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Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Penny Dreadful

Penny Dreadful
Episode 3:
The Great Switcheroo

This past January I had the pleasure of working on Episode 3 of this 12 part series being performed at the brick theater. I appeared as the famous escape artist and magician Harry Houdini in "Penny Dreadful: The Great Switcheroo."

What is Penny dreadful? (Quoted from the Penny Site:)

" Inspired by the adventure-filled dime novels of the 19th and early 20th century, PENNY DREADFUL is an innovative epic for the stage co-created for Williamsburg's Brick Theater by Matt Gray and Bryan Enk. Like the original novels, PENNY DREADFUL has been serialized into 12 monthly installments with Chapter One beginning in November 2007. Audiences will be able to follow the labyrinthine plot twists and re-experience the cliffhanger endings through video downloads of each episode following their live performance, available on the Third Lows Productions official website (

The year is 1909 and the discovery of a bloodless body has San Francisco abuzz. It will be up to a second-rate showman and an oddball detective of the supernatural to put together the clues - a mysterious hearing aid, a missing creature from the darkest corner of the earth, a secret society bent on world domination, a man who can control earthquakes, and the greatest magic trick ever performed. PENNY DREADFUL is a twelve-part tale of mystery and horror that takes place in the first decade of the twentieth century and guest stars a parade of notable historical figures such as Theodore Roosevelt and Thomas Edison as they weave in and out of the suspenseful tale."

Now I know you are all regretting missing this piece, so fear not my friends, the performance was filmed and is now online for your viewing pleasure.

So please, click here for all your Penny Dreadful Needs:

Or click here for episode 3 directly. Cause you know you want to see me perform!

Penny Dreadful: Created By Matt Gray and Brian Enk
Patrick Pizzolorusso as Harry Houdini
Clive Dobbs as The Magical Mr. E.
Sarah brodsky as The Mannequin
Jessica Savage as Penny
Fred Backus as Simeon Viernikovac
Matt Gray as Leslie Caldwell
Aaron Baker as Robert Ford
Clay Drinko as Artemus Forbes
Valentine lyashenko as Horace Torque

Enjoy the show everyone.
And thank you for all of your support.