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Tuesday, January 29, 2008

New Websites and things

So for all of you 3 people who read this blog, 2 of whom found your way here by accident, the month of January has ended with a bang. This has been the best beginning to 2008 and now I just have to try to keep up the momentum.

In review:

-The first project to hit the internets was SUNDAY TIMES. A Film by Kevin Keiser, a local up and coming film maker. The short tells the story of a man, Kevin Sebastian, being pulled into several stock film genres. Of course the big pay off is at the end..i wont give it away for all you short-film-fanatics out there. On the project breakout site it was cast in 9th place. (of course we all feel it deserved better, as did the voting public) You can see me in the orange shirt dancin like a fool.

-The next project was Bitch MacBeth. This 3rd iteration of Do What Now's re-imagining of the Macbeth tale played for a month at the Brick Theater in beautiful warehousey Metropolitan Ave in Brooklyn. At least the gator was near by.

-Also at the Brick this past month i had the pleasure to be a part of the Third Low's Penny dreadful series. I appeared as Houdini in Episode #3: The Great Switcheroo, of their 12 part series....Penny Dreadful. Soon enough the episode will be online. But in the meantime check out the first two episodes so you can catch up.

-Yet another project...i told you i was busy. Inner Children. I worked this past weekend with Lisa Gilardi on her short film Inner Children. Its the story of a simple boy meets girl, but with their child like selves providing commentary to everything the adults do. No i wasn't the child. Very funny. It was one of the easiest and most fun shoots I've worked on and I can't wait to see the finished product. As I'm sure all of you are. I give it a month? We'll see.

And now for updates:
-My website is up and running. Go, explore, point and laugh at the pictures. Hooray for my website!!! Constructive criticism welcome. I said Constructive!

-And Link wise on the right side of this screen i've added a new friend. The ever Impressive Samantha Mason and her professional website. Poke around a bit. She wont mind.

-And coming up in the next few months will be rehearsals for the Wild Wild Women of Wakki-NuNu. The next piece by Do What Not Theatrics. This crazy tropical adventure was written and will be directed and produced by Frank Cwiklik. (I guess they like me, they invited me back.)

And I think thats it for now. I promise, and i know I always do, to update this more. Perhaps with a website I'll be a little more proactive.