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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Shakespeare For the Summer

So as actors, of course I might be alone in this, we pound the pavement possibly more than any other group of people out there. There are auditions and lines of people waiting to audition everyday and all over the city. After a while you start to see the same people every day. in fact I have a few friends I've made because after the third time seeing them in a crowded waiting room you latch on to that familiar face to alleviate the boredom and thus a friendship is born.

With all of this auditioning and footwork rejection becomes a standard part of your life. More than likely you wont even hear if you didn't get the part. Sometimes you'll get a call or email apologizing that you weren't cast.

As an actor...WE LOVE THAT!
It allows us to get on and not focus on that one possible gig we might land.

All that being said, it is such a wonderful change of pace when the casting director/producer/artistic director, whoever it is sitting on the other side of the table is actually with you and enjoying your audition. A colleague once told me when i was first starting out, "remember, they want you to do well. They need you to do well so they can cast their show successfully".

Well, I just auditioned for the Carolinian Shakespeare Festival on Friday and if i don't get cast I don't care. They are casting this summer's production of Romeo and Juliet. The audition went very well and it was one of those instances where the artistic director was there in the room and you can tell she wanted me to succeed. From start to finish she was with me every word of the way. In fact, Ii received a smile and a laugh at the end of my monologue. (yes is was a comic monologue) So over all just based on that it was a positive audition.

But wait, theres more.
I got a call back.
Thats right! So in 2-3 weeks i'll be going in again for my call back and we shall see. They're looking for movers and stage combatants as well as actors trained in Shakespeare. (check, check, and check)

So who knows, I might be spending my summer in North Carolina. Not a bad possibility, no?