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Friday, April 3, 2009

A World of Her PWN ep 4!

Good evening Ladies and gentlemen.

The latest and greatest episode of A World of her PWN is now live and viewable over at the escapist Magazine.

This newest episode "No Rest for the Wii-cked" pits Sam against her Wii after a 2 week bout of pining for Rick.  She is unknowingly sucked into a game of silent hill and tormented until finally being 'snapped out of it' by yours truly.  Please watch below or head over to the escapist.  Watch it there and comment and maybe wander around their site.  Its choc full of video game goodies, like updates about the new ghostbusters game!  
I do hope you enjoy the episode.  While its mainly a take off of Silent there are a few references that had me laughing when I watched the final cut.  And I know the you know its gotta be funny.

Enjoy!  And remember if you like what you see, comment, or join the mailing list  Or join us over on facebook!  Lots of options, I know.

And the episode: