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Friday, June 20, 2008

When In Rome

Well Ladies and Gents, it might not be glamorous work but once in a while background extra work can be fun. Or at least a way to pay the bills. On that note, last week i found myself as a guest at a huge Italian wedding (go figure) for the film When in Rome With Kristen Bell, Don Johnson, Danny Devito, Anjelica Houston to name a few. Don and Kristen (yeah like i can call them by their first names) were on set. No huge deal. Its always a great character study when doing extra work. I was contracted for 5 days so you can't complain about that.

The film according to is about "
In New York City, a young art curator finds herself aggressively pursued by a band of wannabe lovers after she steals coins from a Roman fountain."

First day was cancelled due to the director being ill. (but still got paid!)
Second day, right off the bat someone wacko was escorted off the set. There are obvious rules to doing extra work. Basically, you're a nobody and don't presume that you have any clout. With a room full of 150+ extras losing you will not make much of a difference. So just sit and play nice with the other kids.
All in all it was a nice full day of filming where I was pulled out as one of the few people waltzing. So we'll see when this film comes out. Maybe I'm seen who knows? Who cares really. Its not featured extra work. Its a waltz for Christ's sake. It was a long day (night?) thought. 5:30 p.m. call and shot until 4:45 in the morning. good times.
Third day was cut short because the director was ill yet again.

and then we wrapped. Apparently he had his appendix taken out and was too sick to continue. I sadly did not get paid for the remaining days. Boo.

But still, it'll be a nice check and if anything i got to spend time with some friends who also worked the shoot as well as laugh at the most ridiculous usual.