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Monday, October 13, 2008

Florida Studio Theatre

Ladies and Gentlemen, 

  I know i have been a tad remiss in my blogging, but it has been a busy few weeks, make that months.  I promise to write more shortly.  The past month found me performing with the Misfit theatre rep company in Taming of the shrew as Grumio.  And shortly after I hitched a ride on a plane to sunny Florida and am currently working on a piece here at:
Florida Studio Theatre.  Woohoo!  Who wouldn't want that on their resume.  So I promise to write more and post the Shrew review and info about this current show within the next week.  The internet has been spotty at best, so its been an uphill battle to at least check my email before losing the signal completely to Thunderstorms, Power outages, or just sneezing at the wrong time and causing the air particles to re-allign in such a way that I don't get signal.  Bummer.

I promise to be back in the blog of things soon....stupid phrase I know.  But i'm alive and working at one of the beautiful little theaters down here. 

So look for more updates soon....