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Friday, June 4, 2010

FringeyNYC here we come!

So this wonderful new comedy I was a part of in January of aught 10 has been accepted to the NY International Fringe Festival. Yes! I'm pretty sure I've mentioned that in passing on here. We're slowly getting underway. It is deffinitely a "get in and get your hands dirty" kinda venture. I'm a fan of raising the child with the entire village. So hopefully this will get us somewhere.

I wish I had more info to give to you but I can send you some links. Sadly we don't know much more than we're doin' a show! Our dates/times/venue wont be announced for some time yet. So because of that this is going to be a minor update. Link wise, here is the FaceBook Page. Go there. Like it. Help us get a buzz going.

As well as good ole FB...come on twitterverse, follow the production via twitter. It should be entertaining. Right? I hope?

As well as ways you can support us, here we are given a quick little nod at Broadwayworld.

And Lastly, on Fringe's facebook page, we're called out due to our producer's sarcastic facebook comment...

"Broadway world notes some trends at FringeNYC 2010! (And yes, GETTING EVEN WITH SHAKESPEARE, you're mentioned!) Perhaps the world IS ready for anti-Bardism! (And Bardism, of course, we've got that, too!"

You can't beat that. It's great to know that the people at Fringe have a sense of humor and are willing to play just as much as we are. This was in response to us not being mentioned in another article. I'm definitely pumped for this summer. It's great to be in Fringe again and It's great to be doing such a fun show. This one definitely has potential.