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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Short films and Managers

So the short film that I wrote and produced (barely) is taking longer to get together than I thought. It is no one's fault. And I'm not upset. So many talented people are working on this piece in one way or another. It's just slow going with the editing process because there is so much to do and take into consideration.

I have said it before and I'll say it again, I am so proud of how this is turning out. As we speak I'm uploading a version in order for my director and AD to look at and give ideas. I think I'm most excited about how this is such a collaborative effort by all.

In other news, I happily sent off an updated resume to my manager. It's nice to do it once in a while to say.."hey, I'm working and taking classes. Look at me." So my most recent performance information is on there. I just finished a small workshop/production of Measure for Measure. It was...a workshop. It was loose and casual and the director gave us enough freedom to play. Measure for Measure of course being one of the problem plays, I think a lot of the comedy was lost by lack of preparation and some not knowing fully what they were saying. But again. It was a workshop and in the end we told the story.

It was part of a series of workshop/classes with the Oxford Shakespeare Co. NYC led by Rono Song Destro. Personally? I think I thrive in the kind of Shakespeare boot camp world. We have a month, 8 rehersals, go! I met some great and talented people and I got to see how Mr. Destro works.

He is the head of the company, Boar, that I auditioned for, was cast in, and had to turn down this past fall because of too much work. Too much work! What a great thing to type. His goal is to build a Globe replica in downtown NYC. And hell yes I think we need this. I'm all for this!

So it was a good way to work on Shakes., and get to know the man behind the company. Granted he's an Oxfordian...but I'll let that slide.