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Sunday, March 1, 2009

March Acting Madness

It's March 1st and as I sit here typing this it is snowing up a storm outside.  They are estimating anywhere from 6-12 inches.  I highly doubt 12 but secretly wish for it.

Snow Day!

This coming month will see several projects coming to fruition and the end of a long running serial.  

A world of her Pwn is slowly gaining momentum and episode 3 should be up for the world to see tomorrow morning.  Hooray!   After a little bit of a set back editing wise, I think it came out damn good.

Penny dreadful's last episode airs/performs the end of this month and I'm sadly looking forward to it.  Houdini has managed to hang on to a spot on the cast somehow and miraculously has not died yet.  Of course, Ep 12 will be a bear and full of lots of death a blood and magic I'm sure.

This Saturday I will be filming a short for a friend's student project.  Written by her and produced and directed by her class mates.  The script is great and I look forward to working with this whole crew.

And the noir piece i have been waiting to hear about it finally being filmed in the wee hours of 3/7.  Somewhere.  Waiting for more info.  But this was a piece I auditioned for the week i returned from Florida back in Nov.  About time, right?

And lastly.  
My web design side business.  I am in the planning stages of 2 sites right now for friends, both of which i hope will be very different, but very exciting.  A page on my website is now dedicated to web design and as i get more under my belt, I'll update this.  For now, it makes me laugh.

**and just a little side note, all of these projects will be fully detailed in later posts.  for now..this is a "what to look for in March of '09"**