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Friday, April 27, 2012

Photo A Day 118

That be the Space Shuttle Enterprise on the back of a 747 cruisin' around NYC. It's on it's way to JFK for a spell.  Something you definitely don't see every day.

Photo A Day 117

The spring amazes me here in NY. And the sunset today was just beautiful streaking through the Hell Gate.

Photo A Day 116

Finished it! Proton pack is done and working and looking amazing and so far the response has been so wonderful! You can read all about the build here.  If, you know, you're into that sort of thing.

Photo A Day 115

Far out in Brooklyn, its old, falling apart. But at the same time...such an amazing subway stop.

Photo A Day 114


I could think of no other way to celebrate with him.

Photo A Day 113

I love pubs. I do. The best food.  And something like this makes me want to go there..often.
It just looks inviting, no?

Photo A Day 112

Also just realized that when you walk into the New Amsterdam main entrance, lining the ceiling are picture representations of different famous productions.  I found Hamlet.

Photo A Day 111

Is it just me or is crazy whack-a-doo Kirk Cameron posing in an add for a bowling alley.  Also, why are there adds in my menu?

Photo A Day 110

There are lots of pics of spaces and theaters cause..well...I visit them a lot. Can't help it. And I love what I see and do. So...stop complaining.

I also have no words for this.  none.

Photo A Day 109

Our dear lady of Progress inside the New Amsterdam...

Photo A Day 108

Not sure how this was taken, or how it came out as good as it did in such low light. Good times.

Photo A Day 107

R&J in action.  Well, actually J and the Nurse.  Close enough.

Photo A Day 106

Being that tonight was the 100th anniversary of the Titanic going down, I really thought these fire works were in commemoration of that....nope.  Greek Easter.  I was sooooo close.

Not the best fire works pictures. But who cares, they're fireworks. Behold the sparkly fire!

Photo A Day 105

Saw this in the subway. I'm always zooming past it, so i grabbed a pic as quickly as I can. Knowing his connection to my fallen mentor gives him a special place in my heart. So see Keith Haring's show.

Photo A Day 104

Come on now. Thank you Mid Town Comics for always bringing a piece of my childhood back.

Photo A Day 103

So my first car, and current car is my beautiful friend, my 1972 VW super beetle.  When the new bugs came out in..98? I was less than enthused.  But the new big design? I want one. really.

And in yellow too.  Cause that's what color my classic one is.

Photo A Day 102

I have a lot of catching up to do, that's for sure.
This one isn't too exciting. But it's the base of my next project. A scale model of the TARDIS:

Yeah..doesn't look like much, but just you wait!

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Photo A Day 101

George Barris!  Home of the Batmobile...

Thus ends my L.A. adventure.

Photo A Day 100

In honor of day 100...2 pics and a trip to Disney Land.

Photo A Day 99

Apparently there are waterfalls all over the L.A. area.  Along with a very skinny windy river.  Who knew!?

Eaton Canyon

Photo A Day 98

My ride for the weekend...This is how they roll in L.A.

Photo A Day 97

Not too exciting, just EMPTY. I never see Ripley-Grier devoid of people.  There ya go.

Photo A Day 96

I'm just getting fascinated by all these hidden performance spaces that no one ever gets to use.  This one is in a High school and sadly, is mainly used to announcements and general assemblies.

Photo A Day 95

Yeah yeah, I know they say size doesn't matter.  But when it comes to coffee?  The bigger the better. This is also a little nod to my Alice friends.  @laurenOlipra and @jtmcquaig.  You know who you are.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Photo A Day 93

Times Square is becoming the Chinese Theater of NYC. But creepier. Look closely.  There are two Elmos, a Puss In Boots, a Luigi, and 2 Smurfs.  They're multiplying.


Photo A Day 92

Saw this at the Disney store and're right sign, you're right.

Photo A Day 91

Just one of the walls inside the Globe.  It amazes me how many friends' names adorn these posters.

Photo A Day 90

And...Happy Birthday Brandon.
Ominous Storm clouds...

Photo A Day 89

This is just old school and amazing.  Hello light board...

Photo A Day 88

Happy Birthday Amye...And Cupcakes.  I love that you can get anything from a truck in NYC.

Photo A Day 87

Ron Paul's political advertisements...

Photo A Day 86

You Go Girl.  'Nuff Said.

Photo A Day 85

I'm a sucker for a good skyline. Hooray for camera phones always there to do pretty things justice.  ahem.

Photo A Day 84

Who doesn't love Red Velvet Cake.  Happy Birthday Pam!  (The amazing editor of 25 Cents for Love)

Photo A Day 83

Indian Jones has been the watcher of my keys for almost a year.  His face wore off.  R2 has stepped up to take up the slack.  I love Legos.

Photo A Day 82

On the Road.  So it begins.  Good times, right?  

Photo A Day 81

Just empty tracks. Empty.

Photo A Day 80

I'll admit it, I did Background work on this show.  Yeah yeah, we've all done it.  I don't know how good it will be but apparently it was picked up bu HBO

Photo A Day 79

Behold...Spring is here

Photo A Day 78

Day after St. Patrick's Day BBQ.  I'm such a pyro at heart.