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Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Happy Accidents...Tempest

So I am currently in rehearsals for Shakespeare's: The Tempest as Sebastian. The show is being produced by Hudson Warehouse. This is part of there summer festival of free outdoor theater. The venue is the Soldier's and Sailor's monument on 89th and Riverside drive. Tempest runs the month of June, weekends @ 6:30. Followed by Hamlet and then Midsummer.

Its looking like a nice little season.

The choreography of this show is being done by our very own Maria Colaco which, come on, can you beat that?
And talent wise, I'm surrounded by excellent classical actors. If rehearsals are this much fun, imagine what the show will be like.
So on to Happy Accidents:

There is a bit. There is always a bit in Shakespeare, right? Well the group traverses the playing area from audience right to audience left. Enter right. Exit left. Shows we're traveling. Pretty basic concept.
Well..not for me apparently. Or maybe its all my years watching Scooby-Doo as a child. 

So at one point Ariel, not the fish, scares this group of shipwrecked men. Enchanted somewhat and completely out of sorts they run off screaming and wielding swords at nothing.

Well I, of course I did it on purpose, ran off in the wrong direction. This caused my character's partner in crime to naturally follow. A second later we ran across the stage again exiting in the proper direction.
and of course..."Keep it. It's in."
Sometimes its so hard being naturally funny.

I love when mistakes on stage bring about moments that might never have been found or would have been difficult to create without that spontaneous panic that over takes you.

So come on out and join the fun..
Thursdays - Sundays for the Month of June @ 6:30
at the monument at 89th and riverside:

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