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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Measure for Measure for Measure..

Thanks to the advice from many friends all over (including Sarah) I went ahead and auditioned yesterday. I wasn't sure if I should do it seeing as it conflicts with something else that is in the may/may not happen pile. But in the end it's always good to audition. It keeps your options open and it's great practice.

So the audition was for another production of Measure for Measure. This time up in Maine. And at a really nice space, paid. Who could ask for more? They are looking to stage it with an air of American Gothic, Tennessee Williams. I had just seen the Glass Menagerie and so the cadence was in my head. And of course I can't help but picture Kevin Spacey from Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.

So I go in and do a little puck. There is nothing like hearing "My mistress with a monster is in love" in that condescending southern accented attitude. Laughs right off the bat. I didn't get far till the director asked me to stop with plenty of compliments and gave me adjustments.

Did that adjustment just comes another. Perfect. Then the singing. We were asked to sing 16 bars of anything. I chose "Bring me Sunshine" By Willy Nelson. Yup...I listen to him. Then they asked for something more folky...Alice's restaurant. Which by the end the director had chimed in and finished off the chorus.

All in all it was a great audition! If i get it, great. If not oh well. It's one of those that you walk away knowing that you nailed it and if you don't get it, who cares. Just means I didn't fit the look. But damn I did good.

Now of course if IF i were to get cast there would be some decision making going on real fast. But we'll cross that bridge when we get there.

In other news, one of my auctions on ebay sold. Yay supplemental income.