  So I agreed to do some extra work this Thursday and possibly Friday.

Wednesday I get a call about a project that evening.  So I have to cancel this audition that was wonderfully rescheduled from Monday.  Remember that one?  Again the casting director is very understanding and says to come in if this other project finishes early.  Unlikely, but you never the end it didn't.  So I miss that auditions.  AND 30-Rock is cancelled.  Apparently an actor from the show itself has a conflict, so we reschedule to next week.  no biggie.  This means that I now have Thursday free, and Friday.  Hello Epas.
Well, that evening I get another call from the casting director of the shorts...She's decided that she really wants to see me and invited me to the call back on Thursday.  Folks, there is something to playing hard to get apparently.  and sleep.

Thursday: Now there is one for sure audition and 2 EPA's I really want to go to.  I've missed the other days these EPA's were being held on.  So I wake up, get all my headshots and resumes together.  I'm about to head out the door when my reliable sources (friends auditioning) that the one at audition space A is full.  And Audition Space B has opennings in the afternoon.  So I take my time.  I head to audition space B, afterwards I'll check out A on the way to my confirmed audition.  So where do I accidently end up before I realize my mistake?  B. The full audition.  Actors covering every inch of open space.  No one is getting seen here.  So now I don't have enough time to go to A, wait the 20-30 minutes, get seen, head to B(and realize I'm not getting seen) and head to my 3rd audition.  But still 1 out of 3 isn't bad.  Especially when I could have been filming all day and not auditioned at all.

Even when I try to plan everything out and make sure I leave enough time to race across town for the next thing, the universe still manages point and laugh at me.

And now bed time.  But I will say, the casting director for the short said she was very happy she decided to call me in anyway.  So hello ego boost.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Last minute audition wacki-ness

The audition!

So i get there...its in the weirdest place. An apartment, I think. You enter through the kitchen and holding is in the same room as they're filming, which I THINK is the bedroom.  So of course we're all as quiet as can be. Did I mention that we're surrounded by gaudy art and sculptures and lady gaga-esque sun glassses? weird.  I feel like we're in some "collectors" trophy room.

Oh and, we're being recorded.  If they use us we get paid..whatever. Really nice crew and director.  It smells scammish, but it's not.

As i'm sitting there watching everyone go before me and of course making mental notes of what not to do, I noticed that everyone who went...everyone save for the cute but not too bright little girl who couldn't read...had an accent.

I spend the next 20 minutes or so listening very carefully and trying to see if they really have accents or if they're putting them on.

I realize...they're doing accents. They don't really have them. Of course in my head i'm thinking..."fuck! I didn't read the notice carefully!"  Something not at all unheard of, but something I try to avoid.  I do my best to read everything carefully...nudity?  No thanks, Crazy accent?  Never mind. Shave 1/2 my head? Mmm, I'll pass.

Now, some of them look the part but are not able to sound like they come from their mother land. Annoying.  What were the accents? ask

Middle eastern? Some third world country? I don't really know. They all sounded like charicatures of immigrants.  Finally I ask, obviously concerned and I'm told..."it doesn't matter, we like your look."  Well, that's a plus at least.  But clearly you wanted people with bizarre fake-o accents.  And then they're in the non-accent group. The NON-ACCENT group!


Looking back at the notice now I see there were "caucasian men" and "ethnic men" whom they were looking for.

again. whew

So I finally go up and read the sides which was through a teleprompter. Now, we had the sides before hand via email. and when we got there we were given the sides. And on top of that..teleprompter!!!  Yet, still people were screwing up. What gives? So I'm slightly nervous. Maybe its an evil teleprompter...nope. They're just not good readers. So, I read. They don't call me one take patrick for nothing.  It's a great thing when as an actor at an audition you can safely proclaim..Nailed it!

...Nailed it!

When I'm done the director looks at me and says, 'would you mind looking over this other side? we're casting another commercial too.' He says, 'just look over this for 5 seconds and jump into it.' I say..'done! let's go.'

Bam! I rocked the first one and was asked to audition for another piece right then and there. How freakin cool!

