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Monday, March 17, 2008

A Real Live Oscar in my Hands

Yes, thats right ladies and gentlemen. This in my hand is a real living breathing Academy Award. Wha!? How? You asked.....

I shall do my best to tell the story but leave out the truly crucial details because of course I shouldn't be holding said Oscar.


I'm working on a short piece with a friend of mine for a physical theater workshop I'm taking. Me? Doing physical theater? No Way! So My friend, whom i'll refer to as Janice, invites me over to her neck of the woods...which is Brooklyn. We decide to work and mentally jam at her place. She suggests we go to her friend Oscar's place where we wont be interrupted by a noisy roomate. So we pack up out pencils and papers and walk about 10 minutes away to a nice looking non-descript brownstone.

She cleverly knocks on the door calling out for Oscar. (For all of those thinking, how stupid is he. Come on. Well.....Who thinks there is an Oscar right around the corner?) All the while shes telling me what a huge supporter of the arts he is.

So we go in to a very nicely decorated and spacious 3 floor home. I get the grand tour and eventually end up in the master bedroom.

Doesn't every winner have a pic like this? Inspired by Diablo Cody's morning after picture

The whole while shes saying, 'I guess Oscar is out, we have the whole place to ourselves to make as much noise as we like.' Sounds good to me.

So we turn one final corner and she turns to me and says, 'OH! Hes at his desk. ' And very formally she says, 'Patrick, meet Oscar.'

I can't tell you how my heart started racing. You think, heck, its just some little statue. Yeah. I freak heavy-ass award that we all dream of winning some day.

So of course we waste no time in taking many goofy traditional Oscar pictures with the little golden statuette.

So the big question, whose is it?

Shes a screenwriter/produce. She one for best !^#&*#%@#$ Short. Her name is.. Blah blah blah. not telling you. But she won for telling the true story of life and courage and heriosm.

And love. So you can't beat that. I promised Janice that I would not give too much away. After all she was house sitting and she doesn't want to lose her job in case some one actually stumbles upon this blog and reads it.

So Janice thank you. And for those of you who are wondering. I'm calling her Janice after the lead guitar player for Dr. Teeth and The Electric Mayhem. (Shes a fan)

So important lesson here kids. Don't let actors into your homes. We'll pose with your awards. Especially those from the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

me and the little guy. someday right....?
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