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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Gotta Get My Head in the Game

Sometime we just have off weeks.  You can't help it.  You plan and plan, and things just simply fall apart.
So here's how it's played out so far.

This weekend I got a call about an audition.  Short little festival of short plays.  I've been submitting like a mad man lately, so it's nice to know people are getting these submissions.

Monday: Sadly, though I had a conflict.  I call the casting director who was very gracious and offered me an alternate time on Wednesday.  Excellent. So 1 confirmed audition and several EPA's all week long.  This could be a good week.

Tuesday: I get a call from the casting people behind 30-Rock.  It's just extra work.  And I loathe extra work.  But my attitude, which is shared by a few people in my inner circle, is that if I like the show....a lot....then I'll do extra work.  Because extra work is just the worst part of film/tv.  That being said, I like 30-Rock, the commute would be nothing since their studio is so accessible, and I really like 30-Rock.  So I agreed to do some extra work this Thursday and possibly Friday.

Wednesday I get a call about a project that evening.  So I have to cancel this audition that was wonderfully rescheduled from Monday.  Remember that one?  Again the casting director is very understanding and says to come in if this other project finishes early.  Unlikely, but you never the end it didn't.  So I miss that auditions.  AND 30-Rock is cancelled.  Apparently an actor from the show itself has a conflict, so we reschedule to next week.  no biggie.  This means that I now have Thursday free, and Friday.  Hello Epas.
Well, that evening I get another call from the casting director of the shorts...She's decided that she really wants to see me and invited me to the call back on Thursday.  Folks, there is something to playing hard to get apparently.  and sleep.

Thursday: Now there is one for sure audition and 2 EPA's I really want to go to.  I've missed the other days these EPA's were being held on.  So I wake up, get all my headshots and resumes together.  I'm about to head out the door when my reliable sources (friends auditioning) that the one at audition space A is full.  And Audition Space B has opennings in the afternoon.  So I take my time.  I head to audition space B, afterwards I'll check out A on the way to my confirmed audition.  So where do I accidently end up before I realize my mistake?  B. The full audition.  Actors covering every inch of open space.  No one is getting seen here.  So now I don't have enough time to go to A, wait the 20-30 minutes, get seen, head to B(and realize I'm not getting seen) and head to my 3rd audition.  But still 1 out of 3 isn't bad.  Especially when I could have been filming all day and not auditioned at all.

Even when I try to plan everything out and make sure I leave enough time to race across town for the next thing, the universe still manages point and laugh at me.

And now bed time.  But I will say, the casting director for the short said she was very happy she decided to call me in anyway.  So hello ego boost.