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Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A World of her PWN, a new webseries!

A world of her PWN!

The past few months have been a little busy with the end of the year, being in Florida and all these little projects bubbling up.  Thankfully its all been good.  One of them being an original web series created by a new production company, FishPaste.

The show follows the life and times of Samantha.  She is a gamer, a journalist, and a daydreamer.  We get to follow her around as she deals with the drudgery of this life as she yearns to escape to a more colorful and computerized world.  Thing scrubs but with video games.  

After the pilot aird we were asked to produce a follow up and i am now, proud to preset that episode.  It is Being hosted at and is as of now, part of their escapist show.  We're hoping to break free and have our own featured segment.   So here ya go..we're 8 minutes in.  I hope you enjoy and be on the look out for our next episode coming to you from NY Comic-con 09!