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Saturday, October 25, 2008

A Shrewish Review as Promised

So here is the long awaited review for Taming of the Shrew.  Apparently we were a hit!  I wish I could have been there for the entire run.  But alas, the draw of points pulled me to SaraSLOWta, Florida. ya go... review

Martin Denton · September 16, 2008

The Taming of the Shrew is a play that often makes me uneasy; the reason why is contained in its title, which promises us a "shrew" who needs to be "tamed," which should give every 21st century American some pause. Petruchio, the tamer, says of his fiancee Katherine, "She is my goods, my chattels" and the modus operandi he uses to bend her to his will resembles nothing so much as breaking a wild horse.

But, as one expects from Shakespeare, there is much in Shrew that is poetic and/or wise, and the play is a ribald, raucous good time, at least when done without adornment and apology, which is exactly how director Joe Leo is serving it up in his new production of it for Misfit Toys Repertory Company. Leo does three things here that strike me as very smart: He keeps the play in its time and place. He retains the original play-within-a-play structure, which posits the story of Petruchio and Kate as a bawdy entertainment devised by some passing players, put on as a practical joke for an alcoholic ne'er-do-well called Christopher Sly (and Leo keeps Sly with us until the end of the play, which is seldom done, giving the last word to Sly himself, who exits determined to "tame" his own wife as he has learnt from the comedy he just saw; read more about Leo's dramaturgy here).

Probably most important, he gives us a Petruchio and Kate who come to both like and love one another, notwithstanding the one's opportunism and greed and the other's unbridled misanthropy. In Nathaniel Kressen and Fabiola Reis, the production has a lively, likable, sexy pair of lovers for us to root for, and we observe the precise moment when the two realize that they've fallen for each other.

(It occurs to me that you may need a synopsis of the play; here's one from SparkNotes.)

The entire production plays out on a mostly bare stage whose only dressing is a bench plus some occasional props. Period and status/character are established through the use of Helen Fey's excellent and exquisite costumes, which sometimes whimsically remind us of the commedia dell'arte style associated with the musicalized Shrew, Kiss Me, Kate, but mostly feel rooted firmly in the Elizabethan Era.

Kressen and Reis are among the strongest members of this uneven cast, and so Petruchio and Kate's story predominates; Reis may in fact be the best Kate I've ever seen, with an underlying intelligence and humor that makes her eminently sympathetic. Other standouts in the company include Sean Demers as Sly, Warren Katz as Gremio (elderly suitor to Kate's sister Bianca), and Bryan Webster as Kate and Bianca's father Baptista. Leo himself is delightful in the cameo role of Vincentio, and his scene with Kressen and Reis (where Petruchio devilishly commands Kate to treat the old man Vincentio as if he were a fair maiden) is one of the highlights of the show.

Leo's staging is fast and funny, never missing an opportunity for a gag or some shtick. Shakespeare's puns are punched up for comic effect, and antic scenes like the welcoming "dinner party" for Kate at Petruchio's house are amped up to the level of circus (literally: food is juggled, plates are spun, and servants clownishly collide).All serves to remind us that Shrew, upsetting as it may be to contemporary consciences, is a lark, and a goof, and indeed always has been and always will be. Leo lets us laugh at the frivolity without a single pang of P.C. worry. Well done

Monday, October 13, 2008

Florida Studio Theatre

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

  I know i have been a tad remiss in my blogging, but it has been a busy few weeks, make that months.  I promise to write more shortly.  The past month found me performing with the Misfit theatre rep company in Taming of the shrew as Grumio.  And shortly after I hitched a ride on a plane to sunny Florida and am currently working on a piece here at:
Florida Studio Theatre.  Woohoo!  Who wouldn't want that on their resume.  So I promise to write more and post the Shrew review and info about this current show within the next week.  The internet has been spotty at best, so its been an uphill battle to at least check my email before losing the signal completely to Thunderstorms, Power outages, or just sneezing at the wrong time and causing the air particles to re-allign in such a way that I don't get signal.  Bummer.

I promise to be back in the blog of things soon....stupid phrase I know.  But i'm alive and working at one of the beautiful little theaters down here. 

So look for more updates soon....

