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Friday, May 1, 2009

Officially In talks...

So there is OH so much going on. The past few weeks have seen me sleeping little and waking up way too early. No one likes this, but I'm thankful and fortunate for work. Who wouldn't be? And some of this work is good news and potentially big news.

So here is a quick run down. I managed to snag 2 student films (think they may be for the same class, which will be interesting). One was oh so so-so, but the most recent was filmed in and around Union Sq./NYU property. The actresses who were cast with me were amazingly talented and fun to work with. This comes in handy when having to awkwardly kiss a stranger. I'm eagerly looking forward to the finished products. The one I'm most interested in seeing is a short suspense piece which was written really well. My only gripe is that everything was one take. There were no two takes of any shots. Lots of rehearsals though. So hopefully we got something good. Fingers are crossed for sure.

The film noir piece I'm in is still not done filming. These guys have a great crew and a great idea. Whatever comes of it will surely be attached to my reel, however they just can't seem to get things together to finish up these last few shots. We've rescheduled I don't know how many times. We finally managed to get a good chunk of filming done about 3 weeks ago, but now with my schedule rapidly filling up :), and trying to coordinate a cast of working actors, these poor guys are running out of time.

How available can I keep myself, for how long, you know? They aren't overly organized so its a little annoying to schedule with them. The last shoot I got a call the day before from the director wanting to go over "the details of tomorrow's shoot." Bear in mind I had no idea i had agreed to shoot that day. No one had contacted me...and I found out NO ONE was contacted about it prior to that evening. I know film is stressful for everyone, but its nice to be in the loop, you know? Fortunately I had off from work and could be there.

So that is still floating out there and I'm waiting patiently for an email or two.

And now on to shows:

"Uncle Bruce Says its Cool"
presented by MariaColacoDance

An evening of dance works by MariaColacoDance exploring the concepts of loneliness, acceptance and trying really hard to make a friend.
Combining in-your-face dance with causal on-stage banter and video imagery in an updated Vertovian style, this is a modern dance concert in the tradition of an indie rock show.
You should come!
Uncle Bruce says it's cool.

We're performing as part of the 'boogie down in the Bronx' series at BAAD.
Performances are 5/21 and 5/21 @ 8 p.m.

Lots of energy, lots of movement, and lots of pain. I'm soo very sore from rehearsals and not looking forward to this weekends round of rehearsals. But Its that good type of sore, right? Anyway...come out!

"The Tempest"
presented by Hudsonwarehouse

I've been cast as Sebastian in the Hudson Warehouse's June Production of the Tempest By William Shakespeare. The show runs weekends in June at about 8 pm. The park we're using is 86th and riverside drive I believe. As i get closer to the run I'll post more information. its good to be working on Shakespeare again, and outdoor summer Shakespeare..there really isn't anything better.

A quick little mention of A World of her PWN. Its going well and this weekend is the filming of Ep 5. i am not in 5, BUT it should be fun and a very good episode from what I hear. Updates to follow..

So the BIG news......
I'm currently in talks for something really big, I don't want to say more. I know that's really vague, but I don't want to jinx it. I just more so want positive energy sent my way. I've had an initial meeting which could not have gone better despite my nerves. This past week I had a one on one workshop/audition which could have gone better. But lets face it, they always can.
The project this is for is currently running and I've been invited to see this year's show and meet the artistic director. I think that is a good sign. So many things are up in the air and it is a total crap shoot. And its one of those things that I wasn't expecting, but popped up out of nowhere.

And now...of course...I want it soo bad. Isn't that always the way?

So this is me for now and I'll update as I hear and post projects as I get them.