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Sunday, July 20, 2008

When In Rome, Part 2

Week number 2! Alright. The first week of horrid background work ended. The crew flew off to Italy to film scenes there. Scenes that as far as i can tell will include Danny Devito. What is he doing in a Disney romantic comedy?!

So they called us in for another week's worth of work which went by nice and slow. If i haven't said it before. Background work is the most boring time sucking thing you could ever do. The only consolation is the fact that you're getting paid to sleep.

The Paramount Truck.

I dunno, I just thought it was cool. Yours truly and the mountain.

So we filmed and filmed and filmed. I will say this. The scenes we were filming (over and over again) take place in the very beginning of the film. The camera opens up on some exterior shot of the church, some scenes of the wedding itself, then it pans inside the reception hall where there are a few people dancing. Oh yeah, I'm there baby. I'm actually in several scenes dancing, a slow waltz, and also dancing with traditional dancers. The things we do for peanuts, right?

So here is a shot of the crew setting up some tracking shot. Like little train tracks.

And here we have one of the stars, josh duhamel getting ready for the next scene. His co-star, kristen off hiding somewhere.

Check out the location. Its downtown near city hall and Dance New Amsterdam. From what we were told its an old courthouse that they decorated to look like an Italian Villa. It looks good to me, never having been in a real Italian Villa.

As for the stars, mr. josh there was actually and surprisingly a nice guy. He was genuinely nice, not putting on airs as many actors do in films. Its refreshing when you see someone enjoying what they do, and enjoying the company of complete strangers. More so, its nice when that person acknowledges that we as background are peons, but important to the look of the scene and its not glamorous or fun work. His constant thank yous never once felt false nor were they unappreciated.

So again. more extra work. I have no crazy stories about the nutjobs who work as extras (since i was one of them) this time. Its always interesting, however, to see how things work on a movie set. And hey, its free good food. Can't complain about that. And of course, this was another possibility to get a waiver in order to become SAG. Someday.

For now..Back to auditioning. Good news. I've just been cast in a play opening in September. I"ll write details as i get it.