So there, that was the tail end of a great weekend.  It was a last minute audition I agreed to go to and hopefully they'll use me.  Or call me in for the second commercial.  Either way, it was a great adventure with NY acting craziness.

Friday, October 15, 2010

Friday, October 8, 2010

Downtown Independent Theater Woes

What is going on with auditions and shows!!

There is a scary trend I'm seeing lately in Downtown NY Theater. It's something that has been building over the past few years. The Independent theater scene in New York is a place where we can go for new works. Edgy pieces that no Broadway producer in their right mind would ever pay for. Sometimes they hit, sometimes they miss, but we still go and give these new ideas a chance.

So why why why why why are companies reviving past shows? Broadway does it. I get that. A revival of some past classic. Carrie is coming back soon. And every year there are numerous rumors of other works. Some of these revivals work like La Cage, some like Guys and Dolls just fade away. But thats the place for revivals. Revivals are part of Broadway. A way to showcase past successes or reimagine them for a new audience and generation.

But why I ask to no one in particular, is the hub of creative edgy theater reviving past works? I've seen shows that have been done 3 times prior being brought back again! And it's not that they're 20 years old. No no no, they've been done 3 times within the past 5-10 years. Why?

I can see a show being fun to do, but if it didn't work the second or third time, It's not going to work now. I don't care who you get to do it. Maybe these companies don't realize we're as smart as we are? everything. (google if you're reading this, do i get a kickback for mentioning you?) I search information about companies and shows all the time. I get so annoyed when I see another small independent company is bringing back their big hit from way back when.

Or I walk into an audition the other day and the first thing I'm told is that the show was "amazing 4 years ago when it was done originally, so we figure lets do it again." Which was followed by, "we're going to build off the buzz from the last version 5 years ago."

Really? 5 year old buzz? There is no such thing.

What artistic value does that have? What about new pieces of theater? New stories? New twists? Ok ok, if it's a new twist or an updated version, I see some merit. There are show's I've seen that I would love to be a part of. Hell, I'd love to see them again because I enjoyed them so much. For example, as much fun as Penny Dreadful was, Season 10 would make me want to claw my eyes out I'm sure. (Again, a show that was so entertaining to do. I learned a lot from it as well.) If the creators behind it had a V2.0 they were going to attempt I'd be on board only if it was not a copy of the previous incarnation.

I've been a part of "revivals" where the director read blocking notes off of old faded pads of paper from past productions. Or worse yet, we watched the old version on video and were told "do that." There is no art in copying. Unless you're a monk in the pre-Gutenberg days. I mean that was some impressive stuff there.

This is my rant. If you can give me a viable reason for bringing back old shows from a mediocre company's past please tell me. But to me the beautiful thing about NY theater is that there is so much new and amazingly courageous work being done. I Just get so annoyed combing through auditions and seeing so many old shows coming back. Who is going to see this show again?

Come on Backstage, don't let me down.

And now going over lines for the radio show I've been cast in. It's going to be a good weekend of words words words..At least thats something new and original. And should also be fun!

I hope I don't come off as an elitist about shows. I love performing. I just don't like doing someone else's work.

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Rainy Fall Days but still motivated

It's a chilly rainy fall. And I don't really mind. Something about this weather sits right with me. So i'm just enjoying not sweating during the day, or at night, warm cups of coffee, and I supposed it's the weather...but I'm inspired to write more. So it's back to the tablet I've gone scribbling away and fleshing out ideas that have been rattling around in my head for far too long.

I have started auditioning again, it's amazing how that never ends. Show just ended? who cares...back into the auditioning/submitting game again. Managed to get an audition with the York Shakespeare Co. A company I've been wanting to work with for a while. A few friends have worked with them and based on their experiences and the reputation
of the company? Yeah I want to walk their floorboards. So if you're reading this SD, I'm waiting for a call.

Or email. I'm easy.

So auditioning, tiring, but I get so angry at myself when I don't audition. Along with looking up auditions. I feel like I've wasted a day if I don't do at leas
t one thing in support of my career. Sure time can be taken off, but I just get so annoyed. Like it's another missed opportunity. Crazy, I know. But it helps to keep me motivated.

