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Friday, June 11, 2010

Some more Fringe Press

I'm more and more impressed everyday that we keep getting little mentions. Is it the name? Getting Even with Shakespeare? I mean it's catchy. Is it the writer? Probably not. Surely it must be the talent? Could it be that the first run was sold out and extended 3 times? Whatever it is...we're getting noticed as these publications flip through the 200 or so shows participating in Fringe this year. So whatever the reasons...thank you!

So here are two new links. First up is a quick little article in BackStage mentioning a few shows. Us included: BackStage Article. They only mention a few shows and somehow we got picked? nice.

And the second one is from playbill. Also just basically mentioning some trends in this years fringe, Shakespeare among them. So here is the playbill article.

So I guess no pressure, right? I hope that something comes of all this. It's a great show. A great group of people. And soo much fun. I could easily see this being my job every day..(hint hint all you broadway producers reading my blog)

It's sadly not often that you're truly proud of all the work you do in a show. That's the sad truth of independent downtown theater. It's mostly being proud of moments. or being proud you survived. But this is very different. It's a piece I'm proud to be in and work on. And I feel probably the best fringe show I've done to date. Come on Shakespeare!

Aside from all this, I have a ton of little projects up in the air. 25 Cents for Love has a final edit and a composer! So details to come soon. There is a teaser trailer somewhere on this blog. I think on the right hand side. Scroll down. I just changed the lay out and this is new to me.