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Sunday, August 8, 2010

Acting adventure Updates! Videos! FringeNYC!

Fringe is slowly creeping up. We're 6 days away! By the time many of you read this we'll be 5 or 4 days away. Ticket sales are going REALLY well. It helps that the first run of this was sold out, extended, and received an amazing review!!

Also think it helps that we had a GREAT preview performance with NYC's summer streets and Fringe's outdoor teasers. We met a few other shows and I was able to perform Macbeth's wonderful speech about playing paintball against girlscouts. Yes. Now you know you want to see this show.

The teaser went really well and the audience reacted wonderfully to the text..and of course my amazing performance.

It's been a long week of straight rehearsals as well as tech all day Sat. But we're in damn good shape. Tomorrow is our tech in the space itself. I'm looking forward to playing IN the Player's Theatre. Its always nice to finally get on the stage you'll be performing on. As opposed to rehearsal spaces.

So non fringe related----

Wednesday of this past week I received a call from an unknown number. So I of course didn't answer it. I make it a habit not to answer numbers I don't know. No message. Oh well. Not important.

Well, Thursday I get a call again and a message. Well done. Apparently I've been 'cast' in something. And I write cast like that because of the details behind it. Some student film. Not that thats a bad thing. But the director/producer/whoever apparently cast his film. Tuesday night the actor dropped out. So he hired another actor who on Wednesday dropped out. So he's now calling me. First of all, I'm aware I'm at least 3rd pick. Why would you tell someone...we had 2 other people lined up but they fell through, so we're going with you instead? Really? Tact my friend, Tact.

No I didn't do his project. Perhaps had he approached me in a better way I would have considered it. But seeing as how I was at least 3rd choice and they were filming that day...I was honestly busy with rehearsal. It's glamorous being an actor, no?

So back to Fringe. Here are some more videos for you all to enjoy. There are a few. I'll post 'em all here. There will be more coming shortly. But enjoy these PSA's and confessionals.

And lastly, a little bit from the protest we staged at the Last performance of Merchant of Venice at the Public theater. Where else would one find a pile of Shakespeare fans?

Man! So much media. Gotta love it. So enjoy the last few weeks worth of video and the last week or so's progress. I'm off to get ready for Tech tomorrow. Some people hate tech. it can be long and boring. And I've been in some HORRID tech rehearsals. But this has been so organized that we're actually getting work done. Very excited to be able to get into the space tomorrow. Bring it, Players!