I also got postcards. Finally. Why I never had these before I do not know. Here is a mock up of what they look like:

Something like that. Reproductions. Didn't do too bad of a job. And I'm going to force myself to stay on top of these and send them out often to everyone I meet with. (WB already sent) Now my only issue...Is with Reproductions themselves. I love them. I do. We all use them. For sake of ease I used the online ordering option. Very easy to use. BUT I never got an email saying they were ready for review at reproductions. So I wait a few days, email them, and I get a snarky email back from their cust. service. Not actually answering my question, they just repeated what I ordered and prefaced it all you can see you ordered.....

Thanks for treating me like an idiot. Whatever. I went in, they were great. I checked the spelling over and over again because my name is easy to mess up. Even for me. But in the end Success! I'm hoping the postcard follow up is something that truly will help. Any little thing we can do, right?

And this week I picked up two more web design clients. Nothing too crazy, just some adjustments to existing websites and some consultations. I can do that. So I'm keeping myself busy, that's for sure. Haha.

And now I'm off to go over lines for a radio show I'm voicing. I'll get some samples as soon as I can. should be interesting.

And thus ends this meandering entry. Hope you made it through to the end. Pretty directionless.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Fringe Encores and other such interesting goings ons

So i have been neglecting this poor little blog this summer, and I am sorry. I feel like I've been super busy but at the same time, I've had some much needed time off before encores starts. And now that we're getting down to the wire, I wish I had more time off. We re-open on Tuesday. Yeah, Tuesday!

I'm excited as hell, don't get me wrong. Another chance to step into the shoes of this character? Any time, anywhere. And I'm pretty sure I've said it before, but I haven't had this much fun on stage in a long time. So many things about this festival have been so overwhelmingly amazing and positive. We've been chosen for Encores...pretty sure that falls under the category of amazing. We've been dubbed "the little show that could" by who, I don't know, but it seems we are that indeed. We've gotten amazing..there that word is again, reviews. Which I am so very thankful for. It's actually quite humbling to hear people say how much they enjoyed your work. I can't explain it but I guess it gives you a feeling of.."well crap, what did I do again? And i better not screw up the next one." It's like the pressure is on. Big time.
I didn't write about this before, but someone from the WB (yes Warner Brothers themselves) saw the show and invited me in to audition for them. Just a general audition, but still, thats a big freakin deal. I mean I know people see these shows, but someone from a studio?

see here: picture of me at the wb (geek moment there)

And now that Encores has started I've tried to see shows I wasn't able to see during the festival proper due to time/laziness/laziness. Our playwright and I were outside a theater yesterday evening waiting to see one of the other shows in Encores and what happened is something I don't think i could ever get used to. We were recognized. For serious. Don't get me wrong, it's cool to have someone come up to you and congratulate you on your work, but to be recognized? Which then caused other people to come up to us and compliment us on our work. Still, sooo weird. And I just felt very awkward. Thankful, but awkward.

And now we're in the final brush up rehearsals in preparation for the extension. I hope this show moves on. I feel it has a life beyond fringe. Of course I feel that way, but I really hope we continue on.

At the same time, actors never rest or sleep. I can feel the end of this ride approaching so I'm trying to line up auditions and gigs for the months to come. I know in October I'll be voicing a character in a radio sci-fi-action/adventure-comedy-drama show..thing. But on top of that I've finally landed an audition with York Shakespeare. A company some friends have worked with and I have been interested in working with for a while. So on Thursday if anyone has a spare second...just send good energy my way.

Somewhere in all this there was a crazy storm that was just a lot of wind and rain for me. I love this kind of weather. I don't know why, but give me a storm any day. Granted I'm happy the tornado(s?) didn't come near me.

Oh yeah, this might sound totally lame on my part, but it's pumpkin weather. Pumpkin flavored everything. And I love it.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

FringeNYC news and new video!

So some good news from the past few weeks. First off, and sadly, the NY Fringe Fest is over. It was a crazy 2 weeks and I thank you all for coming out and seeing the show, supporting, laughing. Drinking afterwards. It was a great time.

