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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Headshots and Pictures and Make me look good please!

It's time for new headshots.  They look like me and I still get a lot of compliments on them from industry, but I need some that are more 3/4.  For those of you outside the loop, 3/4 means something close to a waist and up shot.  Just showing more of you as a person and not just your smiling mug.

So whenever that time comes around for new headshots* I always go back to the people I've worked with before. Because I liked working with them and the shots look good. Hell, they look like me. And that's what you want.  So I reached out to past photographers and set up a few appointments.  The reason for this blog though is a bit of a rant and a warning to people looking for shots.

Make sure your photographer will give you ALL the shots taken during the shoot.  ALL of them.  One of my former photographers now works with a company called Colorworks.  Well, not really "works" with them, but more like collaborates with them. He takes the shots, sends them to Colorworks who will then retouch the ones you like for a modest $50!!!!! fee and then bam yours.  And the other ones you took? The un-retouched ones?  You can have those too for yet another fee.  Clearly he's getting a kickback from this place for sending his clients there. But this is just bad business karma. No no no. I pay you to take my picture. You take my picture and give me a disc, a link, anything with ALL my shots on it. So I can have them for forever.  Why?

It's important to look at good and bad shots always.  You learn what to do and what not to do. And some of those bad ones could very well fit a potential character you might play. Or who knows, you paid for them, they are yours.  So everyone out there.  Make sure they will give you all your shots.

Thankfully I know several talented photographers and am working with them.  One of whom was my very first photographer and the one I continue to go back to.  We took them on the hottest day of the the time...7/21 around Central Park, but I'm hoping they're not completely saturated with sweat and we got some good shots.  I'm also setting up another session with a photographer who did some more character type shots.  For now we just cross our fingers and hope for the best.  Out of all the ones I took I'm sure there are a lot of usable ones.  I'm hopeful.  And both amazing people that I'll happily work with on a regular basis.

I just cannot stress this enough. Do not settle for anything less than what you want.  Too many people try to take advantage of actors. It's sad, but it's always been that way.  I for one am tired of people thinking actors will do anything/pay anything for things we need.  Which is why I started designing websites cheaply for actors. And why I will not give someone my money for doing 1/2 a giving me my disc full of images from our shoot.

What a great welcome back to my blog after a slight hiatus because of just too much stuff going on!

*when will spell check finally accept "headshot" as a word?