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Friday, March 6, 2009

Week so far...and PWN

So today was supposed to be a film day.  There is a film noir piece I auditioned for eons ago and it keeps getting pushed back more and more. Today, Much to my relief, was scheduled to be the shoot day.  Yeah.  No.  This production team just can't quite get it together so we're being rescheduled AGAIN.  It looks like now we're shooting for the 27th.  Lets hope.  That's Penny weekend and Penny has priority, so we shall see.

But in other news, A World of her PWN: Episode 3 has gone live today.  That's right today!  This episode features almost all of the cast members so far and was shot on location at the NY Comic Con which was an exciting adventure.

All those people, all those comics, all those half naked Princess Leia's!  (And a good kinda 1/2 naked)

So the episode is up and finished and I'm really proud of all the hard work that went into this.  There were a lot of little bumps along the way, especially the day of shooting.  But we've churned out a really good piece of fun that's not just video game fluff.  There is something to this little episode/series.

You can click on the above link, or watch it here:

Whats next for pwn?  Stay tuned to find out.  I will tell you that this Monday and Tuesday we will be filming episode 4.  I can't tell you what it's about because...I don't know yet!  Haha.  But I do know that the story line will continue, but hopefully be a little more uplifting than the end of Ep 3.  
Again Ep 3...Watch it HERE!!!

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Also going on tomorrow (Saturday) I'll be filming a piece with my dear friends Pam Ralat and Amye Lewis on the UWS.  Should at least be an entertaining afternoon.  It always is when we all get together.  The script, written by Pam makes me laugh and actually has a nice sweet genuine quality about it. is to a fun filled weekend