But guess what? While the festival is over, it doesn't mean we are. Why is that? you're asking yourself...We've been extended!! Thats right! Getting Even With Shakespeare is officially part of the Fringe Encore season. The encore season? again you ask yourself. Well, it's basically the 'best of the best' of the fringe. Audience favorites, shows that did well ticket wise, and audience buzz-wise (if that's a word).

Now we're all in this for the art and for the chance to tell a story, or entertain, but Encores is a huge deal. Who knows what producer will show up, or what house will say 'we want you.' So it's a bit freakin deal. Of all fringe shows I've done, THIS show always had the potential to go on. So hooray! I mean, a lot of productions go in hoping to get noticed enough to even be considered. And we're in! And in good company too, there are some amazing shows that are a part of this year's encore. Check them out, but see ours first. All the info can be found here.

The press we've gotten, as you've seen since I shared some of it, has been so positive that it hurt to think after the festival is over we wouldn't get to do the show again. Hooray for extensions. And I have to say, this is some of the most fun I've ever had on stage. Very few exceptions. Playing Harry Houdini will always be a hilight, but this farce makes me want to laugh on stage every single night.

Buy tickets!!!! See it before we're off-broadway! Haha.

And in other news. A few months ago I shot a commercial for the website My Music Portfolio, which is a lot like kickstarter, but for bands. It allows people to invest in small bands and eventually someday see a return on their money. And of course help launch a career or two. The commercial is short and sweet but very pretty.

I shall share it with you now:

My Music Porfolio Commercial from Patrick Pizzolorusso on Vimeo.

It's good for a laugh. Really well done though. Something that was shot in 2 days with no rehearsal. We just jumped into it. Who knew I could play the drums. And notice my go-to army jacket. It's everywhere!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reviews abound!

The first few reviews for Getting Even With Shakespeare as part of the 2010 FringeNYC are in and so far so good. I mean how can it be anything but, right? Right?!?!

Anyway. To say I'm in shock is an understatement. The kind words and general praises I've been getting have totally gone to my head. So of course I'm writing this from my trailer as I dictate this to my personal assistant....or not. Actually I'm a little nervous now. We have a wonderful show. It's solid. I'm damn proud of my cast and crew and everyone on board. Like there should be in any cast, there is a lot of love. And there are so many moments of just pure joy onstage. There are moments I wish I were in the audience watching....and then the laughs come and, well, you know. Can't explain that feeling. But I admit I'm a little nervous after such a high.

So we opened this past Saturday to a sold out house at the Player's Theatre. It was an amazing afternoon. We were sold out and sold out to a lovely and gracious audience who was with us the entire journey. Some members of the audience more so than others...I could pick out specific laughs of friends. The reaction from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. We know we have a good show that we're all proud of, but hearing it from others is just...another thing in theater that's difficult to put into words. Not that we don't like the praise. Please...keep it coming.

So tomorrow is show number two. Yes I'm nervous, but I'm excited to get back in the theater. I'm excited to play with my friends again. And I'm excited to see some other Fringe shows that I've been neglecting this week. But before that, here are two reviews that say lovely things about the show and of course, since this blog is about me...they say very nice things about me!

"Macbeth [is] played with spiky aplomb by Patrick Pizzolorusso"
The first one is from and the full review can be read by clicking on the link back there.

and now this:
"And Macbeth, oh Macbeth. It doesn't hurt that Patrick Pizzolorusso has been in numerous Shakespeare productions prior to his performance as Macbeth in Getting Even.., but I'll just say it: he's fantastic. He made Macbeth, a character I had no interest in previous to this, the most interesting and wonderful person up on that stage."
This is from the blog happen to like HERE for the full review

Amazing right? Thank you so much for such wonderful feedback and I look forward to playing some more tomorrow!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Acting adventure Updates! Videos! FringeNYC!

Fringe is slowly creeping up. We're 6 days away! By the time many of you read this we'll be 5 or 4 days away. Ticket sales are going REALLY well. It helps that the first run of this was sold out, extended, and received an amazing review!!

Also think it helps that we had a GREAT preview performance with NYC's summer streets and Fringe's outdoor teasers. We met a few other shows and I was able to perform Macbeth's wonderful speech about playing paintball against girlscouts. Yes. Now you know you want to see this show.