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Audition Audition Audition

This past thursday I auditioned for a children's production...ugg..of the Emporer's new Clothes at Florida Studio Theatre. Hello EMC points (The points we need to become a member of Actor's Equity). Of course, that is if i get it. Its really minimal pay, but the points make it all worth while. The audtion was fantastic. I made the casting director laugh with some witty anecdotes and then had a very "strong and spot on read." So I'm waiting to hear back now. I should hear within the week. I hope. It'll be a great way to see family and also work. So who knows.

And last week was also an audition at beautiful SVA.

Yeah, thats right. Sva. Which is a walk from where I work to the complete other side of Manhattan. Thank god yesterday was a nice day and not sweltering like it has been the past few weeks. In addition to that both myself and Samantha Mason were called in by the assistant Director. A gentleman we have both worked with in the past and who based on past experiences, has a pretty good eye, and an intelligent head on his shoulders.
Competance is sometimes a scarce thing.
So how did it go? What was it for? Well its for a western. Yes, me in a western. It is being shot sometime in October out in Penn. Roadtrip! As for how it went. I don’t think an audition can go better.
For starters, I was actually a little nervous. its one thing to audition for random people you don’t know and will probably never see again, it is completely different when you know at least one of the people behind the table. All that aside, things went well. My monologue i use for contemporary pieces is fairly obscure and no one has recognized up until yesterday. I count that as a good sign that the director recognized it and was pleased with the choice at least. From there I was given a few sides to go over. While out in the hall, our very own Samantha stepped in to audition. She too was given sides which..we were brought in to read together.
I can’t tell you have reliving it is to know the scene partner in an audition and to trust them. There is a certain feeling when you know you nailed an audition. And, yeah, we nailed it. Its one of those things that if i don’t get called in for a call back or a part, I don’t care. It means I wasn’t right for the part. Plus, i know I did my best. So, Booyah!. Take that SVA.
So now we play the waiting game.

Friday, August 8, 2008

Carmex and Drinko and Tea. Oh My!

Its that time again. Time to share all the little projects that have been going on in the past few months with all of you. Some I've been a part of some I haven't. But nevertheless, you're going to get them all.

So the first, and closest to me is Doug Mackrell's entrance into the "Camex-Share the Tingle" video contest. Please, watch below and rate and enjoy. It was a pleasure to work with him and Jenelle Sosa, the featured girl in the short. I am so very proud of the outcome. (should have worn a different color shirt, oh well.) So with out further ado...

Next up on the list is Clay Drinko's video for his newest release 'Terror Ass.' Featured in the video along with Clay is also miss Becky Byers, no stranger to the stage and former scene partner from Wakky NuNu.

And Last but not least is Pam Ralat's entry for a scholarship competition. So by all means go and rate this. Vote happy and enjoy. Featured in this are her friends as well as Jeso O'Neil making a pleasant departure from dancing to being in front of the camera.

So thank you all for the support and I hope you enjoyed these. Please rate the Carmex an the Tea videos positively as the outcome of both of them is very important and success hangs in your little 5-star-click.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

When In Rome, Part 2

Week number 2! Alright. The first week of horrid background work ended. The crew flew off to Italy to film scenes there. Scenes that as far as i can tell will include Danny Devito. What is he doing in a Disney romantic comedy?!

So they called us in for another week's worth of work which went by nice and slow. If i haven't said it before. Background work is the most boring time sucking thing you could ever do. The only consolation is the fact that you're getting paid to sleep.

The Paramount Truck.

I dunno, I just thought it was cool. Yours truly and the mountain.

So we filmed and filmed and filmed. I will say this. The scenes we were filming (over and over again) take place in the very beginning of the film. The camera opens up on some exterior shot of the church, some scenes of the wedding itself, then it pans inside the reception hall where there are a few people dancing. Oh yeah, I'm there baby. I'm actually in several scenes dancing, a slow waltz, and also dancing with traditional dancers. The things we do for peanuts, right?

So here is a shot of the crew setting up some tracking shot. Like little train tracks.

And here we have one of the stars, josh duhamel getting ready for the next scene. His co-star, kristen off hiding somewhere.

