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Monday, June 15, 2009

House Broken Student Film

We all do so many side projects here and there. And I think the bane of all actor's lives is trying to wrestle a copy of the finished product out of the hands of young student film makers. At any one time i'm sure you can ask any struggling actor and they'll tell you they're waiting on at least 5. As am I right now. Give or take. It is very rare to receive these films quickly and without bugging the director for them. We can, if we want, invoke the power of the Professor, or even Dean of their college. Students cannot graduate without giving the actors in their projects their copy. But really, who wants to be that evil.

It is with a smile on my face that I inform you all that a film I worked on in April is in my hands, ripped, and online for your viewing pleasure. Its not that great, but its not that bad either. Its a student film.

The story is about a couple who are robbing the female character's (played by Luara Riley) parents house. Yours truly is the happy-to-go-along friend. While knocking over her parents house the two are forced to flee at the approach of her little brother. Like I said, student film. But it was an easy shoot and fun to do. Very organized.

So have a look for yourself. Enjoy. More to come eventually.