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Sunday, June 20, 2010

Trailers and Auditions and Shakespeare Bare..Oh my!

This week has been jam packed with action. That's right. Action. There are so many shows auditioning right now with Fringe, summer Shakespeare Festivals and pieces for this fall, it's a busy time. Not to mention commercials and student films. Celluloid aside, It's been a good week of auditions and such for a stage actor. It started, well, a week ago. Sunday to Sunday.

Maybe I should think about doing a weekly re-cap as a blog entry. Cause I know you're all hungry for more words strung together by me. I'll think about it.

Anyway. Last Sunday I started out by filming my section for the trailer for Getting Even with Shakespeare. Which is here if you'd like to take a gander. And then spread it among all your friends. Enjoy!!!!

Nice, no? It was really easy and fast right in my Neighborhood. Hopefully the outtakes will be up soon. I quite enjoy the side story, 'Macbeth buys blueberries.'

After that it was off downtown for two auditions. Both of which I was pretty sure I blew. As in, when I came in and said hello I could tell they had no intention of calling me back. Well apparently I sucked way less than I thought I did. One called me in to read a monologue from the piece as well as read a scene with another actor auditioning. To the best of my knowledge not everyone was asked to read scenes. Now Fringe will conflict with the rehearsals of this piece. Even though we don't know the dates yet, I know we're going to conflict which I'm pretty sure puts me at the bottom of that headshot pile, but who cares. They called me back!

Aside from callbacks, the initial auditions for Getting Even with Shakespeare were this past weekend. I am so curious to see how it goes and who will be joining this cast. That's right. Anyone who has found this blog looking to see a cast list, I have no say in the casting. But you're welcome to send gifts anyway.

Moving on...This evening I spent downtown at Fontana's Bar with the wonderful family of actors all somehow connected to BareShakespeare for another one of their rumbles. Last one was Hamlet, this one Macbeth! Just in time for the summer...or something like that. It's a great opportunity to just play. Take it seriously, or not. Try a character. Whatever, just play and have fun. And drink a beer or two. The plays get read and heard and on their feet, and you get to play multiple characters. So far they have both been big successes and a lot of fun. As we get closer to the next I'll be sure to advertise more. I think I dropped the ball this last time. Oops.

And now tomorrow I'm going to be working on a reading of a friend's play. A play where there are two characters written with me in mind. I love my family. I really do. My extended family. So talented and just awe inspiring.

And as a side note, I saw a production of Taming of the Shrew this weekend which...was barely funny. This is the second piece I've seen with this company and I think they're goal is to pull the funny from Shakespeare. I just don't get it. There were a few saving graces, but on a whole, poor concept. I'm not going to mention names or details because I'm not a reviewer. Just an actor with observations.

And thus ends the re-cap. Tomorrow we read and patiently await casting decisions.

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