Check out the location. Its downtown near city hall and Dance New Amsterdam. From what we were told its an old courthouse that they decorated to look like an Italian Villa. It looks good to me, never having been in a real Italian Villa.

As for the stars, mr. josh there was actually and surprisingly a nice guy. He was genuinely nice, not putting on airs as many actors do in films. Its refreshing when you see someone enjoying what they do, and enjoying the company of complete strangers. More so, its nice when that person acknowledges that we as background are peons, but important to the look of the scene and its not glamorous or fun work. His constant thank yous never once felt false nor were they unappreciated.

So again. more extra work. I have no crazy stories about the nutjobs who work as extras (since i was one of them) this time. Its always interesting, however, to see how things work on a movie set. And hey, its free good food. Can't complain about that. And of course, this was another possibility to get a waiver in order to become SAG. Someday.

For now..Back to auditioning. Good news. I've just been cast in a play opening in September. I"ll write details as i get it.

Friday, June 20, 2008

When In Rome

Well Ladies and Gents, it might not be glamorous work but once in a while background extra work can be fun. Or at least a way to pay the bills. On that note, last week i found myself as a guest at a huge Italian wedding (go figure) for the film When in Rome With Kristen Bell, Don Johnson, Danny Devito, Anjelica Houston to name a few. Don and Kristen (yeah like i can call them by their first names) were on set. No huge deal. Its always a great character study when doing extra work. I was contracted for 5 days so you can't complain about that.

The film according to is about "
In New York City, a young art curator finds herself aggressively pursued by a band of wannabe lovers after she steals coins from a Roman fountain."

First day was cancelled due to the director being ill. (but still got paid!)
Second day, right off the bat someone wacko was escorted off the set. There are obvious rules to doing extra work. Basically, you're a nobody and don't presume that you have any clout. With a room full of 150+ extras losing you will not make much of a difference. So just sit and play nice with the other kids.
All in all it was a nice full day of filming where I was pulled out as one of the few people waltzing. So we'll see when this film comes out. Maybe I'm seen who knows? Who cares really. Its not featured extra work. Its a waltz for Christ's sake. It was a long day (night?) thought. 5:30 p.m. call and shot until 4:45 in the morning. good times.
Third day was cut short because the director was ill yet again.

and then we wrapped. Apparently he had his appendix taken out and was too sick to continue. I sadly did not get paid for the remaining days. Boo.

But still, it'll be a nice check and if anything i got to spend time with some friends who also worked the shoot as well as laugh at the most ridiculous usual.

Friday, May 23, 2008

Wild Wild Wakky Reviews..

Well folks, we are at the mid point in the run of The Wild Wild Women of Wakky NuNu, and things are falling into place. I have to say that this show has made me laugh during the rehearsal process and onstage than most others. I truly enjoy being a part of this wakkiness every weak. And cast wise, we have pulled together through some minor bumps and bruises.

The show is receiving mixed reviews. But there have been a lot of positive things said about it and the cast. I've decided to post hilights from some of the reviews so far.

A.J. Mell of Backstage:

"The show deserves a slight tip of the hat for sheer energy if nothing else. The leads mug enthusiastically, and the aforementioned Amazons glower, prance, and waggle their shapely grass-skirted bottoms with admirable gusto."

Winnie McCroy of

"Sassy Stevie puts aside her idyllism and delivers a well-choreographed beat down to the women who plan to take Jake"
(Hooray for my choreography!)

Kristin Skye Hoffman of

"Jake Manley, ..... and his sidekick, Cubby (adorably played by Patrick Pizzolorusso), concoct a scheme to stage some photos of the lost Amazon Women of Wakki-Nunu to maintain their careers."
(hell yeah i'm adorable)

"This level of ambition is commendable in independent theatre here in New York and this group of artists have taken on an enormous show "

"there are enough emeralds in this production"

"I will definitely keep my eye open for what they try out next."

So there we go. A few positive little things here and there. I'll update this post as we get more reviews.
And folks...2 more weekends at the Red Room Theater. If you come this Sunday i'll join you from some victuals post show.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Wild Wild Women of Wakky Nu Nu

Ladies and gentlemen. Its official. The site for the Wild Wild Women of Wakky Nu Nu is up and running.

Its slowly being update with more and more goodies every day.

