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Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Video Woes

So I just have to share with this most recent interweb drama.

I have a youtube account, who doesn't really?  I use mine mainly for hosting videos of my work thus far in order to to have them embedded into my website.  Makes sense i think.  Its an easy site to navigate and it lumps similar videos together.

Well the problem I've been having is that a piece that I have posted is a section of a longer piece called Eye Candy.  It was performed at the NY Fringe Festival in 2007.  A big success for us as a company as well as us as artists.  We all had a hand in creating this piece along with our choreographer.  Its my favorite piece so far entitled "At Last."  The music used in this piece is Etta Jame's At last.  

Now you see where the name came from.

Anyway, It's a video of a performance.  And for the performance we had all the legal rights to the songs.  So it makes sense that everything is ok to post a video of a performance.  I'm sure I'm wrong because youtube muted my video.  Sucks Sucks Sucks.  Yes Muted my video because we use Etta James in the piece.  

So this is the video with no sound and it's sad and pathetic.  It's still online but you lose so much without the sound.  I have managed to find a way around this for now and lets hope this works.  I've got it, for now, hosted on photobucket.  So now I have it live on my site again with sound as it was meant to be, but now all my videos don't have a uniform look.

I guess we do whatever we can tog et around things, huh?

All this because of copyright issues.  How are artists supposed to express themselves?  get their ideas across?  If we're being muted.  I am in NO WAY using At Last as a way to make money.  I'm just showing my art.  In a way, isn't this infringing on my right as an artist to bring my thoughts to the world?  Who is the law protecting here.  And where is the leeway?  Shouldn't there be something that allows us to express ourselves more freely?  And lastly for youtube, what about those people that put music on their home family videos.  Can't use it now?  How is that infringing on copyright laws?