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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Reviews abound!

The first few reviews for Getting Even With Shakespeare as part of the 2010 FringeNYC are in and so far so good. I mean how can it be anything but, right? Right?!?!

Anyway. To say I'm in shock is an understatement. The kind words and general praises I've been getting have totally gone to my head. So of course I'm writing this from my trailer as I dictate this to my personal assistant....or not. Actually I'm a little nervous now. We have a wonderful show. It's solid. I'm damn proud of my cast and crew and everyone on board. Like there should be in any cast, there is a lot of love. And there are so many moments of just pure joy onstage. There are moments I wish I were in the audience watching....and then the laughs come and, well, you know. Can't explain that feeling. But I admit I'm a little nervous after such a high.

So we opened this past Saturday to a sold out house at the Player's Theatre. It was an amazing afternoon. We were sold out and sold out to a lovely and gracious audience who was with us the entire journey. Some members of the audience more so than others...I could pick out specific laughs of friends. The reaction from the audience was overwhelmingly positive. We know we have a good show that we're all proud of, but hearing it from others is just...another thing in theater that's difficult to put into words. Not that we don't like the praise. Please...keep it coming.

So tomorrow is show number two. Yes I'm nervous, but I'm excited to get back in the theater. I'm excited to play with my friends again. And I'm excited to see some other Fringe shows that I've been neglecting this week. But before that, here are two reviews that say lovely things about the show and of course, since this blog is about me...they say very nice things about me!

"Macbeth [is] played with spiky aplomb by Patrick Pizzolorusso"
The first one is from and the full review can be read by clicking on the link back there.

and now this:
"And Macbeth, oh Macbeth. It doesn't hurt that Patrick Pizzolorusso has been in numerous Shakespeare productions prior to his performance as Macbeth in Getting Even.., but I'll just say it: he's fantastic. He made Macbeth, a character I had no interest in previous to this, the most interesting and wonderful person up on that stage."
This is from the blog happen to like HERE for the full review

Amazing right? Thank you so much for such wonderful feedback and I look forward to playing some more tomorrow!