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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Sunday Funday auditions

So today was nice action packed day of being a working actor. Or being an actor in NY at least. First up was filming my section of the soon-to-be vrial sensation, Getting Even With Shakespeare trailer. That's right kids, a trailer for theater. If the big guys can do it, why can't we, eh? And in the spirit of the show it's smart, funny, and plays with the beloved characters of the cannon. Should be a rollicking good 2 to 3 minutes. My stuff was easy and took at most 20 minutes to film and then it was off to prepare for not one but two auditions this afternoon/evening.

Both pieces are new works being performed this fall and were asking for something dramatic and a little on the darker side. So ya both got the same monologue. Lucky you. In hindsight I think it's time to work on new contemporary monologues, but I'm still happy with mine. I am always confident that no one else ever does mine. Yeah, they're that obscure.

So two auditions. One in the village and the other in times square area. I was a little nervous being late for theatter one but thanks..I think to the rain. I really think the rain kinda put me In a little funk and I'm pretty sure I won't be being called back.

For either of them.

The second one I was kinda put off because the place was double booked so we were all sitting in a hallway auditioning. Lovely. Shouldn't let me effect me but it did.

Also thinking that fringe might conflict with both rehearsal schedules, but it's still better to audition than not. Keeps you in practice. On your toes.

And now I'm avoiding the tony's. Just not a fan of awards shows. Until I get one I'm sure.