The teaser went really well and the audience reacted wonderfully to the text..and of course my amazing performance.

It's been a long week of straight rehearsals as well as tech all day Sat. But we're in damn good shape. Tomorrow is our tech in the space itself. I'm looking forward to playing IN the Player's Theatre. Its always nice to finally get on the stage you'll be performing on. As opposed to rehearsal spaces.

So non fringe related----

Wednesday of this past week I received a call from an unknown number. So I of course didn't answer it. I make it a habit not to answer numbers I don't know. No message. Oh well. Not important.

Well, Thursday I get a call again and a message. Well done. Apparently I've been 'cast' in something. And I write cast like that because of the details behind it. Some student film. Not that thats a bad thing. But the director/producer/whoever apparently cast his film. Tuesday night the actor dropped out. So he hired another actor who on Wednesday dropped out. So he's now calling me. First of all, I'm aware I'm at least 3rd pick. Why would you tell someone...we had 2 other people lined up but they fell through, so we're going with you instead? Really? Tact my friend, Tact.

No I didn't do his project. Perhaps had he approached me in a better way I would have considered it. But seeing as how I was at least 3rd choice and they were filming that day...I was honestly busy with rehearsal. It's glamorous being an actor, no?

So back to Fringe. Here are some more videos for you all to enjoy. There are a few. I'll post 'em all here. There will be more coming shortly. But enjoy these PSA's and confessionals.

And lastly, a little bit from the protest we staged at the Last performance of Merchant of Venice at the Public theater. Where else would one find a pile of Shakespeare fans?

Man! So much media. Gotta love it. So enjoy the last few weeks worth of video and the last week or so's progress. I'm off to get ready for Tech tomorrow. Some people hate tech. it can be long and boring. And I've been in some HORRID tech rehearsals. But this has been so organized that we're actually getting work done. Very excited to be able to get into the space tomorrow. Bring it, Players!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

To my Fight Captain

"Do not go, Gentle, Into that good night. Rage, rage against the dying of the light."

This is my online journal of my journey as an actor here in NYC. So I think it fitting to use this space as a way to somehow deal with all that has transpired over the past 2 days. It has been a difficult week already and here I sit, mindlessly working, it being only Tuesday.

He was my mentor and my friend.
My friend has left.

I go back and forth between laughing and crying. Which is a step up from yesterday. Yesterday was a day filled with waiting, emails and phone calls flying back and forth between family and reporters. No one ever thinks about what to do if something like this happens. There isn't much to do but sit and wait. Try not to spread things around until we know everything. And we still don't.

We just know that the community, my family, has lost a teacher and a beloved friend.

I find this a fitting place to remember Jeff Norton, and to honor him. After all, he is the one teacher who had the most profound effect on my life as an artist. As the small group of friends who make up my family here started coming together over phones and emails and texts yesterday, along with sympathy for each other and Jeff's family, stories started to emerge.

The man was amazing. There is not a single person who would ever contest that. He had the biggest heart and the most passion I'd ever seen. Acting was something he took very serious. And he imparted that feeling on all of us. He taught me it was a craft that we should feel honored to have had the calling for. You know, like the priesthood, only cooler. (no offense to the cool priests out there) He treated it as a gift to be passed down from one generation to another. He taught me that you also never stop learning. Every moment is an opportunity to learn something else to put into the little bag of tricks we actors wear around our souls. With Jeff, you couldn't help but learn whenever in his presence.

He shared his memories of his training, his growing up, his adventures in NY and what was possibly in store for us. It was an honor just to hear him rant. More so it was an honor to see him on stage. Every time I saw him act I couldn't help but feel sorry for the other actors on stage. They just melted away. He was the most engaging actor I've ever seen on stage. You couldn't help but be drawn to everything he did. Everything he said.

And in real life too. He was a huge personality but still remained quiet and calm. He was always so peaceful and willing to help. I remember midnight sessions in the studio working on choreography, I remember deep conversations as we ripped apart the text of Alice, I remember his stationwagen. I remember his smile and laughter which always came about as he made fun of us silly students. But he genuinely loved us all. I remember Swords. Always a bundle of swords in his hand. I remember him asking us to please not break his house. I remember Jeff Norton.

