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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Photo A Day 120 - 200

Sometimes the simplest solutions elude us.  So thank you Lira for suggesting I start to compile these into one longer post.  I think I liked the idea of multiple posts for some reason. But I'm pretty sure that clogs up people's it does mine.  So let's try a few of these in one post...woohoo!

120. The New Amsterdam room underneath the New Amsterdam theater.  It's amazing down there.  People think Since Disney is there now that all the gilt is from them.  No, this is all restored from the original theater built in 1903!

121. R2-D2. The popcorn holder.  Obviously I have a slight affinity for this tough little droid. Or people just keep buying me random R2 things.  My parents went down to Disney for their opening of the new Star Tours and other StarWars fun time things and I guess that weekend you could buy an R2 popcorn...holder?  So this little guy showed up on my doorstep.

122. Actor's Equity Association Day!!!  Been a long time coming. And you know when you feel like you're ready for something? yeah. That's me. now. I'm sure I'll devote a whole post to this soon. And the other unions. But after discussing with my wonderful Manager Jenn how this is a much anticipated goal...woohoo! I marched down to AEA and threw down some cash.  Just like that too.

123. So this is a bit random. Love me some cappuccino and I just...finally...polished my silver mug.  2 great tastes. coffee in a metal tankard = burnt hand.

124. This is just ridiculous. Clean...washed...crumpled...Disney fast passes.

125. Headed to Philly for the weekend. This is the view from the Union League where we were staying, of City Hall. 

126.  My cousin's wedding in Philly!  Really, all that matters to me is the deserts...thank you thank you.  I think the whole day can be summed up in desserts.

127.  After a late night of drinking what better way to wake up at 7 a.m. than to the Broad Street Run right out front of the League.

128.Such a gloomy day backgrounding the steeple of this church taken from under the BQE near the Brick in Brooklyn

129. This awesomely 80's dance club on 39th street. Just randomly walking down the street literally humming video killed the radio star and bam..Culture Club.

130. Just an amazing view of a section of my city that you can see thanks to construction and a parking lot. (Of which there aren't many) This is a view of Midtown West from 37th & 9th.

131. Going through and making sure I didn't make any mistakes...I missed a day. So here are some empty Champagne glasses from Brunch!

132. Alice and the rest of the Capulet women mid-scene.

133. Need I say more...

134. A fire truck outside in it's makeshift garage. I can only assume they're doing work on the truck or the fire house. Either way...I've never seen a portable garage before.

135. I've walked past this tree hundreds of times. It's along the East river. And yet tonight was the first time I noticed the heart tacked to it, the other heart carved into it, and the stars all over it.

Heart Tree

136. This was obviously more impressive in person. But such a clear night and the lights of the city were playing on the water.

137. Swords. And poles. But mainly swords.

138. Whatever it takes to block out the light. Some of these performance spaces are old...and ghetto

139. This.. I mean. Who makes this. Why? And I still don't know where it fell from.

140. Not quite as clear as it looked on my phone. Yes phone. But the Empire State Building is Green!

141. Near the street where I live. Good lighting designer...

142.   There is nothing like the city in a rainstorm. Or right after one. Washington Sq, Park and the Arch by the same name.

143. Astoria Park during sunset. Everything about this just looked and felt so ethereal.

144. Just another nice clear shot of the city from Queensboro plaza

145. A view of part of the city at sunset from across the East River in Astoria.

146. Time's Square shrouded in mist from the rain! 

147. Here we go from JFK off to a quick little vacation to somewhere a tab beachier than NYC.

148. The Citrus Tower.  It will forever be a symbol to me to my fallen mentor. The storied he used to tell about climbing it. And the fact that you can see it from pretty far away pointing you to Sulfer Springs. We miss you Jeff.

149. I don't think this needs any description. Just imaging that hissing sound when you pop the top off.

150. And like that I'm back.  I told you it was quick!

151. This I just don't get. It was nestled in the midst of my sushi. A little round glowing ball that slowly changed colors. Club Sushi?

152.  I just love my city. Sometimes I'm just in awe of the buildings and everything around me.

153. Nothing like a few days sight seeing in Central Park. Belvedere Castle!

154.  Romeo and Juliet Statue outside the Delacorte.

155.  Big fan of the Plaza. Why? It's symbol is my initials...

156. The inside of the NY Public Library. I have no idea what took me so long to get my Library card. But now I have yet another card to carry around with me.

157.  So i'm a geek.  I admit it. And a total Whovian.  As evidenced by my doodle during a particularly pointless seminar...

158. Just a closer shot of the top of the old stage shoe shop. You can see the statues inset in the wall of famous actors.  Above it, is the inscription about beauty in footwear.

159.  Ah hello sun through my subway car window...

160. I'm not excited really about the new Sipder-Man. I don't see the point. can't argue that he's not NYC's greatest superhero from the comics.

161. SQUIRREL!...that is all

162.Some days it's just so freakin' clear out and you can honestly see for miles.  Other days there is a haze. This is not one of those days...

