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Sunday, February 17, 2008

Wakky Audition and Eye Candy Rehearsal

The Wild Wild Women of Wakky NuNu.
Last Sunday I sat in on auditions for the remaining ensemble members of the cast of this upsoming comedy extravaganza. We are almost fully cast and beginning rehearsals this Tuesday. I don't have much info to give you just yet, its all very hush hush, but I can tell you it runs for a month at the Red Room from May 11th to June 3rd.
(Director: Frank Cwiklik and Choreographer: Sarah Jacobs)
Of course I'll post more info as we go and about our adventures in rehearsals. Until then we're in the hands of these two capable people. They look harmless, right? I hope...

and moving on....

Today found me back in the rehearsal studio for yet another project. This time we were way down town in the meat-packing district at Nancy Meehan studios. This is the downtown facing view from the space. (Its more impressive in person)

(a view from the rehersal studio)

So we are back in rehearsals for EYE CANDY, with MariaColacoDance. This is the same piece i helped create and perform in as part of the NYC fringe fest. of 2006. Its still got a hearbeat and is in the process of coming back better and stronger cause, you know, we have the technology and all that. The biggest news is that P.S. 122 is heavily looking at producing the show, so here we are relearning and brushing up on sections and getting ready to go back into the studio full force.

(patrick pizzolorusso)

The section we were working on today is a duet between myself and partner Carrie Malernee. This section is performed to At last, by Ella Fitzgerald. Its a charming tale of a first date. Gorgeous girl, dorky boy. Hilarity ensues. Now we haven't touched this piece since 8/06 and after reviewing the dvd of the performance it came right back. Muscle memory is an amazing thing.

So one rehearsal this evening and we're in a pretty good place, memory wise. Now its just a matter of tightening a few things up and working on the lifts. First time back we opted to not get too crazy with all the lifting. Coming up on 2/22 we have an open rehearsal for a small group of invited guests and this section will be one of the pieces we 'work' for the spectators and possible funders. And then after that, well, we're on the way.

(maria colaco, patrick pizzolorusso, carrie malernee)

One of the great things about being an actor in this city is the ability to see so much of it that most people don't see. The building we rehearsed in is currently an artists residency. (Gotta figure out how to get in there) But at one time it was part of Edison's main building here in NY. In fact, the infamous high line subway line used to run through the building about 2 stories up. You can still see where the tracks are and were cut when the line became defunct.

Who esle gets to look out over the Hudson and the lower part of the West Side Highway while rehearsing a piece that is on its way to being produced?