We are a few weeks away from opening and in a really good place. I have to say that its hard to get through rehearsal without laughing. Laughing to the point where it starts to hurt.

(thats gotta be a god sign...i hope)
So the show runs for a month from May 11th through June 3rd at the Red Room.

Lifted from the official Wakky site:

"There is a legend spoken of in hushed whispers amongst connoisseurs of mystery, adventure, and fine living…

a legend of an island paradise inhabited solely by a tribe of powerful and beautiful women… Amazons!

Deep in the forbidden tropics they reside and conquer, their existence a closely-guarded secret, their location an inscrutable mystery! It is this legend that spurs an over-the-hill actor-turned-nature-show-host and his beleaguered, put-upon sidekick to their greatest adventure yet! Aided by a sexy young starlet hungry for fame and fortune and a young photographer with a chip on her shoulder and nothing left to lose, their journey begins – only to be cut short by plane trouble and catastrophe! Now, the womanizing Jake Manley is about to learn that you should be careful what you wish for, when he finally encounters…


The show is a non-stop laugh riot from start to finish. So make sure you use the bathroom before you sit down. We don't want any accidents.


the new comedy from the creator of Bitch Macbeth and Sugarbaby!



and FRANK CWIKLIK as Jake Manley

Choreography SARAH E. JACOBS
Written, Designed, Produced, and Directed by FRANK CWIKLIK

Cubby Gaines (Patrick Pizzolorusso) and Bunny Baretta (Becky Byers)

Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Day in the Life of an Actor

So this weeks Post is intended to be more of a pictoral "day in the life" type of deal. I thought, why not? So here we go..a day in the life of an actor in godo old New York City. As you know..since you're an avid reader, I'm in rehearsal for a new comedy called The Wild Wild Women of Wakky NuNu. Here is my adventure on sturday....

The Mist...For the love of god do not rent this movie! I was overjoyed to push it in that little drop box hole at Block Buster.

Good 'Ole Ditmars in Astoria. The sky was gorgeous so I had to take a pic.

The N Train into Manhattan. Gotta love it. Roads, where i'm going i don't need roads...just umm...train tracks and such..

A View from 54th street and 7th ave looking South into Times Square.

The new Hearst builing built right on top of the old one.

Yours truly

I couldn't resist. This man was...well..the size of the globe outside of Trump Tower!

Walking down 7th i passed a photo shoot for some random add. So I shot it.

And now we skip another train ride downtown to East 4th. Across from the red room is this great old theater. I love the spiral staircase in the front.

Cuppa Cuppa is where i sit before each rehearsal and....

....Go over my lines. Over and Over and Over again.

And here we are at the Red room. Right about the KGB Bar on East 4th. Which is right across from La Mama.

And an audience view.

Becky Byers (not pictured) who plays Bunny in Wakky NuNu.

And finally..a nice charming pic of some of the cast. Don't you want to see the show based on this?

And that my friends is about the time when rehearsal started and I stopped takikng pictures. And as for the way home. Just scroll up and watch the day in reverse.

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

"Fully Committed's" AMAZING review

So this blog is not only about me, but about all the people I have the pleasure of meeting

As part of my journey through this crazy world of acting and auditioning and dealing with rejection, i've met a gaggle of talented folk. And a little secret about actors.

When two actors meet, they pray that the other person is talented.

Usually we don't get to see eachother's work unless we're in a show together. The draw back of having friends as actors, we're always busy on projects.

Thankfully i have a slight respite from rehearsal this coming friday and I will be seeing a dear friend perform in Jersey.

Jenelle Sosa is in a marathon of a one woman show. I'm excited to see my friend perform, but i'm also excited to celebrate her success. Her review is for yourself. And heres to talented friends

No reservations about actress' turn as harried table manager
by Peter Filichia/Star-Ledger Staff
Monday March 31, 2008, 10:00 PM

Jenelle Sosa in "Fully Committed," presented by The Theater Project, Union County College's professional theater company.Fully Committed. Where: The Theater Project, Union County College, 1033 Springfield Ave., Cranford. When: Through April 13. Thursdays-Saturdays at 8 p.m. and Sundays at 3 p.m.. How much: $15 Thursdays; $22 all other performances; $10 for students. Call (908) 659-5189 or visit

Fans of the 1999 off-Broadway hit "Fully Committed" may be surprised to see it described as a one-woman show at the Theatre Project in Cranford. Playwright Becky Mode wrote it as a solo show with Mark Setlock, who originated the role of Sam Peliczowski, a struggling actor who's forced to work a day job.

