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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

My stint on 'The Unusuals'

A friend of mine emailed me telling me that she was engrossed in an episode of the new series, "The Unusuals," and about halfway through she finds my mug staring back at her from the t.v. Back in March I had talked about going down to Steiner Studios for some work on this show and it looks like I have made the cut. The name of the episode I wound up working on is called "E.I.D."

The Official synopsis:
Beaumont and Cole interview a couple regarding a break-in at their home. Although nothing was taken, the couple discovered that an adult film they rented was shot in their apartment. After Delahoy and Banks identify other apartments used in the series of adult films, Cole finds a common thread between all of the dysfunctional tenants. Hoping to set the scene for another movie, Beaumont and Cole go undercover. Meanwhile Scraeger becomes emotionally invested in trying to help a serial accuser who was the victim of a violent attack 10 years ago after disappearing from a big prep school party, on "The Unusuals."

So I'm apparently a potential "perp" for this serial accuser. No I was not in the porn storyline.

Another friend described the clip which features me as perfect for a clip reel for Conan O'Brien someday. I think I'll remember that and make sure I bring this in. (assuming I'm ever on the Tonight Show) It is terribly funny and entertaining.

So please enjoy and laugh and point. And laugh some more. This is my break-out role everyone. The Unusuals. A show I don't even watch.