I remember Jeff Norton. And those memories will patch this immense hole that is in my chest.
It will not fill it, but I will be able to move past this. To move on.

All for one and one for all.

Jeff, I miss you. And if somehow you're there floating about in the ether and you can read this, you are always with me on stage. Your influence has ignited so much in me. I am eternally grateful. Thank you my dear dear friend.

Sleep well. And Dream.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010 Article about Getting Even with Shakespeare

So we were lucky enough to be written up in Broadway World. It's just a quick press article, but all the exposure and advertising we can get is good, right? So here is the ARTICLE. My last name is mispelled the second time it's mentioned when talking about the producing company, but I suppose that's ok.

After reading other news...finally landed an audition this Friday with the American Globe. I am a huge fan of their work and have been trying to work with them for years. Seriously, years. So an initial audition is by all means a good thing. Send good vibes this friday and I'll be sure to let you all know how it goes.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Getting Even with Shakespeare: DATES!!!

The dates are here people. Yeah, thats woohoo-worthy. Fringe has assigned us out times and to be honest, they're damn shiny. Sure we have a friday at noon, but it's fringe. They'll come. All the rest of the dates? Perfect for show goers to come over, watch, then head to the bar to discuss the show over pint after pint after pint (buy the cast some)

So here they are:
Saturday 8/14 @ 2:15 pm
Friday 8/20 @ noon
Tuesday 8/24 @ 6:45 pm
Wednesday 8/25 @ 7:30 pm
Friday 8/27 @ 7:00 pm

We're performing at the Player's Theatre @ 110 MacDougal Street.

And click here for more information. Tickets do not go on sale until July 23, but you can still bookmark this like good little theatergoers and check back often for updates? yeah?

Friday, July 9, 2010

FringeNYC, Feature Films, and Commercials.

So I have met them all. The cast. We have a cast! And what looks like a fun cast at that.
Last night was our photo shoot for promotional pictures for the Fringe show I'm in. We met at St. Mark's Church and clowned around a bit. I love being an actor for so many reasons. One being that you can throw a bunch of strangers together and they immediately start playing and working towards a common goal. Gotta love that.

If the way we got a long last night is any indication on how we'll do, I think this show will be a huge success. Or a lot of fun. Or both. It's Fringe, it's always fun. So the pictures will be up shorty, I hope. I'll share one or two if you're lucky. Last night definitely got me pumped up even more for this summer. I've done some fringe shows in the past and it's about time I'm a part of one that knows what its doing. Everything is so organized and prepared. Fringe is by nature a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants festival, but in order to succeed you have to have some sort of plan. Self Fulfilling Productions has a plan indeed. And you bet your ass I'm happy to be a part of it. So we're off to a good start. Good press already before we've even begun, a few mentions here and there, good lookin' cast, and what else, thats it, right? Oh yeah. A good script.

So who's who? You're all probably curious what the cast looks like. Well here is the official cast list, a few returning, a few new. All very exciting!

Yeah, I know. We're good looking. And also be on the look out for the official Getting even With Shakespeare Army Shirt:

I know it looks huge, but they ran out of my size. And I couldn't leave without one. I mean, free shirt! Click HERE for info about joining the army..
The official dates will be announced, tomorrow I think. So stay tuned

And in other news..

For those of you who are devoted followers and read every word I write as if I were a modern day Hemmingway, remember When In Rome? That film I did about 2 years ago chock full of overnight shoots near city hall? Well I haven't seen it. I kinda refused because it just looked bad when filming. Then the info I received about it confirmed my suspicions. Bad. That being said, several people have come to me now asking if I worked on it. Yes, I did. I was one of the featured dancers. All of us assumed we were left on the floor of the Apparently not. So yes, I am in When in Rome. Something to be proud of? Putting that degree to good use. It's right up there with snapping for AT&T.

So I did break down and watch a clip of it online. And yes, there I am. Dancing away. I will say, my dance partner was the hottest. So take that all you haters.