But there's no reason why a woman can't make Sam short for Samantha -- and certainly not when someone as accomplished as Jenelle Sosa is raring to go. The actress has probably been helped greatly by her director in Cranford, Rick Delaney, who sure knows the material: Five years ago he portrayed Sam -- wonderfully -- at the What Exit? Theatre Company in Maplewood.

Sam's task is to answer the incessantly-ringing phones at Manhattan's hottest restaurant. That means taking calls from people who simply must be seated that night with their party of six at 8 p.m., at a table with not-too-harsh lighting that isn't anywhere near the kitchen door.
When patrons are told the restaurant is "fully committed" -- the establishment's euphemism for totally booked -- they respond with disappointment to outright fury. Add in the people who lie about having called months in advance, and the ones who truly believe they have a standing reservation. If Sam stays on this job much longer, the poor soul will be fully committed herself.

Sosa's up to the task. Sam doesn't just answer the phone on the desk, but the one on the wall, eight steps away. This phone -- symbolically, a red one -- is the private line of the ego-driven, hard-to-please chef.

Jenelle Sosa in Fully Committed

The pleasant voice Sosa uses with callers demonstrates why Sam would be hired for such a job. But that's not the only voice Sosa appropriates, for she must bring every character who calls the restaurant to verbal life. Sosa has more distinctively real accents than bouillabaisse has ingredients: She goes from Mandarin to Midwest, Long Island to Lebanese, and plays both the young and the mature.

Much of the fun of Sosa's vocal gymnastics during the 75-minute production is that we begin to recognize who's calling just from her intonations.
Yet there's more to creating a complete picture of Sam, the type who believes accepting a job goes hand-in-hand with performing it well. Because Sam is always much nicer to her tormentors, audiences root for her. And the winning Sosa makes us want to book reservations for her next event.

The review can be read online here:

Congratulations Jenelle!!!!

Monday, March 17, 2008

A Real Live Oscar in my Hands

Yes, thats right ladies and gentlemen. This in my hand is a real living breathing Academy Award. Wha!? How? You asked.....

I shall do my best to tell the story but leave out the truly crucial details because of course I shouldn't be holding said Oscar.


I'm working on a short piece with a friend of mine for a physical theater workshop I'm taking. Me? Doing physical theater? No Way! So My friend, whom i'll refer to as Janice, invites me over to her neck of the woods...which is Brooklyn. We decide to work and mentally jam at her place. She suggests we go to her friend Oscar's place where we wont be interrupted by a noisy roomate. So we pack up out pencils and papers and walk about 10 minutes away to a nice looking non-descript brownstone.

She cleverly knocks on the door calling out for Oscar. (For all of those thinking, how stupid is he. Come on. Well.....Who thinks there is an Oscar right around the corner?) All the while shes telling me what a huge supporter of the arts he is.

So we go in to a very nicely decorated and spacious 3 floor home. I get the grand tour and eventually end up in the master bedroom.

Doesn't every winner have a pic like this? Inspired by Diablo Cody's morning after picture

The whole while shes saying, 'I guess Oscar is out, we have the whole place to ourselves to make as much noise as we like.' Sounds good to me.

So we turn one final corner and she turns to me and says, 'OH! Hes at his desk. ' And very formally she says, 'Patrick, meet Oscar.'

I can't tell you how my heart started racing. You think, heck, its just some little statue. Yeah. I freak heavy-ass award that we all dream of winning some day.

So of course we waste no time in taking many goofy traditional Oscar pictures with the little golden statuette.

So the big question, whose is it?

Shes a screenwriter/produce. She one for best !^#&*#%@#$ Short. Her name is.. Blah blah blah. not telling you. But she won for telling the true story of life and courage and heriosm.

And love. So you can't beat that. I promised Janice that I would not give too much away. After all she was house sitting and she doesn't want to lose her job in case some one actually stumbles upon this blog and reads it.

