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Monday, February 16, 2009

Lions and Tigers and Websites, Oh My!

So after much thought and consideration, I've decided that I hate my job. I have a horrible soul sucking day job. Most of us out there trying to make a go at this have a horrible way to pay the bilss. It's a waste of my time, energy, and yes...talent. I'm too good for it. I'll be the first to say so.

I'm an actor, an artist. I like to make things. Some tangible, some...computerized?

After building my own website and learning little things here and there. A lot about photoshop and creating graphics for the site. And a lot about hosting and ease of use. (Yes I think mine is clunky at times. And other times I think its the best....never happy with our own work, eh?) Based on all that, and the ever increasing knowledge I have of web/graphic design, I'm deciding to offer my services to those in need of a virtual place to host their stuff.

I want to help other artists share what they do and what they know. I have already been on auditions where a casting director has mentioned seeing my work online and then deciding to call me in. So, ok, already a benefit to the site there. So I'm putting myself out there. If anyone is in need of a website. Has ideas for one or has no idea where to start. Or if someone just needs help adjusting an existing site, I'm offering my services. How generous, i know.

And keeping with the theme of this blog...and my life, if you are a) actually reading this, and b) would like to talk about a website please contact me here...

And so...I've put myself out there again.
Tell your friends! All the cool kids have a website.