Oh yeah, I also did a spot for AT&T. Now this was a HUGE stretch of my talent. Watch for it. You'll be in tears by the end.
...they give out awards for commercials? Just saying. Hello nomination.

I realize I haven't written in a while. I've been away. For real. But here ya go, a little catch up. And seeing as it's Friday, I figure it's also a good week in review. Remember I said I was going to do those? Yeah...


Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Art of Auditioning...together.

Today I've decided to talk a little about auditioning. Scarey I know.

Disclaimer: I by no means claim to be an expert as an actor. I think it's dangerous for anyone to make that claim. That being said, this is what I've found works for me.

I know, I set this entry up to sound like my advice on a good audition. Well, sorry to disappoint. I'm not going to do that. I don't know what makes a good audition. I know when I'm on and when I'm off. But everyone is looking for something different. Some people want eye contact, some don't. Some give you sides, some want prepared material. That stuff is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about actually getting there. Managing to drag yourself to the audition in the first place. Sometimes that's harder than actually preparing.

Typical me. If I actually wakeup with plenty of time to get down to Equity, or Ripley-Grier, or where ever the audition is being held (Chelsea Studios I didn't forget about you), I have this battle in my head. To sleep or not to sleep. Seriously that's the freakin question. I love sleep. Who doesn't. And really who wants to wake up and then stand in line for a few hours when there is a perfectly good bed right here!

So depending how that battle goes in my head I might be sleeping till 10 or so. But if i manage to get motived and don't fall back to sleep I'm there and excited and on line...waiting..waiting. but i'm there damnit. The hardest thing is making yourself get up and head to the centers. Here is where my advice comes and what I have found that works. You all probably know this and will say, "Patrick, what the hell, I knew that." Much like my reaction after reading Respect for Acting. (I'm pretty sure I threw that book across the room for insulting me) So here it is..

The buddy system!

Its really the best motivation. I'll let myself down. Repeatedly. But I feel horrible If I let someone else down. Which is why, Sarah, I've offered my buddy services to you. It's so much easier to roll over and go back to bed, or skip an audition altogether when you just have to talk yourself out of it. But when someone is planning on meeting you It's a completely different story. Going to the audition is obviously the most important part. You can have a good or bad audition, but without even showing up you can't have either. So obviously, important.

Grab a buddy. You will force each other to get out there and stand in that ever-so-exciting line. (Which looks like a very well dressed version of depression era workers) And really, the only time anyone should be going to Times Square is in the freakishly early hours when no one is there. And by no one, I mean tourists. It's "quiet" and calmish and easy to cross the street. Its the only time I like Times Square the most. Which is still not at all.

So I say this to any and all people who are reading this. If you got this far and didn't look at it and go "damnit wrong site, back, back, back!" drop me a line, comment, anything. I'm in the market for more audition buddies.

Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trailers and Auditions and Shakespeare Bare..Oh my!

This week has been jam packed with action. That's right. Action. There are so many shows auditioning right now with Fringe, summer Shakespeare Festivals and pieces for this fall, it's a busy time. Not to mention commercials and student films. Celluloid aside, It's been a good week of auditions and such for a stage actor. It started, well, a week ago. Sunday to Sunday.

Maybe I should think about doing a weekly re-cap as a blog entry. Cause I know you're all hungry for more words strung together by me. I'll think about it.

Anyway. Last Sunday I started out by filming my section for the trailer for Getting Even with Shakespeare. Which is here if you'd like to take a gander. And then spread it among all your friends. Enjoy!!!!

Nice, no? It was really easy and fast right in my Neighborhood. Hopefully the outtakes will be up soon. I quite enjoy the side story, 'Macbeth buys blueberries.'

After that it was off downtown for two auditions. Both of which I was pretty sure I blew. As in, when I came in and said hello I could tell they had no intention of calling me back. Well apparently I sucked way less than I thought I did. One called me in to read a monologue from the piece as well as read a scene with another actor auditioning. To the best of my knowledge not everyone was asked to read scenes. Now Fringe will conflict with the rehearsals of this piece. Even though we don't know the dates yet, I know we're going to conflict which I'm pretty sure puts me at the bottom of that headshot pile, but who cares. They called me back!