163.  Progress on my Tardis model. And for the life of me I can't remember what I was watching...

164. I love getting up out of the subway and seeing St. Pauls Chapel on my way to rehearsal...

165. Working down at the South Street Seaport, I'm surrounded by old buildings. Some being renovated, some sadly being torn down. But there is so much history here. I don't even know what this building is, but the detail on top is amazing.

166.  We're rehearsing and talking about the Brooklyn Bridge. So we all look over at it and..There are people walking all along the top of the towers and the cables.  How do you get that job??

167. Not our boat. But an impressive vessel just docked there. It's always there. I think it's a museum boat. I could have also made that up and am too lazy to ask.

168.  Here is a shot from the deck of our boat looking up into the rigging of the masts.  I don't really get sea-sick. But when I look up there, I kinda lose it a little.

169. Just adventuring around Central Park. Here is the great lawn looking...South?  I don't remember.  It was HOT!

170.  Some days this is all that can sum it up...

171.  Like I said...Geek. Anyone ever notice that the doors on the front of Yankee stores are the same look and color as the doors of the Tardis? No? Just me?

172. Garbage on the track. It's not pretty people. But then at the same time....This was for my L.A. friend Mary.

173.  Getting Headshots taken in the Park on the hottest day of the year to date.  This is a good idea, right? Just had to stop at the Dakota and say hi to John before I met my photographer though.

174. OK this wont look like much to anyone. But this is a piece from an old roomate's and still close friend's desk from college.  I don't recall how I ended up with just part of the desk. He went to London to study for a while, I stayed back, new friends moved in, we all moved on. Some how this top piece was the perfect place for me to keep headshots and discs and mailing supplies and my router for so long. but it just doesn't fit anymore. It served its purpose with honor and sadly I had to let it go. I think my last piece of college furniture. It was a good desk, Matt.  A good desk.

175.  I'm sure I've got pictures of Shakes. in here already. But it's hard not to walk by and not say thank you for all he's done for me. you know?

176.  Wafels & Dinges. This truck showed up in the winter. Ice cream and toppings on a Belgium waffle? IN the winter? Hell yeah! But funny thing, I don't crave it in this heat like I did in the winter.  But don't get me wrong..I still crave it.

177. FIREWORKS! Every year, a week or so before the 4th of July, the city does a small display for Astoria. And I guess anyone else in the north part of Manhattan. We like to claim it's strictly for us. There is a big party in the park, musical acts, the works.  And then fire in the sky!

178.  RAIN! Something we need more of this summer.

179.  More Tardis Updates!!!!

180. And here is something you don't see everyday...a truck driving along the river. Almost..

181.  This is the L.L.Bean-Mobile.  I didn't know there was such a thing. This almost ran me over on the way to rehearsal. How do you miss a giant driving shoe?

182.  I'm making a lot more progress so that's why I'm sharing.  But here is the top dome light of the mini-tardis.

183.  We might be complaining about the heat. And it has been pretty damn disgusting out there.  So on the beautiful clear days, I can't help but rejoice a bit.  Not too much, just a bit.

184.  MORE ALCOHOL!  There is nothing like a cold beer in a frosty was me.  it's hot out!

185.  The main kiosk for my home for the past few weeks and remaining month or so...The Clipper City!

186.  Happy 4th Of July.  I zoomed in. We were across the water. But all the building are decked out in their finest patriotic colors...

187.  Missed this one, but that's ok. This is a picture of where we decided to hang a painting a dear friend of mine did. This is her interpretation of the Beatle's 'Across the Universe.' And if you're Reading, D, everyone who sees it get's it.

188.  Some of my fellow Pirates and Time travellars (I told you we not only sail on the tides, but we travel through time, right?).

189.Beautiful downtown Manhattan around sunset/dusk-ish from the East River.

190.  So precariously balanced together. Test fitting pieces.

191.  On the stern of the boat, looking towards the bow at the Brooklyn Bridge.  Look at me using my nautical terms. You see that soup called the sky? Yeah. We perform in this.

192.  NY just has everything. Like...a trapeze, course? rig? Right in lower Manhattan.  Someday I'll take a class or two.

193.  I know you've all been curious. Tonight was our first preview. So here is a taste of me, the Pirate!

194.  This might be one of the greatest Lego sets ever. I just wish Legos weren't stupidly expensive. Were they this expensive when we were kids? Huh?

195.  Possibly the greatest and most disturbing bar in Brooklyn. Red Hook Bait & Tackle.

196.  FIRE! That's right folks. Fire on Pier 17. Literally at the bow of our boat. We came close to abandoning ship I think. If not for the bravery of captain and crew.

197. Victorian Gardens! This great little "amusement" park for kids in Central Park. It covers up Wohlman Rink during the summer. Sadly you have to have a kid to get in and play. Oh well. I can just look on in wonder...

198. There be Light!

199. I honestly had nothing from this day, so here is the Lovely Alice posing with her new friend at the Red Hook Bait & Tackle.

200. It's about to break, it's getting darker and darker. We're supposed to have a show tonight, but if it comes down as heavy as it looks it will, and last for as long as they say it will...I don't think we're going anywhere. Yarr....