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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Audition Thoughts, Dilema

So I have an audition tomorrow. Which is great. Yeah yeah, it's just an open call, but still. It's an audition. Should be fun. For a production of Measure for Measure up in Maine. Apparently thats the show of 2010. I just finished a small workshop production and a few dear friends of mine just ended a full fledged production. On top of the fact and I'm seeing little notices here and there.

I supposed it makes sense. It's got a lot of Shakespeare's top comedy and it's very relevant to today. Just interesting that one of his "lesser" plays is popping up all over lately.

So here is my Dilema. The audition tomorrow looks like a fun and new way of looking at the piece. Pays...woohoo. But it would conflict with another piece i have coming up that is near and dear to me. The piece coming up is not a definite. (But i don't see it not happening)

I just don't know if I should audition in the first place. Both are gambles of course. Now do I audition just to keep my skills sharp? See what happens? Make a decision later? Or do I not and bank on this other piece happening.

Anyone else ever encounter this? I'm sure there are a lot of stories like this. I left a production of Shrew 1/2 way because of a better gig. It was all arranged before hand and we all knew I couldn't do the whole run so we found a replacement. But still. ARG!