So Janice thank you. And for those of you who are wondering. I'm calling her Janice after the lead guitar player for Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem. (Shes a fan)

So important lesson here kids. Don't let actors into your homes. We'll pose with your awards. Especially those from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

me and the little guy. someday right....?
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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Logos for me, Logos for you

Ladies and gentlemen I have, if you haven't seen already, officialy adopted a logo for this here little blog. Apparently to some it looks like a smiling cloud. But i swear its almost the spitting image of me. Or something like that. I figure why not, who doesn't need a logo, right?

So behold, the official Starving Logo:

Please let me know what you think

And even more exciting is the logo for the WILD WILD WOMEN of WAKKY NUNU:

Rehearsals are going very well for this insane little comedy. As we get closer to opening night i'll send out an official description and show information. For now I can tell you that it runs from May 11-June 3 at the Red Room in Manhattan. But what i can tell you is that this is a wonderful cast of beautiful yet somewhat crazy characters who of course through amazing circumstances are somehow stuck together for approximately 2 hours of exausting laughs and pratfalls.

If only Groucho could see me now. I'll do my best to update this with some rehearsal anecdotes tonight or tomorrow. With rehearsals going to 11 and being the non-stop physical workout that they are, i'm understandable asleep before i even get off the subway.

And now I'm off to memorize.

See folks, its not all glitz and glamour, i have book work to do.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Unicycling in Rehearsal video!

So this is my very first Vlog! (not really)

During rehearsals for the WILD WILD WOMEN OF WAKKY NUNU, I took a little break to practice my driving skills for an audition later that day.

Not bad for not riding all winter on top of being sick.

The rehearsal space is located at 440 Lafayette. Right across from the Public Theater. (Shakespeare in the park, joe's pub, etc.) They're pretty good rehearsal spaces save for the floor shaking from the hoofers on the floor above us.

And the good news is...I got the part. We film this sat. Gotta love special skills picked up in a college circus class. Just a little clowning around, eh?

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wakky Audition and Eye Candy Rehearsal

The Wild Wild Women of Wakky NuNu.
Last Sunday I sat in on auditions for the remaining ensemble members of the cast of this upsoming comedy extravaganza. We are almost fully cast and beginning rehearsals this Tuesday. I don't have much info to give you just yet, its all very hush hush, but I can tell you it runs for a month at the Red Room from May 11th to June 3rd.
(Director: Frank Cwiklik and Choreographer: Sarah Jacobs)
Of course I'll post more info as we go and about our adventures in rehearsals. Until then we're in the hands of these two capable people. They look harmless, right? I hope...

and moving on....

Today found me back in the rehearsal studio for yet another project. This time we were way down town in the meat-packing district at Nancy Meehan studios. This is the downtown facing view from the space. (Its more impressive in person)

(a view from the rehersal studio)

So we are back in rehearsals for EYE CANDY, with MariaColacoDance. This is the same piece i helped create and perform in as part of the NYC fringe fest. of 2006. Its still got a hearbeat and is in the process of coming back better and stronger cause, you know, we have the technology and all that. The biggest news is that P.S. 122 is heavily looking at producing the show, so here we are relearning and brushing up on sections and getting ready to go back into the studio full force.

(patrick pizzolorusso)

The section we were working on today is a duet between myself and partner Carrie Malernee. This section is performed to At last, by Ella Fitzgerald. Its a charming tale of a first date. Gorgeous girl, dorky boy. Hilarity ensues. Now we haven't touched this piece since 8/06 and after reviewing the dvd of the performance it came right back. Muscle memory is an amazing thing.

So one rehearsal this evening and we're in a pretty good place, memory wise. Now its just a matter of tightening a few things up and working on the lifts. First time back we opted to not get too crazy with all the lifting. Coming up on 2/22 we have an open rehearsal for a small group of invited guests and this section will be one of the pieces we 'work' for the spectators and possible funders. And then after that, well, we're on the way.

