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Monday, November 22, 2010

Globe, American style!

Shakespeare has been good to me.  I'm sure, like a lot of other actors out there, there is a debt of gratitude to the bard for all he left us.  My career is quickly being shaped as a Shakespearean actor.  I don't mind.  It worked for Captain Picard.  Might as well ride his coat tails, so-to-speak.  I also seek out auditions for Shakespeare.  Also not a bad thing.  Go with that you know, right?  It's worked so far.

Granted I've messed up my fair share of auditions.  I recently auditioned for the Adirondack's Shakes Fest. Yup, blew that one.  Score for me.  I have no idea why either.  I just got up, started talking and realized, woa, that horrible stench is me.  Yup, stinking up the room alright.  Follow THAT all you other auditioners. Well, I know one place that will not be hiring me this summer.  Oh well.  It happens.  An off day.

I've just been feeling a little restless though.  I have a few tiny projects here and there, but nothing of any real merit on the horizon.  I guess its the nomad or gypsy or mummer that's inside all of us performers.  Its hard to stop and sit still for too long.  And after too long you start to go to this scarey place in your head.  Keep Out damnit!

So anyway, I've been tiptoeing near that door.  Fringe left me with such a high and recording the voice for a radio show just added to it that now i feel...AHHHHHH Nothing is going on and I'm bombing auditions!  Enter, American Globe.    I auditioned for them in the spring and then played the waiting game all summer/fall. I knew this of course.  They told me they'd maybe be in touch for callbacks in the fall.  So I wait, patiently.

and wait..
and wait...and Ring!  Called in for a call back.  They're casting their school tour of Macbeth and I was called in to read for the Porter, a witch and Rosse.  I'm all prepared like a good little Shakespearean actor, I get there early, greeted with such warmth..(they're really good people)  So I read and I'm asked to read some more, Macbeth even!  It's a good day.  Call back goes better than can be expected and I'm kinda riding a little high.  I'm invited to the fight call the following weekend.  I feel like as long as they can see that i can swing a sword and pick up choreography, I'm in.  (yeah, I was pretty self confident.  Sometimes you need that) The only issues, we were told we'd be off for a week in April, a week I've already made travel plans for.    And apparently there is 1 performance that week.

Well I get to the fight call, no one said not to come, so I'm thinking they moved that day or something miraculous has happened.  In fact they emailed me more sides to read earlier that day prior to the group call.  Fight call happens.  Great stuff.  I'm very excited, good work out and they all looked pleased at not only my work, but the work of all the combatants.  They keep us all a little after just to give us some info about the tour and guess what?  That one conflict has been rescheduled.  Now of course i'm thinking...they want me.  But I'm sure its been moved so the whole cast, whomever it may be, gets a week off.  but still....Happy dance.

So I go on my merry way for the day. About 2 hours later my phone rings and it's the Globe, I'm in!  I was on the subway laughing to myself.  A happy weekend indeed.  So now I know I have a job coming up in the new year.  And with a company that I've been wanting to work with for far too long. So hooray and thank you Will for yet another role.  Oh, who have I been cast as? One of the murderers, Duncan, and Macduff.  Great fights abound!  I am definitely looking forward to this.