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Saturday, April 12, 2008

A Day in the Life of an Actor

So this weeks Post is intended to be more of a pictoral "day in the life" type of deal. I thought, why not? So here we go..a day in the life of an actor in godo old New York City. As you know..since you're an avid reader, I'm in rehearsal for a new comedy called The Wild Wild Women of Wakky NuNu. Here is my adventure on sturday....

The Mist...For the love of god do not rent this movie! I was overjoyed to push it in that little drop box hole at Block Buster.

Good 'Ole Ditmars in Astoria. The sky was gorgeous so I had to take a pic.

The N Train into Manhattan. Gotta love it. Roads, where i'm going i don't need roads...just umm...train tracks and such..

A View from 54th street and 7th ave looking South into Times Square.

The new Hearst builing built right on top of the old one.

Yours truly

I couldn't resist. This man was...well..the size of the globe outside of Trump Tower!

Walking down 7th i passed a photo shoot for some random add. So I shot it.

And now we skip another train ride downtown to East 4th. Across from the red room is this great old theater. I love the spiral staircase in the front.

Cuppa Cuppa is where i sit before each rehearsal and....

....Go over my lines. Over and Over and Over again.

And here we are at the Red room. Right about the KGB Bar on East 4th. Which is right across from La Mama.

And an audience view.

Becky Byers (not pictured) who plays Bunny in Wakky NuNu.

And finally..a nice charming pic of some of the cast. Don't you want to see the show based on this?

And that my friends is about the time when rehearsal started and I stopped takikng pictures. And as for the way home. Just scroll up and watch the day in reverse.