(maria colaco, patrick pizzolorusso, carrie malernee)

One of the great things about being an actor in this city is the ability to see so much of it that most people don't see. The building we rehearsed in is currently an artists residency. (Gotta figure out how to get in there) But at one time it was part of Edison's main building here in NY. In fact, the infamous high line subway line used to run through the building about 2 stories up. You can still see where the tracks are and were cut when the line became defunct.

Who esle gets to look out over the Hudson and the lower part of the West Side Highway while rehearsing a piece that is on its way to being produced?

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shakespeare For the Summer

So as actors, of course I might be alone in this, we pound the pavement possibly more than any other group of people out there. There are auditions and lines of people waiting to audition everyday and all over the city. After a while you start to see the same people every day. in fact I have a few friends I've made because after the third time seeing them in a crowded waiting room you latch on to that familiar face to alleviate the boredom and thus a friendship is born.

With all of this auditioning and footwork rejection becomes a standard part of your life. More than likely you wont even hear if you didn't get the part. Sometimes you'll get a call or email apologizing that you weren't cast.

As an actor...WE LOVE THAT!
It allows us to get on and not focus on that one possible gig we might land.

All that being said, it is such a wonderful change of pace when the casting director/producer/artistic director, whoever it is sitting on the other side of the table is actually with you and enjoying your audition. A colleague once told me when i was first starting out, "remember, they want you to do well. They need you to do well so they can cast their show successfully".

Well, I just auditioned for the Carolinian Shakespeare Festival on Friday and if i don't get cast I don't care. They are casting this summer's production of Romeo and Juliet. The audition went very well and it was one of those instances where the artistic director was there in the room and you can tell she wanted me to succeed. From start to finish she was with me every word of the way. In fact, Ii received a smile and a laugh at the end of my monologue. (yes is was a comic monologue) So over all just based on that it was a positive audition.

But wait, theres more.
I got a call back.
Thats right! So in 2-3 weeks i'll be going in again for my call back and we shall see. They're looking for movers and stage combatants as well as actors trained in Shakespeare. (check, check, and check)

So who knows, I might be spending my summer in North Carolina. Not a bad possibility, no?

Friday, February 8, 2008

This ain't your Momma's Dick Tracy

Slam Narrative
and the case of the Purloined Panites

Ladies and gentlemen, the long awaited comic short Produced, Written, Directed, and Shot by Douglas MacKrell is here.

This is the latest video out of Hard Luck Hero Productions, a NY based production company that I have the great honor of working with.

The quoted from Douglas himself:

"After a display of Marie Antoinette's personal lingerie was stolen from a trendy store looking to boost it's business, the shop's owner turns to the only gum shoe that can crack the case- Slam ..."
...and go...

Slam Narrative Starring:
Stewart Hamilton
Jared Hoffert
Jim Mundy
Emily Rouch
Kevin Sebastian
Jenelle Sosa
Patrick Pizzolorusso
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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Actors' Equity

Ah, the elusive equity card.

We're all striving for it whether or not we claim to.

So many of us have been told to stay non-union for as long as possible. Don't become equity. But deep down we all want access to that lounge and the ability to add our names to official lists at auditions.

Here is the run down.
If you're not union, like me, you can wake up as early as you want. Be the first person on line before any audition. You could have been waiting out in the cold or rain (like i did yesterday) since 7:30 in the morning. When the doors finally open and you're allowed in, ALL equity members get to sign up first.

Thats how it works. So if you're lucky you get seen. If too many equity members show up you have no shot at even auditioning. So you get to add your headshot to an ever increasing pile of young starving artists.

Some theaters and companies hold non-union auditions. Which WE LOVE. THANK YOU!

But how to become equity? How can you do it when the only way to be seen is to be a part of the union. And the only way to be a part of the union is to get in a union show? The great Actor Catch 22.

Of course there truly is plenty of non-union work out there. And i love theater enough to do it. But my goal is to be able to support myself working as an actor. Only a few things pay enough for me to take some extra time off of my horrid day job. But for the most part I'm working interminably long hours for no pay. And often times no recognition.

I wouldn't give up this life for anything. But i'm ready for the next tier of my career. I just don't know how to get there yet.

So for now i continue to wait in lines on cold rainy days praying I'll be seen and then be worth enough for the producers to allow me in.

I'll see you in line.