Aside from callbacks, the initial auditions for Getting Even with Shakespeare were this past weekend. I am so curious to see how it goes and who will be joining this cast. That's right. Anyone who has found this blog looking to see a cast list, I have no say in the casting. But you're welcome to send gifts anyway.

Moving on...This evening I spent downtown at Fontana's Bar with the wonderful family of actors all somehow connected to BareShakespeare for another one of their rumbles. Last one was Hamlet, this one Macbeth! Just in time for the summer...or something like that. It's a great opportunity to just play. Take it seriously, or not. Try a character. Whatever, just play and have fun. And drink a beer or two. The plays get read and heard and on their feet, and you get to play multiple characters. So far they have both been big successes and a lot of fun. As we get closer to the next I'll be sure to advertise more. I think I dropped the ball this last time. Oops.

And now tomorrow I'm going to be working on a reading of a friend's play. A play where there are two characters written with me in mind. I love my family. I really do. My extended family. So talented and just awe inspiring.

And as a side note, I saw a production of Taming of the Shrew this weekend which...was barely funny. This is the second piece I've seen with this company and I think they're goal is to pull the funny from Shakespeare. I just don't get it. There were a few saving graces, but on a whole, poor concept. I'm not going to mention names or details because I'm not a reviewer. Just an actor with observations.

And thus ends the re-cap. Tomorrow we read and patiently await casting decisions.

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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Funday auditions

So today was nice action packed day of being a working actor. Or being an actor in NY at least. First up was filming my section of the soon-to-be vrial sensation, Getting Even With Shakespeare trailer. That's right kids, a trailer for theater. If the big guys can do it, why can't we, eh? And in the spirit of the show it's smart, funny, and plays with the beloved characters of the cannon. Should be a rollicking good 2 to 3 minutes. My stuff was easy and took at most 20 minutes to film and then it was off to prepare for not one but two auditions this afternoon/evening.

Both pieces are new works being performed this fall and were asking for something dramatic and a little on the darker side. So ya both got the same monologue. Lucky you. In hindsight I think it's time to work on new contemporary monologues, but I'm still happy with mine. I am always confident that no one else ever does mine. Yeah, they're that obscure.

So two auditions. One in the village and the other in times square area. I was a little nervous being late for theatter one but thanks..I think to the rain. I really think the rain kinda put me In a little funk and I'm pretty sure I won't be being called back.

For either of them.

The second one I was kinda put off because the place was double booked so we were all sitting in a hallway auditioning. Lovely. Shouldn't let me effect me but it did.

Also thinking that fringe might conflict with both rehearsal schedules, but it's still better to audition than not. Keeps you in practice. On your toes.

And now I'm avoiding the tony's. Just not a fan of awards shows. Until I get one I'm sure.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Some more Fringe Press

I'm more and more impressed everyday that we keep getting little mentions. Is it the name? Getting Even with Shakespeare? I mean it's catchy. Is it the writer? Probably not. Surely it must be the talent? Could it be that the first run was sold out and extended 3 times? Whatever it is...we're getting noticed as these publications flip through the 200 or so shows participating in Fringe this year. So whatever the reasons...thank you!

So here are two new links. First up is a quick little article in BackStage mentioning a few shows. Us included: BackStage Article. They only mention a few shows and somehow we got picked? nice.

And the second one is from playbill. Also just basically mentioning some trends in this years fringe, Shakespeare among them. So here is the playbill article.

So I guess no pressure, right? I hope that something comes of all this. It's a great show. A great group of people. And soo much fun. I could easily see this being my job every day..(hint hint all you broadway producers reading my blog)

It's sadly not often that you're truly proud of all the work you do in a show. That's the sad truth of independent downtown theater. It's mostly being proud of moments. or being proud you survived. But this is very different. It's a piece I'm proud to be in and work on. And I feel probably the best fringe show I've done to date. Come on Shakespeare!

Aside from all this, I have a ton of little projects up in the air. 25 Cents for Love has a final edit and a composer! So details to come soon. There is a teaser trailer somewhere on this blog. I think on the right hand side. Scroll down. I just changed the lay out and this is new to me.