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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hamlet Royal Rumble Fundraiser

This coming March 14...yes my Birthday for all of you wanting to send presents (checks please)...I'm going to performing in a fundraiser for the theatre company

The fundraiser is at Fontana's down on Eldridge street. We're doing all of Hamlet with some choice cuts of course. I get to play Laertes to Lila Smith's Polonius in one scene and a player in the next. The idea is for every scene to have different actors playing different parts. Should be more fun the more you drink.

So lets see, the show opens at 6 and there is a $10 cover to's a fundraiser, remember? But there is no drink minimum. Come for the bard. Stay for a drink...if you wish. And support a great little company that worries more about the words that Shakespeare wrote as opposed to what who is wearing and how are we going to get you to exit with a bear.

Lately i'm going from one classic to the next. I've gone from the Cherry Orchard (ahem) to Getting Even With Shakespeare (also..not quite a classic..but I'll let it slide) then to Measure for Measure with the Oxfordians, and now Hamlet! It's been a good start to 2010 so far...
..Despite the snow.