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful
Episode 3:
The Great Switcheroo

This past January I had the pleasure of working on Episode 3 of this 12 part series being performed at the brick theater. I appeared as the famous escape artist and magician Harry Houdini in "Penny Dreadful: The Great Switcheroo."

What is Penny dreadful? (Quoted from the Penny Site:)

" Inspired by the adventure-filled dime novels of the 19th and early 20th century, PENNY DREADFUL is an innovative epic for the stage co-created for Williamsburg's Brick Theater by Matt Gray and Bryan Enk. Like the original novels, PENNY DREADFUL has been serialized into 12 monthly installments with Chapter One beginning in November 2007. Audiences will be able to follow the labyrinthine plot twists and re-experience the cliffhanger endings through video downloads of each episode following their live performance, available on the Third Lows Productions official website (

The year is 1909 and the discovery of a bloodless body has San Francisco abuzz. It will be up to a second-rate showman and an oddball detective of the supernatural to put together the clues - a mysterious hearing aid, a missing creature from the darkest corner of the earth, a secret society bent on world domination, a man who can control earthquakes, and the greatest magic trick ever performed. PENNY DREADFUL is a twelve-part tale of mystery and horror that takes place in the first decade of the twentieth century and guest stars a parade of notable historical figures such as Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Edison as they weave in and out of the suspenseful tale."

Now I know you are all regretting missing this piece, so fear not my friends, the performance was filmed and is now online for your viewing pleasure.

So please, click here for all your Penny Dreadful Needs:

Or click here for episode 3 directly. Cause you know you want to see me perform!

Penny Dreadful: Created By Matt Gray and Brian Enk
Patrick Pizzolorusso as Harry Houdini
Clive Dobbs as The Magical Mr. E.
Sarah brodsky as The Mannequin
Jessica Savage as Penny
Fred Backus as Simeon Viernikovac
Matt Gray as Leslie Caldwell
Aaron Baker as Robert Ford
Clay Drinko as Artemus Forbes
Valentine lyashenko as Horace Torque

Enjoy the show everyone.
And thank you for all of your support.

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Websites and things

So for all of you 3 people who read this blog, 2 of whom found your way here by accident, the month of January has ended with a bang. This has been the best beginning to 2008 and now I just have to try to keep up the momentum.

In review:

-The first project to hit the internets was SUNDAY TIMES. A Film by Kevin Keiser, a local up and coming film maker. The short tells the story of a man, Kevin Sebastian, being pulled into several stock film genres. Of course the big pay off is at the end..i wont give it away for all you short-film-fanatics out there. On the project breakout site it was cast in 9th place. (of course we all feel it deserved better, as did the voting public) You can see me in the orange shirt dancin like a fool.

-The next project was Bitch MacBeth. This 3rd iteration of Do What Now's re-imagining of the Macbeth tale played for a month at the Brick Theater in beautiful warehousey Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn. At least the gator was near by.

-Also at the Brick this past month i had the pleasure to be a part of the Third Low's Penny dreadful series. I appeared as Houdini in Episode #3: The Great Switcheroo, of their 12 part series....Penny Dreadful. Soon enough the episode will be online. But in the meantime check out the first two episodes so you can catch up.

-Yet another project...i told you i was busy. Inner Children. I worked this past weekend with Lisa Gilardi on her short film Inner Children. Its the story of a simple boy meets girl, but with their child like selves providing commentary to everything the adults do. No i wasn't the child. Very funny. It was one of the easiest and most fun shoots I've worked on and I can't wait to see the finished product. As I'm sure all of you are. I give it a month? We'll see.

And now for updates:
-My website is up and running. Go, explore, point and laugh at the pictures. Hooray for my website!!! Constructive criticism welcome. I said Constructive!

-And Link wise on the right side of this screen i've added a new friend. The ever Impressive Samantha Mason and her professional website. Poke around a bit. She wont mind.

-And coming up in the next few months will be rehearsals for the Wild Wild Women of Wakki-NuNu. The next piece by Do What Not Theatrics. This crazy tropical adventure was written and will be directed and produced by Frank Cwiklik. (I guess they like me, they invited me back.)

And I think thats it for now. I promise, and i know I always do, to update this more. Perhaps with a website I'll be a little more proactive.