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Friday, July 9, 2010

FringeNYC, Feature Films, and Commercials.

So I have met them all. The cast. We have a cast! And what looks like a fun cast at that.
Last night was our photo shoot for promotional pictures for the Fringe show I'm in. We met at St. Mark's Church and clowned around a bit. I love being an actor for so many reasons. One being that you can throw a bunch of strangers together and they immediately start playing and working towards a common goal. Gotta love that.

If the way we got a long last night is any indication on how we'll do, I think this show will be a huge success. Or a lot of fun. Or both. It's Fringe, it's always fun. So the pictures will be up shorty, I hope. I'll share one or two if you're lucky. Last night definitely got me pumped up even more for this summer. I've done some fringe shows in the past and it's about time I'm a part of one that knows what its doing. Everything is so organized and prepared. Fringe is by nature a fly-by-the-seat-of-your-pants festival, but in order to succeed you have to have some sort of plan. Self Fulfilling Productions has a plan indeed. And you bet your ass I'm happy to be a part of it. So we're off to a good start. Good press already before we've even begun, a few mentions here and there, good lookin' cast, and what else, thats it, right? Oh yeah. A good script.

So who's who? You're all probably curious what the cast looks like. Well here is the official cast list, a few returning, a few new. All very exciting!

Yeah, I know. We're good looking. And also be on the look out for the official Getting even With Shakespeare Army Shirt:

I know it looks huge, but they ran out of my size. And I couldn't leave without one. I mean, free shirt! Click HERE for info about joining the army..
The official dates will be announced, tomorrow I think. So stay tuned

And in other news..

For those of you who are devoted followers and read every word I write as if I were a modern day Hemmingway, remember When In Rome? That film I did about 2 years ago chock full of overnight shoots near city hall? Well I haven't seen it. I kinda refused because it just looked bad when filming. Then the info I received about it confirmed my suspicions. Bad. That being said, several people have come to me now asking if I worked on it. Yes, I did. I was one of the featured dancers. All of us assumed we were left on the floor of the Apparently not. So yes, I am in When in Rome. Something to be proud of? Putting that degree to good use. It's right up there with snapping for AT&T.

So I did break down and watch a clip of it online. And yes, there I am. Dancing away. I will say, my dance partner was the hottest. So take that all you haters.

Oh yeah, I also did a spot for AT&T. Now this was a HUGE stretch of my talent. Watch for it. You'll be in tears by the end.
...they give out awards for commercials? Just saying. Hello nomination.

I realize I haven't written in a while. I've been away. For real. But here ya go, a little catch up. And seeing as it's Friday, I figure it's also a good week in review. Remember I said I was going to do those? Yeah...