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Thursday, March 11, 2010

Reshoots..rescores! (or re-touches)

So I spent part of today, scratch that. The majority of today was spent doing reshoots for 'A Slice of Life.' The indy short I filmed this past October. It was actually nice to see everyone again and to step back into this character's shoes. He's a good sweet guy who is just in love. That's all. in love. And he's doing everything out of love. It's a very cute little short.

I did get to see a version of the film today for the first time. We are our own worst (best) judges. I feel like I'm doing a horrible DeNiro impression half the time. But some of the comic moments hit really well and I must say, I laughed a lot. It's a big deal if an actor can laugh at himself...when he's supposed to.

So hopefully soon I'll get a copy. If not of the finished version with all the new fancy cuts, but at least of whats been edited together so far.

And moving on, recently, much to the urging of my manager, friends, recent cast members, I got headshots taken with a beard:

From patrick faves
Mr. Kent Meister was kind enough to shoot around the Park Slope area and I am very pleased with the results. I'm still going through them and trying to figure out which one is my favorite. if you want to look through them all fill free to click on the link under the pic.

There are about 24 that i've narrowed it down to. The beard sure does something different to my face. I hate having it, but I like how I look with it. It may get me more varied work. Maybe I can play some evil villain. Or a lumberjack. Or Ryan's cousin on the Office.
Speaking of...anyone write for the Office? Put a word in. K. Thanks.

So the past few weeks have kept me busy with preparing for both shoots, getting ready for the bare Shakespeare benefit, and at the end of April some filming up in Vermont? New Hampshire? one of them. I think it's Vermont.

I'm liking all these film opportunities lately. Maybe I'll have a film career yet.

Oh please...let me know!