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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Art of Auditioning...together.

Today I've decided to talk a little about auditioning. Scarey I know.

Disclaimer: I by no means claim to be an expert as an actor. I think it's dangerous for anyone to make that claim. That being said, this is what I've found works for me.

I know, I set this entry up to sound like my advice on a good audition. Well, sorry to disappoint. I'm not going to do that. I don't know what makes a good audition. I know when I'm on and when I'm off. But everyone is looking for something different. Some people want eye contact, some don't. Some give you sides, some want prepared material. That stuff is not what I'm talking about. I'm talking about actually getting there. Managing to drag yourself to the audition in the first place. Sometimes that's harder than actually preparing.

Typical me. If I actually wakeup with plenty of time to get down to Equity, or Ripley-Grier, or where ever the audition is being held (Chelsea Studios I didn't forget about you), I have this battle in my head. To sleep or not to sleep. Seriously that's the freakin question. I love sleep. Who doesn't. And really who wants to wake up and then stand in line for a few hours when there is a perfectly good bed right here!

So depending how that battle goes in my head I might be sleeping till 10 or so. But if i manage to get motived and don't fall back to sleep I'm there and excited and on line...waiting..waiting. but i'm there damnit. The hardest thing is making yourself get up and head to the centers. Here is where my advice comes and what I have found that works. You all probably know this and will say, "Patrick, what the hell, I knew that." Much like my reaction after reading Respect for Acting. (I'm pretty sure I threw that book across the room for insulting me) So here it is..

The buddy system!

Its really the best motivation. I'll let myself down. Repeatedly. But I feel horrible If I let someone else down. Which is why, Sarah, I've offered my buddy services to you. It's so much easier to roll over and go back to bed, or skip an audition altogether when you just have to talk yourself out of it. But when someone is planning on meeting you It's a completely different story. Going to the audition is obviously the most important part. You can have a good or bad audition, but without even showing up you can't have either. So obviously, important.

Grab a buddy. You will force each other to get out there and stand in that ever-so-exciting line. (Which looks like a very well dressed version of depression era workers) And really, the only time anyone should be going to Times Square is in the freakishly early hours when no one is there. And by no one, I mean tourists. It's "quiet" and calmish and easy to cross the street. Its the only time I like Times Square the most. Which is still not at all.

So I say this to any and all people who are reading this. If you got this far and didn't look at it and go "damnit wrong site, back, back, back!" drop me a line, comment, anything. I'm in the market for more audition buddies.