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Sunday, August 10, 2008

Audition Audition Audition

This past thursday I auditioned for a children's production...ugg..of the Emporer's new Clothes at Florida Studio Theatre. Hello EMC points (The points we need to become a member of Actor's Equity). Of course, that is if i get it. Its really minimal pay, but the points make it all worth while. The audtion was fantastic. I made the casting director laugh with some witty anecdotes and then had a very "strong and spot on read." So I'm waiting to hear back now. I should hear within the week. I hope. It'll be a great way to see family and also work. So who knows.

And last week was also an audition at beautiful SVA.

Yeah, thats right. Sva. Which is a walk from where I work to the complete other side of Manhattan. Thank god yesterday was a nice day and not sweltering like it has been the past few weeks. In addition to that both myself and Samantha Mason were called in by the assistant Director. A gentleman we have both worked with in the past and who based on past experiences, has a pretty good eye, and an intelligent head on his shoulders.
Competance is sometimes a scarce thing.
So how did it go? What was it for? Well its for a western. Yes, me in a western. It is being shot sometime in October out in Penn. Roadtrip! As for how it went. I don’t think an audition can go better.
For starters, I was actually a little nervous. its one thing to audition for random people you don’t know and will probably never see again, it is completely different when you know at least one of the people behind the table. All that aside, things went well. My monologue i use for contemporary pieces is fairly obscure and no one has recognized up until yesterday. I count that as a good sign that the director recognized it and was pleased with the choice at least. From there I was given a few sides to go over. While out in the hall, our very own Samantha stepped in to audition. She too was given sides which..we were brought in to read together.
I can’t tell you have reliving it is to know the scene partner in an audition and to trust them. There is a certain feeling when you know you nailed an audition. And, yeah, we nailed it. Its one of those things that if i don’t get called in for a call back or a part, I don’t care. It means I wasn’t right for the part. Plus, i know I did my best. So, Booyah!. Take that SVA.
So now we play the waiting game.