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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Measure for Measure for Measure..

Thanks to the advice from many friends all over (including Sarah) I went ahead and auditioned yesterday. I wasn't sure if I should do it seeing as it conflicts with something else that is in the may/may not happen pile. But in the end it's always good to audition. It keeps your options open and it's great practice.

So the audition was for another production of Measure for Measure. This time up in Maine. And at a really nice space, paid. Who could ask for more? They are looking to stage it with an air of American Gothic, Tennessee Williams. I had just seen the Glass Menagerie and so the cadence was in my head. And of course I can't help but picture Kevin Spacey from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

So I go in and do a little puck. There is nothing like hearing "My mistress with a monster is in love" in that condescending southern accented attitude. Laughs right off the bat. I didn't get far till the director asked me to stop with plenty of compliments and gave me adjustments.

Did that adjustment just comes another. Perfect. Then the singing. We were asked to sing 16 bars of anything. I chose "Bring me Sunshine" By Willy Nelson. Yup...I listen to him. Then they asked for something more folky...Alice's restaurant. Which by the end the director had chimed in and finished off the chorus.

All in all it was a great audition! If i get it, great. If not oh well. It's one of those that you walk away knowing that you nailed it and if you don't get it, who cares. Just means I didn't fit the look. But damn I did good.

Now of course if IF i were to get cast there would be some decision making going on real fast. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

In other news, one of my auctions on ebay sold. Yay supplemental income.

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Audition Thoughts, Dilema

So I have an audition tomorrow. Which is great. Yeah yeah, it's just an open call, but still. It's an audition. Should be fun. For a production of Measure for Measure up in Maine. Apparently thats the show of 2010. I just finished a small workshop production and a few dear friends of mine just ended a full fledged production. On top of the fact and I'm seeing little notices here and there.

I supposed it makes sense. It's got a lot of Shakespeare's top comedy and it's very relevant to today. Just interesting that one of his "lesser" plays is popping up all over lately.

So here is my Dilema. The audition tomorrow looks like a fun and new way of looking at the piece. Pays...woohoo. But it would conflict with another piece i have coming up that is near and dear to me. The piece coming up is not a definite. (But i don't see it not happening)

I just don't know if I should audition in the first place. Both are gambles of course. Now do I audition just to keep my skills sharp? See what happens? Make a decision later? Or do I not and bank on this other piece happening.

Anyone else ever encounter this? I'm sure there are a lot of stories like this. I left a production of Shrew 1/2 way because of a better gig. It was all arranged before hand and we all knew I couldn't do the whole run so we found a replacement. But still. ARG!

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reshoots..rescores! (or re-touches)

So I spent part of today, scratch that. The majority of today was spent doing reshoots for 'A Slice of Life.' The indy short I filmed this past October. It was actually nice to see everyone again and to step back into this character's shoes. He's a good sweet guy who is just in love. That's all. in love. And he's doing everything out of love. It's a very cute little short.

I did get to see a version of the film today for the first time. We are our own worst (best) judges. I feel like I'm doing a horrible DeNiro impression half the time. But some of the comic moments hit really well and I must say, I laughed a lot. It's a big deal if an actor can laugh at himself...when he's supposed to.

So hopefully soon I'll get a copy. If not of the finished version with all the new fancy cuts, but at least of whats been edited together so far.

And moving on, recently, much to the urging of my manager, friends, recent cast members, I got headshots taken with a beard:

From patrick faves
Mr. Kent Meister was kind enough to shoot around the Park Slope area and I am very pleased with the results. I'm still going through them and trying to figure out which one is my favorite. if you want to look through them all fill free to click on the link under the pic.

There are about 24 that i've narrowed it down to. The beard sure does something different to my face. I hate having it, but I like how I look with it. It may get me more varied work. Maybe I can play some evil villain. Or a lumberjack. Or Ryan's cousin on the Office.
Speaking of...anyone write for the Office? Put a word in. K. Thanks.

So the past few weeks have kept me busy with preparing for both shoots, getting ready for the bare Shakespeare benefit, and at the end of April some filming up in Vermont? New Hampshire? one of them. I think it's Vermont.

I'm liking all these film opportunities lately. Maybe I'll have a film career yet.

Oh please...let me know!

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hamlet Royal Rumble Fundraiser

This coming March 14...yes my Birthday for all of you wanting to send presents (checks please)...I'm going to performing in a fundraiser for the theatre company

The fundraiser is at Fontana's down on Eldridge street. We're doing all of Hamlet with some choice cuts of course. I get to play Laertes to Lila Smith's Polonius in one scene and a player in the next. The idea is for every scene to have different actors playing different parts. Should be more fun the more you drink.

So lets see, the show opens at 6 and there is a $10 cover to's a fundraiser, remember? But there is no drink minimum. Come for the bard. Stay for a drink...if you wish. And support a great little company that worries more about the words that Shakespeare wrote as opposed to what who is wearing and how are we going to get you to exit with a bear.

Lately i'm going from one classic to the next. I've gone from the Cherry Orchard (ahem) to Getting Even With Shakespeare (also..not quite a classic..but I'll let it slide) then to Measure for Measure with the Oxfordians, and now Hamlet! It's been a good start to 2010 so far...
..Despite the snow.

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Short films and Managers

So the short film that I wrote and produced (barely) is taking longer to get together than I thought. It is no one's fault. And I'm not upset. So many talented people are working on this piece in one way or another. It's just slow going with the editing process because there is so much to do and take into consideration.

I have said it before and I'll say it again, I am so proud of how this is turning out. As we speak I'm uploading a version in order for my director and AD to look at and give ideas. I think I'm most excited about how this is such a collaborative effort by all.

In other news, I happily sent off an updated resume to my manager. It's nice to do it once in a while to say.."hey, I'm working and taking classes. Look at me." So my most recent performance information is on there. I just finished a small workshop/production of Measure for Measure. It was...a workshop. It was loose and casual and the director gave us enough freedom to play. Measure for Measure of course being one of the problem plays, I think a lot of the comedy was lost by lack of preparation and some not knowing fully what they were saying. But again. It was a workshop and in the end we told the story.

It was part of a series of workshop/classes with the Oxford Shakespeare Co. NYC led by Rono Song Destro. Personally? I think I thrive in the kind of Shakespeare boot camp world. We have a month, 8 rehersals, go! I met some great and talented people and I got to see how Mr. Destro works.

He is the head of the company, Boar, that I auditioned for, was cast in, and had to turn down this past fall because of too much work. Too much work! What a great thing to type. His goal is to build a Globe replica in downtown NYC. And hell yes I think we need this. I'm all for this!

So it was a good way to work on Shakes., and get to know the man behind the company. Granted he's an Oxfordian...but I'll let that slide.