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Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Logos for me, Logos for you

Ladies and gentlemen I have, if you haven't seen already, officialy adopted a logo for this here little blog. Apparently to some it looks like a smiling cloud. But i swear its almost the spitting image of me. Or something like that. I figure why not, who doesn't need a logo, right?

So behold, the official Starving Logo:

Please let me know what you think

And even more exciting is the logo for the WILD WILD WOMEN of WAKKY NUNU:

Rehearsals are going very well for this insane little comedy. As we get closer to opening night i'll send out an official description and show information. For now I can tell you that it runs from May 11-June 3 at the Red Room in Manhattan. But what i can tell you is that this is a wonderful cast of beautiful yet somewhat crazy characters who of course through amazing circumstances are somehow stuck together for approximately 2 hours of exausting laughs and pratfalls.

If only Groucho could see me now. I'll do my best to update this with some rehearsal anecdotes tonight or tomorrow. With rehearsals going to 11 and being the non-stop physical workout that they are, i'm understandable asleep before i even get off the subway.

And now I'm off to memorize.

See folks, its not all glitz and glamour, i have book work to do.