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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

EMC Card

Well now, its not quite what you think. Yes its a card. Yes that's me. But its not the official equity card. It like a card-in-training. In order to become union you have to do one of two things.
1. Be cast in a union show where they will elevate your eligibility to equity status.

2. Earn points like a boyscout earning badges. Slow and tedious. (Similar to SAG and their vouchers/waivers)

I am on the latter track as of right now. Thanks to my little Floridian stint doing children's theater I am a proud card carrying member of the Equity Membership Candidate program. In this program you need 50 points in order to join equity. 1 point = 1 week. Do the math. Forever.

The majority of this work can be found in regional theater and tours. NY is filled with experimental theatre and theater companies. Its a lot easier and cheaper for smaller companies to put up non-union work. Usually the bigger companies (tours) will aid in achieving that almighty card because they can afford to, and not everyone wants to pick up and go on tour. You gotta give them some sort of carrot to do so.

So I'm on my way. I managed to gain a good chunk of points while i was in Florida. So now the big question. Sure its a card, and pretty, and blue, but what does it mean?

Well, this card means I'm just a tad above non-equity now. When I go to an equity call, I am guaranteed to be seen before the non-union people. (if I'm seen at all. sometimes the equity line is way too long and all the time slots are filled) And the best perk...I get to use the bathroom. That's right. The equity bathroom. Woohoo.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A World of her PWN, a new webseries!

A world of her PWN!

The past few months have been a little busy with the end of the year, being in Florida and all these little projects bubbling up.  Thankfully its all been good.  One of them being an original web series created by a new production company, FishPaste.

The show follows the life and times of Samantha.  She is a gamer, a journalist, and a daydreamer.  We get to follow her around as she deals with the drudgery of this life as she yearns to escape to a more colorful and computerized world.  Thing scrubs but with video games.  

After the pilot aird we were asked to produce a follow up and i am now, proud to preset that episode.  It is Being hosted at and is as of now, part of their escapist show.  We're hoping to break free and have our own featured segment.   So here ya go..we're 8 minutes in.  I hope you enjoy and be on the look out for our next episode coming to you from NY Comic-con 09!

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Penny dreadful ep. #10

Ladies and gentlemen. This is my first official mobile blog
post....... Thank you apple.

I'm sitting here in a "small brick theater with uncomfortable seats"
in Brooklyn. I left my warm apartment this morning and faces the 7
degree weather so I could make if to tech rehearsal in time.

I am proud to be reprising my role as Harry Houdini in this on going
theseerical experience produced by

I'm about to get into costume. We have a show tonight and tomorrow
afterNoon. I'll post again soon with details on how to watch it
online on a few weeks.

Ah. Weekends at the Brick in Brooklyn. Coffee is needed.